Hippo Holiday @ Wangdang Uttaradit, Thailand

Good day everyone!
How's you all doing lately?
It wasn't a good start for me in this month, things didn't go smoothly.
Sometimes, I can be quite negative, especially when things ended with disappointment but not surprised.
I really wish I can stop all the negative thoughts, and don't care so much of what the others said.
But, it always so difficult to control!
Oh well....C'est la vie!
Recently, though I always feeling bored at home, I just feeling very tired and uninspired to kick start a new post.
Ya, I know it doesn't sound so right.
So, today while I was flipping my folders with all the pictures from my trip in Thailand, I finally make myself sit in front of my laptop to start my first post about the holiday in Wangdang, Uttaradit Province.

Let's get it started!


Uttaradit is one of the Northern Province in Thailand, there isn't any direct flight from Malaysia to Uttaradit.
So, the best way is to take the flight from KL to Chiang Mai, then drive directly to Wangdang from the airport.
It took us about 4 hours drive, although the distance was just about 240km.
It's because of the mountain roads and narrow roads along the way, so it's better to drive carefully and slowly.

Wangdang is the sub district in Uttaradit.
I like this place, although it's more like a country side for me, but the the surrounding is very peaceful and the people are all very nice and friendly.
You can easily hear the rooster crow in early morning, and birds chirping at night time.
To be frank, nothing much can do over there; everyday I just lay back on the hammock, sleep, and eat.
But I really enjoy the moments, because the lifestyle is so simple and relaxing!

I cycled everyday since the first day,
My dad must be proud of me, because he always thinks I can't ride a bicycle.
I was actually hoping to get some weight loss after relaxing and eating tooooo much! #lol

I was expected to have a cooler weather as Lik's aunt said the weather by that time should be chilling.
Unfortunately, it was pretty warm in the afternoon at about 30 degree.
It's lucky that I brought some summer outfits, otherwise I'm gonna sweat like hell man. #lol
Anyway, the weather at night and in the early morning were pretty nice which was at about 18-25 degree.

Uttradict Province is about 30 minutes drive from where we stay in Wangdang.
The city is busy but not as like in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
It has big supermarkets such as Tesco and a few mini shopping malls.
Also, you can find the famous Swensen Ice-cream over there too!

Agriculture is the main course of the income for most people in Wangdang, I would said it is more than 90%.
That's why you are surrounded with many different fields, especially paddy fields wherever you go.

I can imagine how beautiful the place is when all paddy fields turn golden yellow, and ready for harvesting.
It must be a beautiful scenery!

I just think my outfit fit to the surrounding so well! #hehe

Here comes the Wang Dang Bridge,

It's so lucky to have a nice cafe in Wangdang, about 2 minutes from where we stay by cycling.
Very nice Cappuccino they have to fix my daily caffeine.

Wangdang has very nice sunset and sunrise everyday, not only that, I also can see a huge expanse of stars every night before I went to bed.

During the weekend, we visited Phitsanulok Province, which is about 45 minutes drive from Wangdang.

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat which also referred as Wat Ya is one of the must visit Buddhist temple in Phitsanulok Province.
Many people came and visit the temple for praying, taking blessings from the Buddha, and also fulfilling their wishes.

You must remove your shoes and leave them at the main door.
And everyone must sit in front of the Buddha, and avoid standing.
It took me sometimes to squeeze into the crowd as everyone is waiting for their turn to take a picture in front of the Buddha; actually so am I! #haha

A big painting wall right at the entrance. #beautiful

I bought a few lotteries to try my luck in Thailand.
It's most of the unusual thing I will do in my life.
I actually was hoping if I can win back my trip expenses, anyway no luck at all! #aiksaiksaiks

This is the Naresuan Bridge nearby the bank of Nan River in Phitsanulok Province.

Another temple we visited at Phitsanulok Province is the Wat Khao Samo Khlaeng.
For me, it looks more like a Chinese temple.
It's a very big temple and the Buddha situated up the hill top, so few walking steps are compulsory.
They serve water and food around the meal times that probably brings the crowd.

The scenery way up to the hill top is incredible and you get to see the whole countryside.
Also, weather up here is more chilling!
I like it better. #hehe

The last day in Uttaradit, we went to the local sheet farm and grape farm.
It's was such an unforgettable trip, because it's my first time getting so close with the sheep!

Hey you, little one!

There were 3 baby sheep were wandering around at the main entrance.
Omg! They are all so cuteeee!

Not only the wheat grass, I also bought some milk to greet them.
Look at their super excited and happy faces!

Omg! Omg! Omg!
Herd of sheep in the farm!
They actually terrified me when I first met them, because they were very aggressive with our treats.
Not sure if they were too hungry or just being greedy, they probably will eat anything you give them.

The grape farm located in the vicinity of the sheep farm.
Too bad we came to the wrong season, otherwise we can enjoy grape picking in the farm. :(

So many grapes in both red and green!

Although Wangdang is not as happening as the other big cities, it's truly an unique and authentic little piece of the world.
Foods here are relatively cheap, lots of natural scenery around, fresh air in the bright morning, and friendly people with sunny smiles.
No doubt, village lifestyle is always so real and unadulterated!

Thank you for the good times, lovely Wangdang! 
I will introduce the local Thai food I had in my next travel post.
So, food lovers, stay tuned ya!

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Anfield Yee said...

I'm just curious, how come you would choose to come this place for your trip? haha. But still, nice post tho :)