Fullhouse Signature Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid (CLOSED)

Let's talk about food today!
My last foodporn post was in early December? #Ithinkso
Hope you miss my food sharing as it's been almost a month since my last sharing. :)
Today, the food sharing is all about a wonderland restaurant at Fullhouse Signature, Sunway Pyramid.
I believe most of you must heard of Fullhouse, and also many of you might already been there for their food and drink.
After my last visit at 5 years ago, Fullhouse never leave me a good reason to come back for dine in.
But my recent visit took me by surprise, which probably due to the changes in their menu and their quality of food and services.

Fullhouse Signature Restaurant is located at LG floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
The whole place was conceived by fantastic design works to delight the customers.
When you walked through the restaurant, each corners will leave a memorable and happy moments for you at their restaurant.
Believe me not?! Let's check it out together now!

There are plenty of spots for you to take good pictures at here.
For example, the classic pink vintage Aston Martin Mini Cooper is so creative that everyone must take a picture with it!

And a playground with the wooden swing set before you enter to the main dining room.

There is a toy filled vending machine for you to try your luck. :)

You can also get your beautiful photos printed with the photo printing machine.
Just add Fullhouse into your Wechat account, follow the instructions, and your photo will be ready in less than 2 minutes.
What's more?! It's FREE hey!

Fullhouse Signature Restaurant is wide and spacious which are able to provide different creative ideas to host all sorts of exciting events like family gatherings, business meetings, alumni activities, product launching or just a small gathering with close friends.
You can consider it as your home for any activities or events that you wish to organize.

Hello Tiffani, one of the character from the Fullhouse. :)

The restaurant has different series of furniture display which to create a good place to take memorial photos.

Shall we start the food post with their signature drinks?
The Lychee Teajito @ RM11.90 is a refreshing tropical cocktail recipe to cool you down on a warm day.
Must try!

This range includes Ambarella Sour Plum @ RM8.90, Traffic Light @ RM10.90 and Serai Lychee Apple @ RM10.90.

This special Popcorn Cappuccino @ RM12.90 is not as sweet as I thought.

Refreshing Orange-Mint @ RM10.90 and Tiffani Yuzu & Rose @ RM15.90 have all the fizziness from the soda.

Cheese Baked Lobster (while stock last) @ RM99.90++ is one of the new dish at Fullhouse Signature.
The big portion served with lots of my favourite fries and salads.
The big lobster is baked to golden brown, and the creamy cheese is spread the mixture onto the body of the lobster and the head evenly.


Grilled Lobster with Lemon Aioli and Mix Salad (while stock last) @ RM69.90++ is another new highlight that you can order with any ala carte main course with this special price.
The grilled lobster gives you a wonderful tender and sweet meat, and with the extra lemon flavour squeeze on top of it, it adds a nice brightness and richness to the natural seafood flavour.

Sizzling Spring Chicken with Turkey Ham @ RM29.90 is one of my favourite on the menu.
The black pepper sauce is wonderful, and the extra turkey ham on top of it is the best match with the chicken; I can almost finish a whole one myself.
Each sizzling set comes with wedges and side salads.


Beef burger loves must try their Fullhouse Ultimate Burger @ RM25.90
It's a charbroiled homemade beef patty served with turkey ham, beef bacon, fried egg, melted cheddar cheese and french fries.

Baked Cheese Pasta @ RM22.90 is my another top favourite.
It is a cream based baked cheese pasta penny that baked with turkey ham, mushroom and lots of mozzarella cheese.
Yummylicious overloaded!

Other than variety of western food, Fullhouse Signature also offers Chinese cuisin for you.
Fullhouse Special Fried Rice @ RM21.90 is their special fried rice that filled with prawns, fish cakes and side dish of boxing chicken, sunny side egg, and pickle vegetables.

If you come here with our family and wish to have some oriental Chinese food, you can order their Oriental Set @ RM59.90++ which fit for 2-3 pax.
The set comes with complimentary vegetable of the day, and 3 bowl of white rice.
Customer can choose 1 out of each from the selection of 3 chicken, 3 fish and 3  mix, which means you will get total 4 dishes plus 3 bowls of white rice at just RM59.90.


High Tea Set is the most favourite for the ladies!
Fullhouse High Tea Sets @ RM59.90 includes house brewed coffee or premium tea along with a three-tiered stand with a wide selection of pastries.
The first course includes mini Macaroons, mini brownies, coated strawberries; the middle tier has smoked salmon tartlet, tuna corn brochette, deep fried chicken boxing, and the bottom tier mini scones, mini fruit tarts, Tiffani egg tart
Among their series of desserts, this is the most lovable one!

Lastly, Fullhouse Signature also has it's Fullhouse Egglet stall in front of the main entrance!


The egglet is a kind of egg waffle which serves more than one original flavour @ RM5.00, such as:
#1 Chocolate @ RM6.00
#2 Charcoal cheese @ RM6.00
#3 Matcha red bean @ RM7.00
#4 Sesame mochi @ RM7.00
#5 Cheese @ RM8.90

This cheese egglet is a must try!
It tastes as good as it's tasty-looking appearance, especially with the combination of nacho cheese sauce! :)

Recent visit to Fullhouse Signature Restaurant had lead me to another level of enjoyment.
As I noticed Fullhouse successfully design the dining atmosphere to be friendly and comforting, providing yet an experience that I would like to share with you.
Below are my top 3 reasons as a returning customer to Fullhouse Signature:
#1 The design and lighting in the restaurant is well design to take good photo.
#2 The choice of food range from west to east. The wide range of choices would not disappointing anyone.
#3 The quality and taste of the food is control and the portion is worth the price.
Well, that's all for today and I hope you enjoy today's food post from me! #love

Fullhouse Signature Restaurant
LG1.96, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603 5621 9960
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 10pm
FB: https://www.facebook.com/fullhousecafes/

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