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Welcome back, wanderlust!
It's been one month since I last updated about my travel post.
My schedule has been extremely packed and fulled everyday.
I don't even got time for myself to enjoy my "me" time and also lock down my reading habit that I've always wanted to.
Anyway, time passes with so much fulfilling events, works, friends and family gatherings.
August is here now, and I'm just looking forward to a better month.
Without further ado, here is my visit post for Fremantle in Perth.
This post is all about getting around the City of Fremantle, like where to go, what to eat and what to do around the attraction places in Fremantle.

We visited Fremantle on our second day in Perth.
The city is not located at Perth's metropolitan area, which took us about 30 minutes to drive from the apartment we stayed.
If you are interested to know about the Airbnb I booked in Perth, you can check out my first travel post at HERE.


Fremantle Market is always the top choice of where to go in Perth, so you absolutely must make time to visit here.
The market only open on every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, so make sure you take notes of this.

Many products at the market are locally made, including handicrafts, jewelries, souveniers, accessories, foods, beverages, desserts, and also meat, fish, vegetable and fruit markets are there as well.
Besides, you can also get delicious crepes, kebabs, sushi, burgers for lunch, or just relax with a cup of good coffee in the market.

The Honey Cake is the MUST try in Perth!
It's a delicious honey-sweetened cake that only available in Western Australia.
Apparently, there are four outlets in Perth, but I think Fremantle Market is the most convenient outlet to purchase if you are planning a visit to the market.
I purchased a big box of the cake @ AUD30 for my family, and also it is available in a small box @ AUD22.

There are many food and beverage stores inside the market.
I didn't get to try them all as we were planning to have fish and chips at the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour later on lunch.
What The Bao is one of the recommended store that I found from other's reviews.
The baos come with different fillings, and average cost of each baos is @ AUD8 - AUD10, definitely not cheap at all.

My parents said the fruit market is the best place to buy fresh fruits after they compared the prices and qualities with other supermarkets like Coles.
We bought 3 avocados @ AUD5 at the market and 2 avocados @ AUD4 at Coles.

For coffee lover, you must not missed out the Coffee Connection!
This little stall has a wide range of coffee beans that you can purchase and bring back home.
You will be surprised with what they offer at this independent coffee shop.

Also, the coffee here is so much cheaper!
I got a cup of coffee @ AUD3, compare to AUD5 - AUD6 at other cafes in Perth.

After visiting the market hall, we had a short walk around the yard area which full of bakery, patisserie, flower, and coffee shops.

Though the Fremantle market is a long way from where we stayed, but I think it is worth a trip down to see the local market in Perth.
It would be nice to go there in the early morning to enjoy a light breakfast with a cup of nice coffee, and then wander and snack around for a complete experience. :)

Fremantle Market
Add: South Terrace & Henderson St,
Fremantle WA 6160, Australia.
Tel: +61 8 9335 2515
Opening hours: Fri - Sun 9am - 6pm, closed on Mon - Thurs

It's not easy to find parking spot around the Fremantle area.
After our visit at Fremantle Market, we decided to walk all the way to the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.
After 10 minutes walk from the market, we passed by the Esplanade Park.

It's a great open space where you could just stroll around.
If you like to do some outdoor activities, you could also bring some foods to do picnic here.

Beautiful view of Ferris Wheel from the Esplanade Park.


This is Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour!
I really love the vibes here, with great views of the harbour and the surrounding area!

You can't leave the harbour without having the famous fish & chips.
Apparently, there are 2 famous fish and chips restaurant to decide on; one is Cicerello's Fremantle and the other one is Kailis Fish Market Cafe.
It's a tough decision to make on both since they are equally good based on the online reviews from the previous customers.
At the end, we made our decision on Kailis Fish Market Cafe because the menu is slightly cheaper (AUD12++) than Cicerello's Fremantle (AUD15++). :p

Kailis Fish Market Cafe
Add: 46, Mews Rd,
Fremantle WA 6160,
Tel: +61 8 9335 7755
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 830pm

I enjoyed everything at the Frementle Fishing Boat Harbour.
It has a beautiful scenery to look around, and also fresh local seafood restaurants to have lunch or dinner.
It's truly a relaxing place to visit with family of all ages!

Sending my love from FREO!

Frementle Fishing Boat Harbour
Add: Mews Rd, Fremantle
WA 6160, Australia
Opening hours: Daily 9am - 10pm

We came across a beautiful beach at the back of the Kailis Fish Market Cafe.
If you parked your car behind the Kailis, you will spot it anyway.
The beach is beautiful, covers with white sand and blue sea.
Such an amazing view!

Then, we also walked up to the hill to visit the Fremantle Roundhouse.
The Roundhouse is the oldest public building in the State of Western Australia, and was used to hold any person convicted of a crime in the settlement in the past.
Other than the history behind the old building, you will also get to enjoy a great view of the old harbour and beach when you are over the hill.


Fremantle Prison is one of the top tourist place to go at the City of Fremantle.
It is not located so near to the fishing harbour, so we went to the prison by car which was about 10 minutes drive.
The prison is known as a former Australian prison and World Heritage Site in Fremantle, Western Australia.
There are different tours available at the prison, such as Convict, Behind, True, Tunnels, and Torchlight.
It's such a shame that we didn't pick any tours from the list, because my families weren't very interested in it and also the ticket prices aren't cheap at all!


Since we still got a bit of time at Frementle, we then visited the E-Shed Market, another weekend market at Fremantle.
I read from other reviews saying that E-Shed Market is the best place to purchase cheap souveniers.
Honestly, nothing much interesting about the market compare to the Fremantle Market.
Yet, there are 2 popular souvenier shops that owned by Indonesian, where you can find all the Australian souveniers you wanted to bring home in one single roof.

If my memory served me well, I got 3 pieces of T-shirts @ AUD25, and one piece of postcard @ AUD0.80.
Pretty much reasonable price. :)

Get a picture with the Fremantle Tram. :)

E-Shed Market is located on Victoria Quay in the Fremantle Harbour, what a great location to wander around before the sunset! :)

E-Shed Market
Peter Hughes Dr,
Fremantle WA 6160 Australia
Tel: +61 421 762 277
Opening hours: Fri - Sun 9am - 5pm, closed on Mon - Thurs

Fremantle is one of my favourite place in Perth.
Everything at Fremantle impressed me a lot, especially the heritage buildings that built from the pale-coloured local limestone.
I had my awesome time here by strolling down the street slowly, and enjoying my day at Frementle!

I guess that comes to the end of this post, and I hope you all enjoy reading it.
Remember to share this with anyone who is planning a trip to Perth.
I will see you on my next travel post again!


Anonymous said...

Hi, was attracted by your way of dressing and post. I like it. Am also going to Perth next. Your dressing inspire me how to wear and match. Thank you.

hiphippopo said...

Thanks for dropping by...I'm glad my post inspired you and I hope you had a great time in Perth. Sorry for my late reply....:)