What to Eat in Taipei (Part 3) Jimei Rechao Restaurant 集美热炒 @ Let's Go To Taipei

I miss foods in Taiwan, especially their re-chao 热炒.
I already blogged one famous re-chao restaurant in my previous post, the ZhongYang ShiChang Seafood, and here's another restaurant we visited before we leaving Taipei on the next day.
It'a always good to have local friends to bring you around the place and introduce what's best to eat when you travel in other countries.
Always appreciate with such companion because we get good info on where the locals eat and drink at different places.
Especially thanks to Mr. Tai for spending his times with us! :)

It's pretty hard to root out the place since I'm not familiar with the area, and also we had Mr. Tai to tour us around during the last day in Taipei.
But I remember it's not very far from Ximenting which probably took 10 minutes drive to the restaurant.

Though the restaurant doesn't have a fancy environment, but I think this is suppose to be a kind of stir-fried restaurant; the atmosphere is comfortable to enjoy the food and drink with friends and families.
Also, the dining service is great as the waitresses are very friendly with nice smile when we stepped into the restaurant. :)

We ordered a lot of dishes just for 4 of us; from fresh seafood, to stir-fried dishes, and also some simple vegetable dishes.

Steamed Prawns 川烫鲜虾 @ TWD150 are super fresh and the meats are so tender.
Indeed, I was thinking to just have one piece, but I had at least 3-4 pieces at the end. #ohtoogood!

Stir Fried Spicy Clams 塔香蛤蜊 @ TWD150 is so flavourful and rich tasting.
The brown sauce is also very amazing too!

Sizzling pig liver 铁板猪肝 @ TWD150
You can't tell it's actually a liver because they fried it till super very crispy.
If you like it, you must try this!

Super like this delicious fried Madeira-vine 川七菜 @ TWD100.

Sashimi 鲑鱼生鱼片 @ TWD200 is super fresh and in thick cut till I couldn't resist to have at least 3 pieces! #lol

Thai Seafood Salads 泰式海鲜沙拉 @ TWD200, one of the classic Thai salad that combines with sweet, salty, spicy and sour flavours.

Hakka Stir-Fried with Pork Belly 客家小炒 @ TWD120 is one of the popular dish in Taiwan.
It's super yummy and makes me want more rice please!

Moon Shrimp Cake 月亮虾饼 @ TWD180 is a popular Taiwanese snack food with some shrimp, garlic and pork in a spring roll wrapped.

These crispy Deep Fried Oyster 酥炸蚵仔 @ TWD150 make a delicious appetizer!

Fried Noodle 炒面 @ TWD60, not really my favourite.

Sichuan Spicy Squid 川烫鱿鱼 @ TWD120 cooked to it's perfection with a strong taste in black and Sichuan peppercorns.

Stir Fried Water Lilies 水莲菜 @ TWD100 that is crisp and crunchy.

Oh well, make sure you grab some beers while having the rechao dishes.
Especially after a long day walking and visiting at many places, I really enjoyed having a cold beer with all the Rechao dishes! #thebest

Nothing is better than eating good food while traveling!
Re-Chao in Taipei is really the best of Taipei choice if you are hunting for nice food in Taipei.
I would really highly recommended it to you all!

Jimei Re-Chao Restaurant 集美热炒
Add: No 196, Jimei Street, Sanchong District,
New Taipei City, Taiwan 241.
Tel: +886 2 2978 1063
Opening hours: Daily 4pm - 2am

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