Looking Back at 2017 . Looking Forward to 2018

Oh boy!
First week of January 2018 just passed.
How's everyone's new year eve?
How's your first week in the brand new year?
I was so busy since the beginning of December and just realized I haven't write any new year resolution in my blog yet.
I enjoy writing down the highlights of the old year to recall, not only to recall what I have done in the 365 days, but also hoping for not repeating the same whole shit again in a brand new year.
2017 was good for me, just that I think I didn't really achieve my New Year's resolutions in 2017. :(
Anyway, I'm blessed with everything in the year, no matter it's ups or downs, because I believe all these made me to be a better person.

So, here comes my 2017 wrapped year recap.

It wasn't a good start in the beginning of the year.
I was admitted to the hospital due to the tear dust system surgery while I was halfway travelling in Chiang Mai.
Not good at all; not only my trip's been cut back, but also the extra ticket from Chiang Mai to KL really costed me a lot of money.
Also, after the surgery, I was jobless since I have to stay at home for like 2 months.

In May, I traveled to Taipei with my uni mates.
That's the best trip ever with all best friends from Kuching and Hong Kong together.
Till now, we still missing it a lot!
I still have some itineraries left over in my draft folder, especially those local food stalls that we been to and also a day trip to the beautiful Yilan宜兰.
But anyway, most of the Taipei itinerary, food, shopping, accommodation are already posted at HERE. #readthemall

This year, I have more beauty blogs compared to last year.
I love trying new skin care and makeup products all the time, not only it's good to share with my friends of what's good to use, but also I like to rotate the beauty products I use from times to times.
Honestly, I never thought that I would be given so many opportunities from you all in this year to share my thoughts and reviews.
I feel so thankful and really thanks for all the trust and support. #love

Fast forward to July, I finally visited Sky Mirror in Kuala Selangor with a group of new friends.
It's a one day trip, but the trip was really fun!.
The mirror-like reflection of the sky is like an amazing paradise for beautiful pictures.

Somewhere around August, I went to Kota Bharu with my mum.
That's my mum hometown and also a place that full of my childhood memories.
I haven't been back to Kota Bharu since my grandma and grandpa passed away about 10 years ago, it's definitely one of the great memory in 2017 for me and my mum too. :)

In the same month, I traveled to Singapore with my whole family during the Independence day holiday.
Had a great catch up with my girl friend, Nicole ever since she gave birth yo her first daughter.
Also, I'm glad that my mum and dad had a great relax time in Singapore with us.

In September, I went to G-Dragon 2017 Act III: Motte World Tour with my bestie.
Guess what? We were one of the street vendors selling GD merchandise for the concert!
We custom made our own GD T-shirt and also cute badges for sale.
Honestly, I feel so proud that we finally did it!
If you are interested in these merchandises, feel free to message me!

I think the biggest thing in 2017 is I got to travel to Europe again.
I spent my 2 weeks long holiday with my parents in Eastern Europe at the end of October.
It's always excites me to visit the places that I've never been to before.
Eastern Europe is beautiful, unique and fun at every corner in every cities.
I'm still taking my time to job down all to the places I visited, but you can read my Salzburg blog and watch the vlog at HERE first. :)

December was a great month for me because there were many great events happened in this month.
One of the special highlight in Dec is I finally met Abin 方泂镔 after 10 years!
You might not know how excited I was when I saw him in person; my tears almost down when all my 17's memories sprung up.
I blogged about how I met him when I was 17 and how much I like about him and his music in my previous blog at HERE.

And, that's my first time singing in the public on the stage together with 泂镔!
I really almost fainted lol. :)
为了方泂镔, 我真的豁出去啦!

First ever sponsored staycation from Traveloka, The Butterfly Project and The KL Journal.
It's my pleasure to be one of the invited beauty bloggers to join this 2 days 1 night staycation at The KL Journal.
It was super fun and I'm looking for more in 2018!

I always wanted to do girlfriend photoshoot with my besties, and I'm so grateful that I finally did it with Wan and Kay before the year end.
I will have a separate post of this photo shooting once I receive the photos from our photographer later.
Stay tuned!

Before the year end, I had a trip to Bangkok with Lik.
Bangkok gives us many reasons to go back again and again, we traveled to Bangkok at least once a year.
This time, I spent a week there for shopping and cafe hoping, and well, their cafes are really the hidden gems that you must know!

So yea! This probably a good sums up my year 2017.
Though sometimes there were some tough moments happened, but I think 2017 was definitely one of the best year in my life.
As for the new year resolution, I just made 5 resolutions in 2018.
I wish to stay focus and try to achieve them all in this brand new year. :)

#1 Keep fit
I have been saying it over again and again, but the result always wasn't good enough.
This year, I want to lose some weights, eat clean and have a healthy lifestyle.

#2 Learn to slow down my steps
I really have to learn to slow down my steps and enjoy my everyday.
Maybe Yoga?

#3 Be organized
I ain't an organized person because Lik always complaint about the mess I made everyday. :)
It's gonna be a big challenge to be a minimalist!

#4 Travel to more place
Still hoping to travel more places, like Shanghai, Xi An, Laos, and Seoul again.
So, let's continue to work hard and travel harder!

#5 More readers and followers
Have been trying hard to get more exposures on my blog and social media channels.
It's not easy to hit my desired targets, but I do believe this year is gonna be a better one!

Well, that's all for today's sharing!
I wish you all good luck and have a great 2018 ahead! 💓

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