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If you are following me on my IG @mizhippo, you probably knew that I just came back from Guangzhou just a few days ago.
I spent one week in Guangzhou last week, and it was such a splendid experience.
Though it's not my first time visiting Guangzhou (too many times), I still enjoy wandering around this busy city, especially the good food there. #lol
I will share about my trip soonest on my blog with you all, so do stay tuned ya!
Well, today, I'm here to share a new place for Japanese pastry, bread, coffee and brunch. 
If you love Japanese pastry and food, this could be a perfect place for you. :)

Bakery Cafe Hachi is a Japanese bakery shop.
Apparently, there are total 3 outlets located in Klang Valley, include Plaza Damas, 1 Mont Kiara, and Saujana Resort.
The business has been started since two years ago, and has been operated by chief Ms. Chinami Date who has more than 10 years of experience working in a famous major bakery chain in Japan.

Bakery Cafe Hachi has a modern and Japanese-style interior, that sells lots of Japanese bread, buns, pastry, and even breakfast and lunch menu.
They use a special technique to make the bread soft and with mochi-like texture, whereby even after storing it in the freezer and toasting, the texture will still be soft and retain its mochi-like texture.

There are more than 40 types of bread, bun and pastry are baked freshly everyday.
The chiefs and bakers usually start on preparing the ingredients and cooking process as early as 3am, because they are hoping to offer products that are baked fresh daily to anyone who comes into the store.

In addition, Bakery Cafe Hachi also takes an important step to protect their rolls, buns and pastries from being prematurely drying out or molding.
Each buns and pastries are well packed individually in plastic storage bags, not only keeping the products fresh, but also for the hygienic protection as well.

Salty Butter @ RM3.20/pc, which is one of the popular bun at Bakery Cafe Hachi.
It has a slightly chewy dough with cottony soft texture, and also a taste of sea salt and butter.
It's best eaten when the bun is warm or toasted. :)

Anpan (Koshi) @ RM3.20/pc is a Japanese sweet roll that filled with sweet red bean paste in its center.
Red bean bun is very popular at any other bakery shops, but I really love this Japanese Anpan because the red bean paste is super fresh and smooth.

Melon Bun (Cookie Bun) @ RM3.40/pc is a type of sweet bun from Japan.
It's made from an enriched dough and then covered with a thin layer of crispy cookie dough.
This bun is very delicate, fragrant and fun!

Yakisoba @ RM6.20/pc is a popular lunch and snack that you can find all over Japan.
It is savory Japanese stir fried noodles stuffed in the soft spongy hot dog bun.
Not only it sounds interesting, but also fun to eat, especially if you are a carb-lover. :)

Croquette Sandwich @ RM5.90/pc is one of my favourite sandwiches from Bakery Cafe Hachi.
It has a deep-fried potato with tonkatsu and lettuce in a hot dog bun.
Truly an amazing sandwich!

Hachi Toast Bread @ RM7.40 (option of 4 pieces, 6 pieces and 8 pieces) is the signature bread from Hachi Cafe.
The bread is so pillow soft, moist and fluffy!

Besides selling different buns and breads, Bakery Cafe Hachi also offers special breakfast and brunch menu, whereby the customers can also come over the bakery cafe to enjoy hot food and a coffee with their friends and families.

Prawn Salad @ RM16 is a classic salad with a refreshing Asia twist that perfectly to enjoy for a Sunday lunch.
The salad bowl comes with a bed of lettuce, spinach, white and red onions, tomato diced, fresh prawns and also some crunchy garlic croutons.

Focaccia Sandwich Avocado & Prawn @ RM16.00, is an amazing flatbread sandwich that's packed with sauteed shrimp, avocado, and lettuce.
The set brunch also serves with a small portion of salad.
Definitely a perfect light sandwich that will leave you satisfied!

Classic Chicken Burger @ RM17.00, is made with homemade patty, then wrapped with seasoned chicken breast, topped with mandatory melted cheese and piled of lettuce, tomato and their signature in-house sauce.
A very great bite for brunch!

Avocado Wasabi Chicken Burger @ RM18.00 has a big flavour of spicy and sweet in one burger.
The dish has a grilled chicken breast stuffed over in a burger bun, with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and busted with their in-house wasabi mayo sauce.

Teriyaki Chicken Burger @ RM16.00, has a refreshing flavour combination.
The burger comes with delicious grilled chicken breast that marinated in a Teriyaki sauce, and then topped with a poached egg, fresh baby cos lettuce and toasted bun.
This will surely be your new favourite burger in the town!

All the burger sets comes with an option of chicken or beef.
Also, you can choose either fried wedges or fresh salad as your side dish.

Bakery Cafe Hachi offers Breakfast Signature Set, from 8am -11am everyday.
The sets include:
#1 Breakfast Toast (butter & jam) @ RM12.80
#2 Hot Sandwich (cheese & chicken ham) @ RM16.00
#3 French Toast (cream & jam) @ RM14.90
#4 Egg Benedict with Cream Cheese & Jam Muffin @ RM15.90
All sets come with a FREE Americano or tea.
Besides, in conjunction with the 1 Mont Kiara Anniversary Party, there will be 20% off on all products + FREE cash voucher.
The promotion only available at 1 Mont Kiara, from 8am till 9pm, on 11/May/2019.
Don't missed out the promotion ya, guys!

Bakery Cafe Hachi
Add: Unit G-20, 1 Mont Kiara, 1 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 6206 3277
Opening hours: 8am - 10pm (daily)
FB page:

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