5 Things I Would Like To Do in Phoenix, Arizona @ USA

My mum has always wanted to visit USA again, ever since she was there 10 years ago. She missed the country very much. She always told her friends that the trip to America was the best of all. The country has great weather, nice people, good food, and crazy shopping. That's what her impression of this country.
I really wish sooner or later I can take some time off to make my mum's dream comes true. Travelling to the USA isn't very easy though. I would need to take long holiday from work, at least a month, as I don't think I want to visit for just a week after taking a long flight. Also, the current exchange rate make it even more expensive to travel to the USA now.
Anyway, while I was talking to my mum about the USA, she said she is interested in starting a trip in Los Angeles, and planning a road trip to Las Vegas with stops in Phoenix and at the Grand Canyon.  
Las Vegas is my second favourite city in the USA, after San Francisco. I also like Grand Canyon, as it's one of the most extraordinary places to go for vacation.

Here are some pictures I took in Las Vegas and Grand Canyon 10 years back. I wonder how much the places have changed since then? All these pictures recall the fun memories I had in America. They also make me miss America so much!
If I had the chance to travel to the Grand Canyon again, I would probably join the helicopter tour. I believe the view would be stunning! And for Las Vegas, I would definitely want to take a picture with the "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Sign" because I think I missed that out in my previous trip. Since I've never been to Phoenix, Arizona before, I've researched some of the best places to visit.

#1 Camelback Mountain

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The main reason I want to visit Camelback Mountain is because it's the highest peak in Phoenix. From here, you can see incredible scenery. Hiking to the summit probably isn't suitable for my mum, but I think she wouldn't mind walking at the base of the mountain and taking some nice pictures. The entrance is free of charge, and we can visit there any time in the morning before sunrise or in the evening for sunset.

#2 Papago Park (Hole in the Rock)

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There are many museums in Phoenix, but since I'm not really a museum person, so I'll skip them all. The second attraction that I would like to visit is the Papago Park. Since it's located only 10 minutes from downtown Phoenix, it's best for us to go here for exercise in the morning before breakfast.
The main reason I want to visit Papago Park is to see the Hole in the Rock. I saw a picture of this spot while searching for places to visit around Phoenix. People said it isn't difficult to climb up to the rock and the view of the rock is worth it, so I think we'll enjoy it. 

#3 Desert Botanical Garden

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I've loved cactus since I was a kid, maybe because they don't need special care like other plants. Review of the Desert Botanical Garden say there are different kind of cacti from all around the world
here, so I'm very interested in paying a visit. I'm sure the variety of cacti will be amazing to see in person! Besides, I think it would be a great place for photography.

#4 Mexican Food

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Phoenix is famous for Mexican food, and this is one of the must-eat cuisines in Phoenix. Tortillas, refried beans, tacos, and burritos, are some of the best foods from Mexico. I used to eat a lot of tacos and burritos when I was studying in Michigan.
In Malaysia, there aren't any good Mexican restaurants I can think of, and a decent one is quite costly. I am sure this would be a great chance to recall my memories of the States.

#5 Phoenix Premium Outlet

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Last but not least, I don't think we can leave Phoenix without doing any shopping. Everyone knows that premium outlets in the USA are the best places to shop. I remember the first time I brought my mum to the outlet in Chicago. She almost got the whole outlet back home!
The Phoenix Premium Outlet have all the famous brands such as Gap, Guess, DKNY, Michael Kors, Nike, Adidas, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, and many more. It's been a while since I shopped crazily, so I definitely can't wait to shop and get the best deals at the outlets again!

Where to Stay in Phoenix

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So, where would we stay in Phoenix? I always think good value is the most important factor when it comes to accommodations. 
I just stumbled upon HotelPlanner while searching the places in Phoenix, Arizona. This site has great deals for hotels in Phoenix, such as the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown, the Sheraton Grand Phoenix, the Holiday Inn, and the Hilton Phoenix Suites. All these cost less than $100 per night. I think these probably would be our best choice, since they are near downtown and all the attractions.

I think by now you can imagine how much I miss America! It's so big, and there are still many parts of the country I have yet to visit and explore.
I hope you enjoyed reading this long article, and hopefully it gives you some ideas about America, especially the places to go, and where to find good accommodations in the States. Lastly, finger crossed that I don't need to wait too long to fulfill my USA dream! 

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