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Time to get back to my blog after 2 weeks holiday.
If you are on my Insta list, you shall know that I traveled to Eastern Europe.
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Been to Europe a few times, but this was my very first time in Eastern Europe.
I heard that Eastern Europe is beautiful, especially Prague.
But indeed, I find Poland and Budapest are gorgeous too!
But wait, today I'm not going to blog my trip yet because I still in the midst of sorting out the +++1000 pictures and videos. #lol
Today, I'm going to share with you all a brand new skin care that I recently tried, the Univera, a leading natural supplement and skin care company in Korea since 1999.

Always, my skin has a dull complexion after traveling due to the frigid temperatures.
It's important to brighten and lighten to get my white skin tone back after traveling; I hate dull and dark skin complexion. #typicalasiangirl
This Univera’s W389 Crystal White series delivers an effective brightening and restorative solution so you can quickly experience the look and feel of a more youthful, radiant complexion.
The whole series includes three important key benefits:
#1 Increased skin hydration
#2 Reduced roughness
#3 Increased skin brightness and clarity

If you never heard of Univera before, Univera actually started with the largest aloe farm in the world in 1988, which has supplied more than 40% raw aloe to about 700 companies in 40 countries located in the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia.
In 2000, it creates it's own "Econet System" from integrating cultivation of raw materials (farm) - research and development (R&D center) - manufacturing (factory) - distribution and selling (marketing).
This process aims to implement only one truth to deliver the benefits of nature to people.

Univera’s researchers looked through several hundred plant extracts and discovered aloewhite and flax lily both have strong antioxidants and address surface discoloration.
#1 Aloewhite: a vital plant compound derived from a species of Aloe known for it's brightening capability and cell-renewal support.
#2 Flax Lily: their patented compound offers superior brightening, while reversing the look and feel of aging.
Another reason that makes W389 Crystal White so unique is this brand holds their own plant compounds with over 17,000 medicinal plant that have gathered from around the world.
They studied for their unique benefits, and only use the most effective compounds with proven brightening and restorative results for the W389 Crystal White.

Step #1: W389 Crystal White Foaming Cleanser @ RM95 (120ml) For morning and evening
A rich yet gentle, non-drying foaming cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and smooth.
Not only that, it also helps to boost your skin's hydration too.

The cleanser has a simple packaging design which comes in a slim tube packed.
It's a milky cleanser which is smooth and light in texture, and with a very light scent to it.
It makes me feel calming when I massage it into my skin, leaves my skin clean and fresh by removing the impurities perfectly without dehydrated to my skin.

It can be used daily (morning and evening) on your skin.
Apply a small amount over dry or damp skin, gently massage it to your skin, work into lather, and then rinse off well.
I think this cleanser can last at least 2.5 months for me, since every time only small amount of the product is needed only.

Step #2: W389 Crystal White Toner @ RM129 (130ml) For morning and evening
W389 Crystal White Mineral Toner is a mineral-rich toner that provides a burst of hydrating ingredients.
It protects natural oils and supports the visible brightening and clarity of your skin.
Also, it helps to bind moisture to the skin too.

The toner comes in a big press pump bottle which is perfectly for travel.
It provides a watery texture for watery hydration with a less creamy and heavy feeling.
I find that this toner gives my face a cold and cooling refreshed feeling after the application. I love it!

Facial toner is an important product for our daily facial care routine.
Apply the toner to skin after your daily facial cleansing and before moisturizing your skin by using a few cotton pads.
It helps to cool down the skin and make your skin look more radiant.

Step #3: W389 Crystal White Shine Essence @ RM256 (50ml) For morning and evening
W389 Crystal White Shine Essence is a lightweight serum that visibly improves clarity and brightness within 4 weeks.
It enriched with herbal ingredients that revitalize your complexion and also helps to hydrate and soften your skin as well.

This serum is packed in a press plastic bottle which is easy dispensing and giving even.
It's in white colour, and the texture feels light as well as absorb easily to the skin.
It provides a smooth feeling which no sticky feeling after application.
The scent is just so fresh to smell!

This serum should be worn on the skin everyday (morning and evening) after cleansing and toning.
Press a pump or two of this lightweight serum which takes to deliver powerful brightening and restorative ingredients.
If you have a very oily skin, you can use this as your primary moisturizer.

