Spa Warm Eye Mask @ Watsons Malaysia

Eyes are the window of the soul, do you agree?
That's why everyone said that you should not only take good care of your skin, but it's also important to take care of the skin around your eyes.
For instance, putting eye cream or eye serum will help to avoid wrinkles and fine lines.
However, I think that's not enough.
I think those things are useful, but I also think keeping your eyes relaxing is essential too.
Especially nowadays, we are not only looking at the computers daily, but also facing at different kind of other electric devices such as smartphones.
I am not sure about you, but my eyes are feeling much tired compared to before.
That's why I always looking for a solution to relieve and soothe my tired eyes.

Recently, I had tried the Spa Warm Eye Mask from Watsons Malaysia.
It was such a good eye spa to relax my eyes these days, with it's convenient and and comfortable used.
It comes with two different scents with Chamomile and Lavender; but I think you hardly smell the fragrance because the smell is very mild and gentle.

The eye mask has it's self-warming heat cell at 40
It warms up gradually without microwave or hot waters.
Which means, the eye mask begins to warm up right from the moment you open the package.
And, the heat will go off gradually after you take it off in 10 minutes.
So, it is definitely safe and convenient to moistens and soothes your tired eyes at almost everywhere such as breaks between work, before bed time, during travel, before events, or during relaxation. 

How to use:
#1 Remove eye mask from pouch.
The mask will start to warm up once pouch is opened.
#2 Place ear straps around ears
#3 Use for about 10 minutes
I used it for more than 10 minutes, probably extra 5-10 minutes, and the eye mask was still warm.

It's not my first time using this kind of warm eye mask, I have used the Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask from Japan when I was travelling to Hong Kong.
Compared to both, I find this Spa Warm Eye Mask is easier to wear and it fit well to prevent the eye mask dropping off from the face.
I think it's because they use better ear straps compare to the thin material that Kao Megrhythm used.
But, I think Kao Megrhythm is much warmer (sometimes it can be too warm if you put it on your eyes too long), however this Spa Warm from Watsons has just a moderate warm feeling.
Design wise, I think Spa Warm wins them all.
Don't you think the overall packaging is just so adorable?
Anyway, both eye masks bring the same benefits for relaxing and smoothing your eyes.

The packaging is super cute with the brightly coloured.
And the eye mask itself is so adorable to wear it anywhere.
I guess we have no excuses for pampering and refreshing ourself with this 10 minutes Spa session for our eyes everyday now!

Spa Warm Eye Mask costs RM23.90 per pack.
Each pack comes in 5 individual pouches.
It can be purchased at Watsons stores, as well as shop it online.
I recently fell in love with purchasing at Watsons online store, since it's so convenient and sometimes I can get better deals and free gifts too!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy today's sharing.
Do let me know if anyone of you have tried these yet. :)
Till next post!

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