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I guess most of you are familiar with selling and buying stuffs online.
Well, at least for me, I've always like to do online shopping, because online stores apparently offer more choices of products compare to the physical or retail stores.
Agree not?! :)
Not only that, I also think online stores sometimes provide a very highly competitive in pricing and also there are more exclusive deals and promotions when shopping online.
On the other hand, as being a shopaholic, I always want to get rid of the stuffs I don't wear at the end of every season to keep my closet up to date, so I usually will sell my secondhand clothing, bags, fashion accessories online.
There are so many websites for selling and buying stuffs online, and today, I would like to share a new online platform, Mycliks.com with you all.

What is Mycliks.com?

Mycliks.com is an online marketplace where allows both sellers and buyer connect each other globally.
The platform is free for business owners, freelancers, distributors, or anyone who are interested to sell their products digitally, and also it is a hassle-free shopping online mall for the buyers where they can buy products from several brands and companies that they cannot find or are not avaialble for purchase in their home countries.
Mycliks.com aims to be a complete online Eco-system for Internet users internationally.

Product Categories at Mycliks.com

Honestly, one of the reasons I love to shop online is they offer a variety of product choices to carer your needs.
Same goes to the Mycliks.com which boasts a wide range of products; starting from woman & men's clothing, accessories, bags & wallets, kids' wear, groceries & food, home & living, books & education, sports & entertainment, health & beauty, arts & crafts, electronics & gadgets etc.

Why Sell on Mycliks.com?

As an online seller, you can build your free online store without any charges.
You can add your own products, with unlimited product listings and start making your fortune.
Just a simple 3 steps to start your online store:
#1 List your products through an easy-to-use online seller portal, by setting prices, quantities shipping options for your products
#2 Handle the sold items by printing & applying Mycliks's shipping labels to your products, and then packing & shipping the sold items through your own shipping company within promised time frame.
You can also keep your items in the Mycliks's warehouse and the staffs will take care of the shipment for you once you made a sale
#3 Email your buyers by sending a valid tax invoice, and also contact Mycliks with your bank details so that they can disburse your available funds to your E-wallet immediately.

Why Purchase from Mycliks.com?

As being one of the buyers at Mycliks.com, you are not only getting an user-friendly online shopping, the website also offers you a wide range of promo codes and online vouchers from a variety of merchants, such as giveaways, gift promotions, gift cards, discounts, coupons etc.
The reward management system is to reward the existing customers and also at the same time to attract the new customers.
Other than rewarding the customers for a variety of interactions, Mycliks.com will also ensure the products' quality, warranty, legitimating, and make sure they are giving the competitive price from the market in order to protect their customers.

2019 Hari Raya Aidilfitri with Mycliks.com

In the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Mycliks.com will be having special sales and promotions to celebrate this yearly festival season. 
As a seller, you can sell your products, like apparels, fashion accessories, kitchenware, household items, homemade biscuits etc on the online platform; while as a buyer, you can shop from day to night directly through the website by just clicking a few buttons and your goods will be delivered right in front of your door step.
The festive season would be the best time to boost the sales revenue for the sellers, and also the best time to shop for buyers since there would be many promotions are springing up on the website.   
For more information, do check out their official website at https://www.mycliks.com/ or getting the latest updates on their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/mycliks.official/.

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