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I love music.
I think I have mentioned it many times not only in my blog, but I also created a special hashtag #hippomusic on my Instagram story to collect my favourite musics.
Besides, I also love to go to my favourite artist's concert.
Just last weekend on Saturday night, I was at the EXO'rDIUM Live concert at Stadium Merdeka.
The concert was awesome and successful; you can really see how much effort EXO has brought to us!
I can't believe the concert last for 3 hours although it was raining. #thankstoexo!
And now, I am looking forward to my next concert with BTS in Malaysia.
Love their songs, and also their dance choreography, they all are so energetic!
Seriously hope that Universal Music Malaysia will bring them here very soon! #fingercrossed
Well, for today's post, I'm not going to talk about the EXO concert, but to share the latest digital music content that brought by XOX Mobile and Universal Music Malaysia.

XOX Mobile and Universal Music Malaysia, the local arm of Universal Music Group, and also the world leader in music based entertainment, have cooperated together to present the first ever partnership to reward the XOX Mobile loyal's subscribers the brand new digital music content.
They came out the ONEXOX Universal Music Starter Pack, also known as ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack which are totally different with the other players in the market.
They believe their subscribers will feel appreciate what they delivered, especially the music lovers.

It was a great fun official launching at Sunway Pyramid Mall, together with ONEXOX in-house artists such as MTV VJsinger Fazurapop-rock group Bunkface, and singing duo Thomas & Jack.
Do you know that you can be one of the lucky fans to play in a futsal tournament with the member of Bunkface, just like the 10th anniversary concert they did in last year?
The only requirement is you must be one of the XOX Mobile subscriber. :)

Well, what are the attractive benefits to become a subscriber of ONEXOX?!
#1 10% discount on concert /showcase tickets
#2 20% discount at selected CD-drama outlets
#3 20% discount at Lazada
#4 Meet and greet or private gatherings with the local and international artists from the Universal Music family.
#5 Exclusive latest updates from Universal Music Malaysia
In one word, you are not only able to access the digital music, but also have a great chance to connect closely with your favourite artists or musicians from anywhere!

It was such an honour to meet and greet with the singing and acting duo, Thomas & Jack at such close distance.
Thank you so much to XOX Mobile & Universal Music Malaysia!
Well, you can also hold the same opportunity like me!
Go purchase the ONEMUSIC Edition Starter pack from www.xox.com.my now!
It's FREE delivery nationwide, or you can also purchase it via Universal Music Malaysia's distribution channels!

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