The Glenlivet Code @ The Glenlivet Challenges Consumers to Crack the Ultimate Whisky Mystery

I have been very busy in the past 2 week times.
Too much workload and also inside thoughts lately.
It's stressful, but I know I have to try my very best to find a way to calm myself down.
Life goes on no matter how.
Glad that I was invited to attend the closed whisky tasting with The Glenlivet to chill a bit.
The grand event was organized by the Glenlivet Malaysia, with the purpose of reveling The Glenlivet Code, which inspired by the iconic British Code breakers.
The Glenlivet Code is a mysterious Single Malt Scotch whisky that being released without cask information or tasting notes to take whisky connoisseurs on a journey of discovery whilst also putting their Single Malt knowledge to the test.
It's limited edition is a labyrinth of flavours that will test the senses of even the most discerning whisky drinker.

Here's a little bit introduction about The Glenlivet.
The whisky brand was created by George Smith in 1824.
It is The Definitive Speyside Single Malt, renowned for its heritage as a visionary within the single malts category.
With its smooth and fruity flavour profile, The Glenlivet has contributed the biggest volume growth of the single malt category worldwide, adding more than any other single malt whisky brand over the past five years.
Acting as the guardian for outstanding quality and craftsmanship within single malts, The Glenlivet is dedicated to continuing this legacy and has led innovation within single malt in recent years.
Standout initiatives include the release of The Glenlivet Cipher, a mystery single malt, and the creation of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, the brand’s tribute to the original liquid created in 1824 by George Smith.

The Glenlivet Code launch comes with a fun challenge for enthusiasts.
The guests first had to decode a world puzzle diagram on the invitation to get the name of the venue.
Followed by The Glenlivet’s Master Distiller, Alan Winchester who will challenge them to decode the taste of the liquid by selecting four aromas for the nose and four flavours for the palate from thousands of possible combinations.
After decoding the flavours of the new whisky, participants will be given a score which they can post on social media to see how they rank against their peers.
The purpose of the coded challenge for the launching is to open up a window for connection not just with the understanding and appreciation of single malt whisky, but also with the community of whisky lovers at large.

Alan Winchester: "With The Glenlivet Code, we had a unique opportunity to create a whisky that has never been crafted before, using new casks and techniques to push the boundaries of what people expect from The Glenlivet.
This year’s limited edition is a labyrinth of flavours that will test the senses of even the most discerning whisky drinker and we’re excited to invite consumers worldwide to take on the ultimate challenge by unlocking its mystery taste.
The interactive experience will allow whisky enthusiasts at all levels to build their knowledge of the category while also developing a deeper understanding of The Glenlivet."

The Glenlivet Code will be launched on 1st August 2018 in Malaysia.
The Glenlivet Guardians from the Malaysian Chapter will be offered exclusive purchase privileges of the first 60 bottles, retial @ RM580 for one bottle at
There will also be limited quantities of The Glenlivet Code at the selected trade partners from 17th August 2018 onward such as:
#1 Winetalk
#2 Boozeat
#3 Jason Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre
#4 Jaya Grocer, The Gardens, Mid Valley
#5 Jaya Grocer, The Starling, Uptown Damansara

For more updates about The Glenlivet, keep an eye out at The Glenlivet Official Facebook Page at
And if you are interested to join the Malaysian chapter of The Glenlivet Guardians, you are feel free to sign up on
Till then! :)

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