Ginnie Lam 林紀螢 @ Ginn Prestige Club

Hello, I'm here again!
Today, I'm going to share a throwback beauty event that I attended in two weeks ago.
This probably your first time knowing Ginnie Lam 林紀螢 from Hong Kong.
Ginnie is a beauty expert from Hong Kong who holds a number of beauty training qualifications such as Chinese medicines, anti-aging medicines, Chinese cosmetic science, nutrition, skin cytology, raw ingredients study, weight management etc.
She used her own personal experiences and knowledge to create her own skin care lines which is safe, with highest quality and cost effective for people with all types of skin conditions, even to the pregnant ladies.
Ginnie is also an ambassador of the Malaysia's I love Coffee & Tea s well as Malaysia's beauty fashion brand's program host.
Now you know a little bit of Ginnie's background, continue to read on to find out how Ginnie uses her skin care brand, "Ginn" to help the people who suffer from bad skin condition. :)

Big Congratulation to Ginnie on her first Ginn Prestige fans club in Malaysia!

At the age of 19, Ginnie had a very bad experience after she went to a beauty salon for a facial treatment and also after using different kinds of skin-care products from the market.
She ended up with several skin irritation, itchiness and inflammation such as big pores, pigmentation, acne scars appeared all over her face.
It was totally a worst nightmare for her.
She wanted to find a way to cure her skin condition by herself, so she has taken many courses such as skin-care & beauty, nutrition, Chinese medicines, natural ingredients etc to cure as well as enhance her skin condition.

In 2008, after Ginnie went through several researches and developments with her team, she finally developed a full set of Ginn Chinese herbal skin care products.
Ginnie has worked with several laboratories in different countries and under went rigorous selection, matching, testing and optimizing the formulation of raw materials in order to achieve a highly effective skin care products.
The brand, "Ginn" is created with a pure heart, together with a strong concept and a true spirit.
It also highlights how Chinese herbs can be the ingredients to make the skin's beautiful and healthy.

Ginn has received many testimonials from their clients after it has successfully improved the lives of many persons with sensitive skin, acne inflammation, hormone imbalance and porous skin.
Skin is the largest's organ in our body, so Ginn is more emphasize that a good skin care is not about having a good series of skin care products, but also must have an adequate nutrition, good water absorption, clean environment, and good metabolism rate.

After receiving many compliments and likes from Ginn's clients, Ginnie has successful created a fans club in Malaysia now!
By participating as a Ginn Prestige Club one year membership at RM1,000p, you will receive Ginn Skin Care set worth RM1,790, Ginn pamper gift set, and also has the chance to join their all kinds of beauty activities such as Ginn charity bazaar, charity event volunteers, skills training, beauty contest, performances, model training, nutrition regimen courses and many more.

It was nice meeting Ginnie during the event.
She is absolutely gorgeous, friendly, and someone who has a lot of knowledge in beauty industry for many years.
If you are interested to know more about Ginn's products, you can check it out at or join Ginnie's sharing her FB page
Last but not least, hope you enjoy reading this post, and I will see you on my next post soon ya! :)

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