Step #4: Skin Care 100 @ RM106 (150ml) For morning and evening
It's your daily boost of Aloe goodness and a miracle natural skin healer.
With Univera's technology, they use Q matrix Aloe, which has 6 times more concentrated Aloe "Polysaccharides".
It's No. 1 classic aloe gel essence which made with 100% world-class Aloe Vera, and also best seller in Korea since 1987, with 80 bottles sold EVERY minute in Korea.
Main benefits include:
#1 Provides immediate boost of hydration and moisturizing benefits
#2 Effectively treats skin damages and calm troubled skin, reducing redness
#3 Sooths sun or radiation burns with a cooling sensation
#4 Protects and soften rough skin, reinforcing a firmer, healthier look

It comes in a pump bottle which makes it easy to use and more hygienic.
It doesn't have any great smell from the bottle, but it provides a protective film, and doesn't leave a sticky feeling at all because it absorbs very well and quickly once it's on my skin.

There are few ways to use the Skin Care 100:
#1 Use twice everyday (morning and evening) as an essence
#2 Use any time at areas (face or body) if it is itchy, burn or irritated
#3 Use 1 pump per application as moisture gel essence for a boost of hydration
#4 Use 4-5 pumps and spread gently on face as a hydrating over night sleeping mask
#5 Apply to hair ends after every wash as it works as a moisturizing hair essence without leaving a non-greasy feeling.

Step #5: W389 Crystal White Lotion @ RM183 (100ml) For morning
This multi-functional, lightweight lotion provides anti-oxidant protection while supporting the visible brightening and clarity of your skin. 
It helps restore moisture balance and support skin’s natural cell renewal process.

I like the pump bottle because it makes it so easy to use and keeps the product clean.
The texture is silky and refreshingly light, also it doesn't really have much of a smell to me.
I like the smooth application on my face and also the instant absorption into my skin's surface too. 

Press 1-2 pumps and spread over the whole face and neck on every morning to hydrate and provide antioxidant protection throughout the day.
I have a combination skin, so I only use this as my primary moisturizer on the day time.
If you also have an oily or combination skin, you can also use this moisturizer as your face lotion in the morning to keep your skin hydrated all day long.

Step #6 W389 Crystal White Cell Control Cream @ RM238 (50ml) For evening
This luxuriously creamy formula dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
It will keep your skin vibrant and younger-looking longer.
Besides, it is also designed to support the visible brightening and clarity of your skin as well.

The night cream comes in a heavy, round, crystal colour bottle.
It has a spatula inside the packaging for you to take the night cream out of the bottle.
The texture of the night cream looks creamy and rich, but it actually doesn't make your face look or feel greasy after the application.

Take advantage of your skin’s night time restorative phase to balance moisture levels and erase past damage.
Every evening, apply a small amount to your face and neck.
If you have dry skin, you can use this as your primary moisturizer for both day and night.
And if you have very dry skin, you can also add on the lotion and then night cream for day and night.
For a combination skin like me, I prefer a matt finishing without too creamy on my daily make up, so I only use this night cream for the night time.

Step #7 W389 Crystal White Multi Protective Sun Cream SPF50+, PA+++ @ RM168 (40ml) For morning 
It's a multi protective sun cream for smart skin protection, skin colour correction and cooling.
This sun cream can effectively protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays while brightening the skin and ensuring a translucent finish.

It has a classy packaging design. :)
The texture itself is not very light, indeed it is slightly heavy than the current sunblock I'm using.
But, I'm surprise that it does not add any extra weight to my skin even though I wear it under my daily makeup.

At the last step of all basic morning skin care, take a proper amount of the product and evenly apply on your face.
Use your fingers to apply and spread evenly on your skin, because the texture of this sun cream is slightly thicker, which might leave a hint of greasiness or white residue if you don't spread it well.

What's my overall thought about this W389 series?
Well? I have been using them for more than a week now, and I would say this series of product did a good job on keeping my skin clean, smooth, and refreshing all time.
My skin complexion is less dull even though I didn't exfoliate my face in a week (I usually exfoliate my skin at least once a week, otherwise my skin look less energetic).
Besides, I find this series of product also help to maintain enough water for a fuller on my face too.
In terms of the brightening, I think the overall result is not very obvious on my face.

Univera has been certified by Korean and globally recognized quality certification authorities for excellence and safety of it's products.
All their products can be used safely on all skin types by leaving out over 30 questionable ingredients, and do not include any harmful brightening ingredients, animal-sourced ingredients, synthetic preservatives and coloring agents.
So, if you are interested to purchase the Univera's products, they are now available online at https://my.univera.com/.
I hope this post if useful for you if you want to know more about Univera's products.
Will see you soon on my next post! Love!!!

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