Lai Je Sunday Market @ Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je 丽姐私房菜

Hey guys!
Happy Friday!
What are your plans for the coming weekend?
Last weekend, I visited a Sunday Market located at Mahkota Cheras with my girl friends.
The Sunday Market was pretty interesting, and we spent there for an hour or two; it's not too big but fun.
If you read my previous food review about Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je 丽姐私房菜 back in last year October, you should know about this restaurant that derived from Bukit Tinggi.
But if you missed that out, it's okay, you can click on the direct link at HERE to get to know about the restaurant and what kind of food they offer.
Overall, they have very delicious and special menu that created and made by themselves.
I introduced it to my family and friends, and they all like their food very much.
And the newly opened Sunday Market is located just right in front of the restaurant of Lei Je, where they sell their fresh from farm vegetables and fruits from Bukit Tinggi, organic products, homemade food and snacks, and handmade crafts.
The farm fresh vegetables attracts me the most. :)

The market attracted good crowd on the last Sunday.
The crowds of people walk slowly, browsing the vegetables and fruits, trying samples, getting to know the merchants etc.
Indeed, quite a fulfilling Sunday market that offers more than I expected. :)

Vegetable doesn't get any fresher than harvesting from ownself.
These vegetables like green bean, Tian Qi vegetables 田七菜, Ye Lai Xiang 夜香花 are all grown at Laije's own private garden.
In addition, the most popular Bentong Ginger 文冬姜 in Malaysia is also available at the market.
My mum loves Bentong Ginger the most as she told me that it's good for decreasing the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc.

These fresh eggs are made from natural 100% free ranging pasture raised grass-fed chickens, which only eat grass and some vegetation, so it's meats and eggs are more healthy. :)

Some fresh fruits that grown by Laije herself at Bukit Tinggi.
You can get the passion fruits, bananas, and milk banana that only available at Bukit Tinggi.
I got my family a big comb of milk bananas at only RM5.80.

Some homemade recipes are available at the Sunday market, such as dried fruits for a delicious and healthy snack, dumplings that came with two variety choices, pickles of ambarella fruits with sour plum and chili padi, chili sauce that fits into different dishes, and also freshly made piggy Chinese steamed buns too.

There are also buns that filled with vegetables, barbecue pork that are steamed ready for you to bring home right away.

Any fruit rojak fans here?
The main highlight about the fruit rojak not only they made with their own grown fruits, but also they made it with their in-house rojak sauce too!
Instead of serving it with crackers, the rojak is served with the fried tofu puffs which are the popular one in Bukit Tinggi.

Yum! :)

Alianmi Stingless Bee Honey is 100% raw, pure and natural honey from Malaysia.
It offers variety products that made with honey, such as honey soap that good for anti-aging, hydration, moisturizing, whitening and so on.
They also created their special ointment that helps releasing wind and pain, soothing pain, lessening of a swelling, reducing headache attacks etc.
Worth check it out guys!

Some organic coconut oil, vinegar, nigh drinking tea, and also match latte are on the racks too.

Handmade lipsticks from M19 Handmade Lipsticks!
Don't you think they look just like the one you get in stores, yet all the ingredients are made with natural ingredients.
It's really such a spacious gift to give to your loved ones. :)

Have you heard of Kangen Water before?
Kangen Water is a delicious water created from Enagic's innovative water technology.
These devices not only filter your tap water, they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis.
It can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.
It is said that the water makes your body healthier as in increasing hydration, giving immune system support, balancing body pH etc.

Lai Je Sunday Market will be available on every Sunday, from 12pm till 5pm.
It worth a visit if you passed by Mahkota Cheras with your family and friends.
You can also invite your family or friends to visit the Sunday Market while having a good lunch at Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je at the same time. :)
The restaurant opens at 12pm, and the market close at 5pm, plenty time to wander around.
Last but not least, wishing you all a happy good weekend ahead ya!

Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je 丽姐私房菜
Add: No. 15, Jalan Tememggung 5/9,
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200 Cheras, Selangor
Tel: +603 9011 0406
Opening hours: Everyday 12pm - 10pm (closed on Thursday)
FB page:

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