Hippo x Eastern Europe 2017

Hello guys! I am back!
Today gonna start my travel diary in Eastern Europe.
Well, I'm so glad that I finally made it to Eastern Europe for my very first time with my parents and sister.
When I knew I was going to Eastern Europe, I didn't really have a clue what should I expect from Eastern Europe; I only know Prague is a beautiful city.
We booked our trip in early April from the Matta Fair under a tour company, GTT (Golden Tourworld Travel); my family has been with GTT for many years and traveled with them to USA, most places in Europe, Turkey etc.
Many people asked about my opinion of joining a tour and most of the time I will suggest people to go with tours, especially to the Western countries because your safety, comfort, and enjoyment will be taken care by your tour guides with "fix" costs.
And, each time my feedback on GTT is they never failed my expectation in terms of the itinerary, food, accommodations etc.
Anyway, two weeks to 6 different countries were just not enough to explore all, I really hope that I have the chance to go back to most places, like Budapest, Poland, Ljubljana and Prague again. :)

In this post, I'm going to share beautiful pictures in all places I went in Eastern Europe.
It's an overview post with pictures of the cities I went to, and for the following travel posts, I will separate each places into an individual post.
It's my first trip to the places, so I really hope my post will benefit to those who wish to travelling to Eastern Europe like Prague, Budapest, Poland for the first time!

We flew with Emirates from KL to Munich, had a 3 hours stopped over at Dubai airport.
It was a long way, 7 hours from KL to Dubai, then another 6 hours from Dubai to Munich.
The flight experience with the Emirates Airlines wasn't as good as previously, in terms of the food and cabin crews' services; I have a feeling that they have cut down the operation costs.

Munich, Germany
Arrived in Munich, we went to BMW Well, a multi-functional customer experience and exhibition for BMW facility.
Buyers can actually take delivery of their BMW series from here. #cool

That's the BMW i8!

My dream car, Mini Cooper. :)

Then, nice afternoon spent at Marienplatz, a large open centre square in the city of Munich, Germany.

That's the new town hall in Marienplatz, which looks so elaborate and ancient.

Salzburg, Austria
Arrived Salzburg, see the beautiful Mirabell Gardens where the song "Do-Re-Mi" was filmed.

The Makartsteg Bridge with many love locks in Salzburg, Austria.

Birthplace of Mozart located at Getreidegasse.
Mozart fans, you should be here one day!

Lake Bled to see the medieval castle up at the hill.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Third day morning at the Postojna Caves in Ljubljana.
It's the largest Karst cave in Slovenia with as much as 24km of underground tunnels and amazing view of the cave.

Ljubljana is a very beautiful city,
If I have the chance again, I really wish to come back here again, sit down and enjoy the peace and amazing view of the old town.

Vienna, Austria
That's my first day in the romantic Vienna.
The wind was so strong while walking at the Old Vienna Walk.

My first chop and sign in Vienna on my travel passport in front of the St Stephen Church.

The second day in Vienna was also very cold with weather less than 13℃.
Spent a pleasant day walking at the Vienna town to have a great feel of the beautiful music city.

Budapest, Hungary
On the 6th day, took a leisure drive from Vienna to Budapest, Hungary.
That was just a 10 minutes stopped by the Heroes' Square with landmark statues.

Fisherman's Bastion is amazing!
It's a well-known for the wonderful panoramic views of the city of Budapest.
Winter time is here, day time appears to go more quickly than the first day.

Last day in Budapest, we paid a visit at Szentendre, a cute little town, and Visegrad Castle, a small castle town in the north of Budapest.

Finally, before leaving Budapest, night view of the Hungarian Parliament Building right in front of me on the Budapest Night Cruise.

Krakow, Poland
A snippet into the beautiful and unique city of Krakow, Poland.
I didn't expect it to be so beautiful till I see it myself.

Prague, Church Republic
The long awaited moments in Prague has arrived.
Had a well spent 24 hours in Prague by visiting the most beautiful Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, and Old Town Square.
I have been telling to everyone that Prague is so beautiful that I will visit the place again in the future.

Okay, that's all for this post, I hope you enjoyed!
Now, I'm going to edit the vlog of my entire trip.
So, stay tuned for more ya! :)