ID.AZ Dermastic Premium Sheet Masks @ Watsons Malaysia

Life changing.
Life is a non-stop trying and learning as our environment is a non-stop revolving with the new technology and new finding.
I'm quite an adventurous person that like to try new stuff because I believe without continuous trying we would never know what we really likes and dislikes in our life.
Among all the things, I like to try varieties of beauty products especially face sheet masks.
Apart from the cute packaging and marketing technique, I like to explore in the knowledge on what is the new technology, finding, ingredient and function that is in the small package.
I realized that face sheet mask is really a convenient beauty product that can fit the needs of every women, from A-Z.
So today, I would like to share a new face sheet mask from Korea not only to keep your complexion hydrate and brighter, but also provide nutrition to your skin. :)

ID.AZ is introduced by ID Health Care Group, which is a company that study facial shape.
This company has clinical know-how knowledge from giving operation to about 60,000 people for the past 18 years.
And, the "ID Pla Cosmetics" began was based on their experiences on seeing a large number of people who are dissatisfied with their facial shape and skin.
While looking for an alternative way to help them, they started the "ID Pla Cosmetics" to take care of sensitive skin, and seeking cosmetics to take care of the facial shape.

The ID.AZ Dermastic Masks carries 3 different types of function facial mask which are easily identify by it's colour on it's packaging.
The 3 different types of masks include:
#1 Water-Fit Mask for hydrating
#2 Bright-Fit Mask for brightening
#3 Golden-Fit Mask for nutrition
Directions on how to use the sheet masks are printed on the packaging; these are written in bilingual which helps to communicate clearly with the user. :)

ID.AZ Dermastic Water-Fit Mask brings powerful moisturizing effect to your skin!
It is suitable for those people who are always:
#1 thirsty for moisture
#2 use all the items that were allegedly effective moisturizer but failed
#3 want to have moist and lustrous skin

The mask contains deep sea water, sea water collagen, hyaluronic acid panthenol, betaine, and alantoin.
All these ingredients not only provides intense moisture, it also has calming effect and fast soothe your stressed-out skin.

The mask is made of a very thin skin fit material.
It can perfectly tight and fit to the skin so as to deliver genuine and moisturizing substance to your skin.

I have tried many face sheet masks before, and each of them come in different shapes and sizes.
Some of the masks can be quite irritating because it didn't fit well on my face and there is always rooms for adjustment.
They either covering my top lip, or forming a tent around my nose, or have extra fabric down around my chin.
ID.AZ masks took me by surprise because it fits perfectly on me without any awkward shapes on my face.

Here's my before and after picture with the ID.AZ Dermastic Water-Fit Mask.
The mask adhere to my skin and distribute the perfect amount of water and moisture to feed my dry skin.
My dull and flaky skin has achieved a glowing and radiant complexion in just 20 minutes.
Also, my skin has a little plumper than before too!

When I took the mask off, I massage the leftover serum into my skin
Can you see the effect of the "doink doink" on my face?! :)

ID.AZ Dermastic Bright-Fit Mask is to brighten your skin not from outside, but from inside.
It is suitable for those people who are always:
#1 want to brighten their skin tone white and pure
#2 has dark and spotted complexions
#3 look sick and is pale

The ingredients of Bright-Fit Mask includes perar, hyaluronic acid, green tea, licorice, Witch Hazel, raspberry, blueberry, trehalose, which able to brighten your basic skin tone as if you were born with bright skin,
You can see powerful brightening and refreshing effects on your skin after taking off the mask immediately.
The mask is made of microfiber, rather thick but soft without irritation that can get close to skin and immediately brightens skin.

ID.AZ Dermastic Golden-Fit Mask is the most popular treatment of ID dermatology that is as effective as popular treatment of dermatology.
It is suitable for those people who are always:
#1 want to feel like having luxurious expensive skin care at the center
#2 need special skin care for a special day
#3 need nutrition for dry and rough skin

The mask contains gold, honey, royal jelly, propolis, red ginseng collagen, ceramide, aloe, and panthenol that can purify and brighten skin, and also turn your skin elastic to a healthy look.

The mask provides high luxurious enriched nutrition to your skin as the mask is modeled with an elastic hydrogel method.
In addition, the sticky hydrogel that sticks closely to skin can also lift your sagging skin powerfully.

This mask comes in two pieces; one piece for the top of your face, and another piece for the bottom of your face.
I never tried any gel masks like this before, so yea it's quite interesting to put it on my face with the sharp gold colour. :)
My first impression is the gel mask is quite slippery compared to microfibre sheet masks.
Once you apply it on your face, it's quite difficult to adjust it again and again as the gel is easy to scratch (Oppss! I just scratched a corner of the mask).

Here comes my before and after pictures after the application of ID.AZ Dermastic Golden-Fit Mask.
Upon removing the mask, my face is feeling so refreshing and cooling.
You might not able to see the effects from the pictures, but indeed I actually feel my face appeared softer and more refined.
Also, I can see it effectively brighten and lighten my skin complexion in just 20 minutes application.

There usually a ton of excess serum in the sheet mask packets, but this Golden-Fit Mask is different.
It looks like the serum is well-soaked in the sheet for better absorption properties.

Sheet masks are always my best solutions to keep my skin glowing and moisturizing because I can apply it as often as I want throughout the day or week, even when I'm busy because I can use them when I'm cleaning house, reading or watching TV.
ID.AZ Dermastic Masks are definitely worth a try if you are looking for a premium sheet mask to pamper your face.
You can get them all at Watsons stores or shop online with the direct links below:
Water-Fit @ RM12.90
Brighter-fIT @ RM12.90 
Golden-Fit @ RM19.90


MissJasJas The Blogger said...

I saw a lot of people try Golden-Fit mask and I wish to try it soon on my face!! :)


hiphippopo said...

Yea babe! It's a nice mask to put on. Try it!