Golden Triangle, Mae Sai Market & Doi Mae Salong @ Chiang Rai Thailand

Hello Hello!
Sorry for my long overdue traveling post.
It's been a busy month for me, morning to night!
What I mean morning to night is I getting up early in the morning at 8am, and then reaching home at 11pm.
Then, I stay till midnight to update my blog.
I don't even have enough rest in the weekend! :(
May is coming soon, I hope things are gonna get easier. #fingercrossed
Today, let's throwback on my previous trip to Chiang Rai, and finally this come to the last write up of this full Thailand trip!

We only spent 2 days in Chiang Rai before we head over to Chiang Mai.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to explore Chiang Mai because of the infection in my tear duct system.
If you follow me on my blog, I took the earliest flight from the Chiang Mai airport, and was admitted to Sunway Medical right after I touched town in Malaysia.
It was very disappointing because I never travel to Chiang Mai before. :(
Hopefully, my Chiang Mai trip is on it's way coming!

Btw, on the second day, we have our first stopped at the Golden Triangle.
Since I wasn't feeling so well, I slept almost the whole way there.
Then I woke up with this beautiful view!
Love the sugar maple tree because it's quite unusual to see it in Malaysia.

This is the main gate of the Golden Triangle.

The Mekong River.

If I have chance to come back in the future, I wish to take a boat ride on the Mekong River and enter Laos.

The next stop is the Mae Sai Market for some shopping.
It's one big open air market with many different shops.
If you love shopping, you can find many things such as handmade bags, souvenirs, socks, lingerie, clothing etc.
There are also some great local restaurants here.

There are many temples in Thailand.
And, Wat Phrathat Doi Tung has a focal point whereby the whole Chedi was decorated with gold foil, no matter it is on the lotus petal base, the body, the bell and the top part of the Chedi.
It's good to see!

We decided to overnight up at the mountain of Doi Mae Salong.
Some breathtaking scenery can be viewed during your trip up to the mountains.
But the road is is quite scary with lots of sharp curves, so it is better to get a local driver to drive you there.

The Tea plantation.

Thank you everyone for the memorable trip! #love

Sunrise view from our room in the morning.

If you visit in right season; If come here by renting a car for a road trip, then you can have a stop at the strawberry farm.
It's really fun and I get very excited because I can pick the fresh strawberry.

So, I guess it's the end of the post.
Though I wasn't feeling well, I had a great day spent in Chiang Rai.
I wish you enjoy your trip in Chiang Rai! :)
Last but not least, hopefully I got the chance to visit Chiang Mai soon!
Love, xxx


Henry Tan said...

looks beautiful! if the season is right, there's even ocean of flowers right? hope to visit there someday! :D


hiphippopo said...

Hi Henry, thanks for dropping by my little corner.
Yeap! Chiang Rai is nice to visit especially when it has a cooling weather like at the end of the year.
Hope you enjoy your trip if you are going there ya!