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Wherever I go, no matter it's just a normal day for hangout or traveling, I have used to bring full size cosmetics because I always feel very insecure if I didn't bring them with me.
Also, makeup is an essential especially staying in Malaysia; look at the hot and warm weather, touch ups is a must to make your face looks fresh throughout the day and night.
However, most of the makeup items are always very bulky and heavy, and sometimes they take up so much space in my handbags.
That's why I don't have many small handbags, purses or clutches in my closet.
Sometimes, it can be quite troublesome, especially if you are going on special dates that needed a small purses or clutches to put your makeup stuffs.
So, what's the best solutions?
Yeap! Today, I have found a perfect solution for you to have all the makeup basics for your skin, from face cushion compact, to lipsticks and brushes!

Oh hey! That's the A:Concept!
It's the No.1 Makeup Secret from the Girl's generation's Taeyeon, and also the favourite for the Girl's Generation's makeup artist, Seo Ok too!

A:Concept is a cosmetic brand from Korea.
The brand established since 2013, with the idea of being one and only cosmetic concept designed for you.
It has an unique and fun all-in-one cosmetic concept for you to carry your face powder and lipsticks wherever you go!
Why said it as all-in-one cosmetics is because the face powder is contained in a small carrying case with one side boasts a mirror on the other half, and then the lipsticks is sitting at the back of the carrying case.
It's so convenient for you to carry it everywhere because it's so small!

The black box comes with a brightening cushion + cushion refill pacl + a lip and cheek + lipstick.
It has a well-explained description on how the little black case works for your makeup.
Very easy, huh! :)

The brightening cushion comes in 2 shades, which includes #21 Light Beige, and #23 Natural Beige.
To make skin look clear and bright, apply thinly and evenly on skin with the puff given.
As an added perk, each brightening cushion compact also comes with an extra refill cushion for you.

I myself get the shade of #23 (natural beige) because I prefer a more natural look without being too "white" on my face.
Based on my personal experience, some Korean face cushion can be too bright or too white for our skin in Malaysia. :)

The brightening cushion creates a number of benefits, which are Whitening + Anti-Wrinkles + UV Protection.
And, it includes several ingredients, such as Hyaluronic acid + Bitica Ferment Lysate + Propolis Extract + Collagen + Aloe Vera Leaf Extracts.
That's how it passes the results of brightening, coveraging, moisturizing and long lasting. :)

Let's take a closer look at the super cute and adorable packaging.
The whole packaging is in stylish black, comes with an extra refill brightening cushion pack.
And, the most amazing part is you can actually slot in the A:Concept lip/cheek pen into the case at the back to make it as two-in-one travel-friendly beauty kit.

And, here's come my comparison before and after the brightening cushion on my face.
After taking a reasonable amount of cushion compact on the puff, tab it from the center of the face and blend out.
For areas that makeup easily "sweats" off your face and need more coverage, you can re-apply it on those specific areas.
I really liked how the brightening cushion gave my face a natural shine look, without looking oily after the application.

Here, I didn't use any primer or concealer to cover my pores.
I only applied 2 layers of brightening cushion to cover up my pores.

Looks like my smiling line is covered up by the brightening cushion too . :)

A:Concept 2-in-1 lip & cheek comes in two different lipstick shades, which are coral and red orange shade.
Both shades look super lovely, and has the most suitable result for Asian women.
The best features of these lipsticks is you can change and insert one of your desired shade of lipsticks into the pocket cushion compact depending on your daily makeup styles.

The coral shade is a perfect blend of pink and orange which can brighten up your face colour.
Also the colour is not very bright that you can wear comfortably to work and party too!

For the coral shade, after applying a small amount on your lips, you can red on your cheeks with this shade by slightly tap and blend out the apple zone with your finger where swells up when you smile.

For the red orange shade, it is a superb mix of red and orange colours.
This shade is slightly stronger than coral shade, but definitely will make you fresh and scream for attention all time while wearing it on your sexy lips. :)
Try using a lip brush or your finger to apply this shade on your lips.
It's silky and smooth type of lipstick allows you a better lip expression with finger tapping and blending rather than using the lipstick itself.

Do you like my makeup with this simple chic black case of the A:Concept?
If you love to create your own black case to complete your makeup routine too, you can get it now from http://my.althea.kr/ @ RM106 with a brightening cushion + cushion refill pacl + a lip and cheek + lipstick.
It's one of their current best selling item now, so faster grab it before it is out of stock yea!

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