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You want a balanced diet but you have no idea where to start?
You are not sure which foods are the most nutrient-rich?
You had fried chicken for supper last night and you feel bad about it?
If you face the similar problems in your daily life, please take your time to read on this post. :)

Lynnity (Let the Farm be your Pharmacy) is a family's traditional Chinese medicine business from Low family since 1890.
After having many years' experiences in traditional Chinese medicine, they began Lynnity with the belief that plant is the best way to support good health, such as reduced risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer.
Lynnity has a mission to be the performance leader in building a wellness state and discover the planet's natural wealth of superfoods and share with everyone.

Lynnity products are manufactured and produced by reputable and established manufacturer in Malaysia and overseas.
Everything went through scientific research and nutritional expertise by offering high quality of nutritional supplements and juices which made from real foods which beneficial to our body
To ensure the quality assurance, all Lynnity products are inspected and passed the GMP & HACCP guidelines.

Lynnity Phyto Tropical Botanical Juice is a combination of natural plant and fruits extract to give you the slimming effects.
The main benefit of the Botanical Juice is to slim down your body without burden:
#1 Breakdown of fat
#2 Fat-burning
#3 Body detoxification (remove toxic in your body)
#4 Boosting of metabolism (improve blood circulation)
#5 Toning the digestive and immune system
#6 Essential for cellulite appearance removal

A single bottle of the Botanic Juice contains the key ingredients such as pomegranate, pineapple, mangosteen, moiassess, prune, pear, green apple, kiwi, passion fruit, lemon, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, and black ginger.
All these ingredients help improve skin roughness, toning GI tract, fat absorption suppressing, improve hyperglycemia and reduce fasting hyperglycemia.
In addition, the other mixed contents such as amino acids, enzymes, gotu kola, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals help us to improve and balance our physiological functionalities, as well as glow with healthy fit body.

Consume 1 - 2 cups by using provided cup after breakfast and / or lunch daily.
The texture is very thick, so I will say it's better to mix with some water.
The taste is rich of fruity flavour, probably tastes more like a cranberry juice.
I usually take it after breakfast, and I can feel I went to toilet more frequently.
Meanwhile, I can also see some toxic material flushing into the toilet.
So, my body feel slightly lighter after that.
Botanic Juice comes with 5 small bottles in a box, and it cost RM188 for a box.

It is important that we have a well-balanced diet from our daily meals, but there is no single food can actually provide all the essential nutrients that we need daily.
So, Lynnity Phyto Blend Botanic Superfood is here to help us provide adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which all are important to our health.
This Botanc Superfood is a healthy yet provide interesting diet for everyone:
#1 Children: boost immunity, eye healthy development, bone and brain healthy development.
#2 Adult: prevent obesity, maintain healthy body weight, increase energy and eye strength, supplement of complete nutrients for daily requirement, improve digestive functions and gut health.
#3 Elderly: reduce risk of heart disease, cholesterol levels, high blood pleasure, prevent cancer, diabetes, and eye disease.

There are four main ingredients in Botanic Superfood includes:
#1 Fruits: pear, green apple, pineapple, kiwi, passion fruit, and lemon.
#2 Vegetables: spinach, cucumber, pasrsley, yam and red beet.
#3 Grains: coarse rice, corn, barley, brown rice, lotus seed, wheat millet, black sesame, glutinous rice, what, flat seed, and oat bran (beta-glucan).
#4 Protein: soy bean, mung bean, almond, green pea, whey protein, green bean, black soy bean, and walnut.

Consume 1 sachet with breakfast and / or lunch / dinner daily by mixing it with 200ml lukewarm water.
The drink is a power form that contains some particles that will give you a tasteful feel when you drinking it.
It tastes like vegetables and grains anyway.
Everyday, I take it before my lunch or dinner, as I find the contents have filling purpose.
So, it actually helps me to intake less food in my daily meals.
However, I would not suggest to take Botanic Superfood as your replacement meal, because I think it shouldn't enough to fill your stomach.
It costs RM138.00 for a box with total 15 sachets.

Other than the Botanic Juice and Botanic Superfood, Lynnity has other healthy products such as Lynnity pure essential oil (soothe minor discomforts), Botanic Health Citrus (energy and cardiovascular health), Botanic Juice Mediterranean (skin brightening, nail and hair beauty) to keep you healthy everyday.
All products are suitable for most people except pregnant woman and patients with illness and serious medication.
You can purchase the products online with free delivery in 1-3 working days, and also view many successful profiles and testimonials on Lynnity website at,
It is important always eat breakfast, exercise for an hour each day, always carry a water bottle, and have balanced diet, however I think it is also important to have some reliable supplements in our daily life.
All right, that's all for today's sharing.
I will be right back with a new post soon! Stay tuned!

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