Hakka Cuisine Hometown @ Cheras 9 Miles (CLOSED)

Any Hakka people here?
Or any Hakka food lover here?
Today, I wanna share a Hakka restaurant that I came across last week with my friends.
The restaurant named Hakka Cuisine Hometown, which located at Cheras area.
I pretty enjoy eating Hakka food, especially the Yong Tao Fu 釀豆腐 since it can be eaten on its own or with carbs like rice or noodles (I always wanted to reduce my carbs intake lol). 
I realized Hakka food has rich spices, and also more fragrant and flavour which leads to a greater feeling of fullness.
If Hakka food is your thing, check out this post, because it's probably a new place for you to enjoy authentic Hakka delight! :)

Hakka Cuisine Hometown is located at Cheras 9 Miles.
The restaurant is situated at one of the shop lots, opposite the Cheras Leisure Mall.
Parking is a big problem at that area, especially on weekends; yet you can park your car inside the Leisure Mall, and walk less than 5 minutes to reach the restaurant.

There is not much going on the interior, just some simple wooden dining tables and chairs to serve the customers.
Anyway, the overall environment is comfortable and clean to dine in.

Let's kick start with the Home Town Pot 滋补汤 @ RM38 which is known to be good for men and women.
It is said that the soup can wake you up on the next day, and also give you an energy boost that lasts all day. :)
I was totally spoiled by the flavourful broth till I can't resist the temptation to have one bowl to another.
The broth is like the pig-stomach soup, which includes the tiny bits of rough pepper and also red dried Goji berries.
It is boiled with Chinese cabbage, cuts of chicken, and pig-stomach, and you can also eat along with other side orders, for instance Enokitake mushroom, vegetables, pork slice, meat balls, pork livers etc.
I highly recommend this to everyone! :)

We also had a tried on the other signature foods from the restaurant, such as Hakka Special Meat 正宗客家炸肉 @ RM19.00.
The dish is selected and cut from the nicest pieces of pork belly, with the correct lean and fat piece of meat.
Then, the meat was fried till golden brown and crispy, and slow cooked with black fungus for few hours.
When eaten the dish, the pork belly is soft and good in taste, and the black fungus is so crunchy in texture.

Sour & Spicy Pork Leg 大浦鹵猪手 @ RM21 is always my most favourite dish because it is a kind of valuable protein food for every women. :)
The big bowl consists of pork leg in pieces, vinegar, chili, and ginger.
It is slightly spicy yet very sourish from the vinegar, so the dish is very appetizing especially the broth.
Perfect to eat with a bowl of rice!

Home Town Kangkong 家乡蕹菜 @ RM15, a simple stir fried leafy green with garlic, fried onions, fresh prawns, and century eggs.

Tau Chu Sauce Steam Fish 照牌蒸金鳯鱼 @ RM32 is such a beautiful freshly steamed fish to enjoy for dinner.
The fish is firm and fresh, and I also kinda like the Tao Chu sauce which adds so much depth and flavour to the entire dish!

Other than the signature main dishes from the menu, we also tried some of the Ala-Carte menu such as the Drumstick Noodle 鸡腿 @ RM12.90 that comes with a whole braised chicken drumstick.
The dish looks simple, yet the noodle texture is so chewy, the home-made dry black sauce is sweet and savory, and also the chicken meat is so juicy and tender.
Worth a try!

White Curry Noodle 白咖哩面 @ RM9.90 comes with the ingredients of their home-made meatballs, tofu puffs, fried fu chuk etc.
The curry paste itself is not strong, consider a light taste of curry; but you can mix the sambal suace to enhance the taste of curry paste. Available either dry and soup version, also you can choose between the ramen or ho fun.

If you prefer a light taste of noodle soup, Pork Noodle Soup 家猪肉粉 @ RM 8.90 probably suit to your appetite more.
The dish comes with either rice vermicelli, ho fun or ramen, and all the ingredients such as the meat balls, and slice pork are freshly made by the chef!
Oh ya! Not to forget that all these Ala-Carte meal comes with a free drink too! :) 

Overall, the foods are very good!
It's hard to find a home-cooked restaurant nowadays in the city.
This Hakka eatery has successfully caught my taste buds with it's homemade cooking from scratch.
Indeed, I went back to the restaurant with Lik after the first visit with my friends.
So lucky to have come to this restaurant and taste the authentic Hakka food that still maintain it's identity.
I shall pay my third visit again soon, who wanna join me next time?! :)

Hakka Cuisine Hometown 客家名廚
Add: No 49, Jalan Manis 4, 
Taman Segar, 
56100 Cheras 9 Miles
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9134 8892
Opening hours: Tue to Thurs 12pm - 9pm, closed on Wed

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