Veet Sensitive Touch @ All-In-One Electric Trimmer for Women

For women, unwanted facial and body hairs can be very irritating and frustrating if you don't remove it from time to time.
I've tried waxing on my upper lips and legs before, it was hurt and I don't like the redness after that.
I use shaver creams for my underarms hair, but sometimes the creams can be sensitive to my skin.
I also visit beauty salon, like once a week to trim my eyebrows (you know, eyebrows are now one of the most important steps in our beauty power).
Well, some hair removal solutions can be expensive if you have to do it very regularly.
I have been looking for other alternatives to cut down these costs, till I meet the electric trimmer from Veet Sensitive Touch.
After having the product for few weeks, I used it several times on my eyebrow, underarms, and hair legs; I have to say it makes me happy.:)
So, let's see what I said about it today!

Veet Sensitive Touch is a new gadget that comes with different detachable heads to accommodate different gentle hair trimming on your sensitive body parts.
What makes it so special is it helps to remove any unwanted hair in one go with no fear of cuts, also it has high precision whereby you can get precises shaping and styling with the given accessories.
You can use it at different body areas like eyebrows, upper lips, underarms, bikini lines, leg and hand hairs wherever you want.

Veet Sensitive Touch box contains 8 different accessories which include:
#1 2-sided trimming head 16mm & 6mm
#2 Two-sided comb attachment at size 2mm & 4mm
#3 Styler cap
Other Body Areas:
#4 bikini trimming head 20mm
#5 One-sided comb attachment
Other Accessories:
#6 Device with AA battery included
#7 Cleaning brush
#8 Beauty pouch

It has a feminine look packaging which combines pink and white together.
The device itself is very light, which ensure ladies have a better hold while using it.
What I love the most is you just have to change different accessories according to your needs, then twist the bottom to activate, and it will be ready to be used.

For face hair trimming:
The device with 2 sided trimming head at 16mm & 6mm is mainly used for face area such as eyebrows, upper lips, and sideburns.
You can choose either use 6mm or 16mm sides, whichever you feel comfortable with.
The blade is very gentle, so basically you don't need to worry too much about the cuts while using it.

I had some bad experiences using the normal eyebrow shaver as I over-tweezed and created holes and unevenness.
So, I use 6mm trimmer on my eyebrows just to make sure everything goes right.
I find Veet electric trimmer works much better than the other eyebrow tools, because if shaved off my hair much quicker and cleaner.
Meanwhile, compared to the eyebrow plucker, this device is gentle enough to help to reduce your pain from plucking.

Sometimes, you may have long stray hairs on your eyebrow, and you need to trim the shape perfectly.
So, here comes the 2-sided comb attachment to comb your hair before trimming the hair length.
I usually estimate how much I should cut off, but now I have the comb attachment, it actually helps a lot for the shaping purpose.

It's always better to close the device with the styler cap to avoid scratches and damages.
Moreover, for long term usage, it is better to keep the device away from heating devices, fire, or under direct sunlight.

For body hair trimming
Let's move on to the usage of the bigger head bikini trimming 20mm.
Simply attached the trimmer head by inserting into top of body of device, and twisting clockwise until it clicks into place.
Move the devise to the opposite direction of hair growth, then start shaving by touching the device to your skin lightly.

I personally use this bigger head shaver on my underarm and leg.
It's a bit scary when I turned on the device with some electrical sounds, but it's totally find after you get used to it.
Moreover, the cutting blades didn't touch my skin at all, so actually there is nothing to worry about the cuts.
The device is so handy, and also very convenient especially for travelling because this can be one emergency tool for your messy hairs. :)

For any trimming purposes, add the comb then decide the desired length you want.

How to Clean it?
After the cutting and shaving, you should always clean the device with the following steps:
#1 Make sure the device is switched off
#2 Use the cleaning brush to wipe away any hair or dust
#3 Do not wash the main body of the device to avoid risk of damage caused by contact with water
#4 For the trimmer heads, directly rinse with only clean tap water. No seawater, cleanser or hot water
#5 Do not soak in water
#6 Wipe each units after cleaning
#7 To ensure lifetime of the blades, add 1-2 drops lubricating oil to the blades and switch on for 2-3 seconds

In general, I am happy with the Veet Sensitive Touch because:
#1 Ease of use
#2 Do not required any shaving gel or cream when using it
#3 Easy for travelling anywhere
#4 Painless
#5 Can be used on your whole body
#6 It's wireless, just plug in the battery
#7 The blades are safe to use, no risk of cuts
#8 Different blades cutter can use on different areas
It is so much easier to achieve a clean look now everyday by cutting and shaping all my body hairs with this All-In-One Veet Sensitive Touch!
Veet Sensitive Touch is selling at RM119 and you can get it from major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers.
Get more details about Veet Sensitive Touch at

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