Travel with Hippo to Perth @ Wave Rock | Hippos Yawn | Tin Horse Highway

Today's post is all about the Wave Rock in Hyden, Western Australia.
Among all the famous attractions in Perth, Wave Rock is one of the places that many people commented and asked me about.
Many of them were amazed by the pictures I shared on my social medias.
Well no doubt that the pictures taken at Wave Rock looked really cool at every angles.
Honestly, before I decided to put this attraction into our itinerary, it actually took me a while to think if it's worth for such a long drive from Perth city.
Somehow it felt just unjustifiable to travel for almost the whole day just to see a piece of big rock.
Yet, after giving a second thought about it, I still think it's worth a shot since life is all about experiencing and exploring new things in the world.
Just like the quote from St.Augustine said: The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

Weather in June was getting closer to winter time, so the sky was getting darker earlier.
So, we started the journey quite early at about 6am because we must get back to the city before the sunset, about 4pm something, and also I always like to start the journey in early morning with beautiful clear sky and light for photography. :)
Another reason is it might be dangerous to drive on the highway when the sky is dark at late evening as the kangaroos may come out and jump in front of your car.
Well, this would be a different story if you visit the place during summer time.

Once again, thanks to Aries Car Rental Perth WA for such a comfortable car service that we made our journey to Wave Rock safely!

Comparing to the 12 Apostles at Great Ocean Road in Melbourne, this was a long and boring drive without many interesting and exciting things to see along the journey.
I was actually planned to visit York, but we really had not much time to stop because we needed to get back to the city safely before dusk.
Well, unless you're planning to stay over night, otherwise you won't have enough time for too many stops, other than the restroom stops.
So make sure you are well prepared for your journey, such as sandwiches, nuts, crackers, energy bars, juices, mineral waters etc in case you are hungry half way.

After a long journey of 4 hours drive, welcome to the Wave Rock!!!
There is no actual entry or entrance cost to Wave Rock, but there is a small fee for the parking which is AUD12, and this fee covered all the attractions inside the area.

Before entering to the car pack, there is a Wildlife Park right opposite it.
Inside the Wildlife Park, there are various native and exotic animals and birds.
I read some travelogues saying that if you are lucky enough, you will be able to see some kangaroos at the park.
Yea that's right! We got the luck and they are the first two kangaroos we met in Perth!


Wave Rock is an amazing natural rock formation in Western Australia.
It shaped like a tall breaking ocean wave.
The wave is about 15 meter high and about 110 meter long.
It's been said that Wave Rock was formed before the age of dinosaurs, which was about 2.7 billion years go, and making it one of the oldest rocks in the world.
The unusual shape of the rock is said that it is an ancient granite formation that has been exposed to weather processes over 60 million years.

The Wave Rock looks like a giant surf wave that is about to come crashing down.
The surface of the rock has a mixture of brown, grey and yellow stripes.
Different time and different light shows a variety of amazing colours.

Viewing the Wave Rock at another end.
Before I visited here, it looks very stunning on the photographs, yet it stands out so much when I came here and see it through myself.

Many people around the world come to see the "wave" itself, as it is one of the Western Australia's premier tourist sites, and attracts about 150,000 visitors a year.
To be honest, Wave Rock is really more fascinating than I ever expected!

The rock really looks like a huge wave!
A must do is to take a video of yourself pretending to surf!

There is a gentler slope on one of the side, and towards the right, there is also a steel staircase by the dam's side that allows people to climb to the top of the Wave Rock.
It's an easy climb up the stairway, which worth the effort to walk up for the spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

It was super windy and very cold when we were up on top of the rock.
The wind was strong and we were almost blown way on our walk up at the hill top. #lol

The panoramic view from the hill top.

Nice scenery everywhere!

When we reached at the top, there are many rock structures which are sculpted by the forces of nature, just like the Wave Rock.

Rock formation on Hyden Rock Circuit.


After that, we headed to Hippos Yawn, which was a short drive further, less than 5 minutes drive from the Wave Rock.

Hippos Yawn is another rock shape located out of the town of Hyden.
The rock's resemblance to a yawning hippopotamus which led to it's name of Hippos Yawn.
The overall size of it is about 12.6 meters tall.

When hippo at Hippos Yawn. :)


Hyden is such a small country town with a population of 400 plus people.
It was very quiet and very less people at the town you can see.
Before we headed back to Perth City, we had a quick and simple lunch.
There is a small cafe located inside the Wave Rock, but it's quite pricey compare to the Hyden Travel Stop, the small town cafe located outside the Wave Rock.
Comparing AUD6-AUD7 with AUD5.90 for a sandwich, and AUD13 with AUD8.90 for a burger.


We would like to make our trip as fulfilled as possible, so we had a quick stop at The Tin Horseway, which is about 15 minutes drive from the Wave Rock, and also the direct route back to the Perth City.

You'll find many sculptures that are done using the recycle materials such as tin, cans and other similar things, and then painted with colours.
All these delightful horse-themed sculptures are made by the local farmers.
It's such a large outdoor art display with so much of effort and enthusiasm to make it so creative.

I only managed to capture a few horses along my way.
But, when I checked on the review about The Tin Horseway, I think there are a lot more sculptures along the country road in Kulin.
If you are coming here during summer time, you probably would have more time to check out the place.

All in all, I think my family and I enjoyed our journey to Wave Rock Hyden.
I'm not sure if I would come back here again for the second time, but if you are traveling to Perth for the first time, do allow one day journey to visit here to see the amazing rock piece and also experience the road trip in Perth.
Next, I will be blogging about the places I went in the Perth City.
Stay tuned for my next post!

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