Where to Stay in Guangzhou @ Royal Stars Apartment Shamian Branch 珠光星御国际公寓(广州沙面店)

Hey ya!
My Guangzhou trip 2019 is ready now! #yippie
I visited Guangzhou in the end of April, and stay there for 7D6N.
This is not my first time visiting Guangzhou, I've been there many times when I worked at a furniture trading company.
I used to travel to Guangzhou and Shenzhen for at least 3-4 times in a year to visit suppliers and also do some inspection works.
But honestly, while traveling there for work, I didn't really get to explore a lot about the city.
So, when Lik said let's go to Guangzhou, I was like "why not!"
I would want to take a selfie with the Canton Tower and I really miss lots of food in Guangzhou. #lol
I'm going to blog about the places we went and also the good food we had during our trip.
But before that, let me share the serviced apartment we stayed for this time because I like the place a lot, and hopefully to recommend it to you all if you are planning to visit Guangzhou in the future.

Royal Stars Apartment Shamian Branch

It really took me sometimes to decide where to stay because I had quite a few bad experiences with the hotels in China, seriously I will not go for low-cost hotels even though the location wise is good.
Stuck in a horrible hotel can really ruin the whole journey!
Apparently, there are two branches of the Royal Stars Apartment; one is located at Central City, and the other one is located at Shamian area.
The reasons I decided to book the Royal Stars Apartment Shamian Branch is because the pictures on the website are looking very good, and it has pretty good reviews from the previous visitors.
Other than referring the reviews from the English travel's websites, I also checked the Chinese reviews from the China travel websites just to make sure I book the right one. #lol

Upon the main entrance, there are two counters located at the lobby.
The right counter is the property sales counter, and the left one is the check-in counter.
The staffs are friendly and helpful, but keep in mind that there isn't any direct room service number to call if you need help or services.
You can only contact the front desk via Wechat or call them directly if you own a local phone number.
Anyway, it's not really a big hassle since the replies were quick even though you message them on Wechat.

The Living Area

Let's check out the serviced apartment now. :)
The entire place looks like a studio unit as it blends together living, kitchen and dining areas in one big space.
In the living room, it has a 3-seater sofa in grey colour, a wooden coffee table, and a flat-panel tv with many channels to watch.
Besides, the apartment also provides free wifi with stable internet connection.

There is an open-kitchen and also a dining area near to the stair.
However, the kitchen is not fully equipped.
Basically you cannot cook, since there isn't any kitchen tools like cookware, utensils, cutlery and even tableware.
They only provide a kettle, a small size fridge, tea bags, instant coffee, and water bottles.

The Bathroom

The entire apartment only has one bathroom.
Though the bathroom is not very spacious, it has separated wet and dry area.
I think it's quite important for me to have a separated zone because I do not like to track water around the dry zone after bathing and also I think it's would be more clean and hygiene.

The Bedroom

Now, let me take you the most exciting part, the bedroom!
Royal Stars Apartment is a two-story apartment with two bedrooms upstairs, and then a kitchen, small dining area and living room at downstairs. 

This is the master bedroom with a large window that make the bedroom feel awesome.
The room is clean and tidy.
The window is huge, perfect for natural light in the morning.

The view from the bedroom. :)

This is the second bedroom, right opposite the master bedroom.
The bedroom is simple yet quite spacious.
I think it can fit more than 2 person if they can provide extra mattresses to you.

The Location

The serviced apartment is located in a community with security, so it is safe and less crowded.
Though it is stated Shamian branch, it still quite a distance to walk to Shamian Island.
We took taxi and it was about 3- 4 minutes depends where you want to stop.

Outside the serviced apartment, there are convenient stores, fruit store, eateries, bakery shop etc.
It's really convenient if you do not plan to go out for the day.

The nearest subway station nearby Royal Star Apartment is Ruyifang Station.
It's just about 5 to 8 minutes walk from the main entrance, and one thing I like about this station is it is not as crowded as the other stations.
Also, this station only take 5-6 stations away from one of the attraction place, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street.

I'm already missing this lovely place.
It makes me feel like home!
But one thing I find it is not very convenient is there is only one bathroom at downstairs.
It's quite troublesome when you want to use toilet in the middle of the night.
Anyway, as in overall, the serviced apartment meets expectations at most of the aspects; good service, comfortable bed, spacious, clean and tidy.
Hope they keep up the good work and I'm hoping to return for the stay if I ever visit Guangzhou again. :)

Royal Stars Apartment Shamian Branch 珠光星御国际公寓(广州沙面店)
Add: C-01, No.16, Yujiang Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510000
Tel: +86 20 8198 2866

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