AHC @ Korea's #1 Aesthetic Skin Care Brand is now at Watsons Malaysia

Calling all K-beauty fans, beauty addicts and skincare junkies!
AHC, Korea's #1 aesthetic skincare brand is finally here in Malaysia!
Let me start the post by telling the AHC brand story to you all.
AHC was first developed in 1999 in South Korea.
The brand is well-loved by aestheticians and dermatologists across Seoul as it honed its expertise, perfected its product, and created a philosophy unlike any other brand.
They work towards achieving best-in-class skincare products found in high-end aesthetic clinics at a reasonable price range, while sharing the experiences and benefits of aesthetic treatments with the broadest audience possible.
As Koreans always believe in perfecting the skin before applying any makeup for dewy, soft 'Chok Chok' skin, where hydration is key to resolve and prevent major skin concerns, including anti-ageing, dull and atopic skin, AHC prides itself in ensuring that hydration is a core benefit in every skincare range.
That's why the brand name of AHC stands for "Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics".
Ladies, are you ready to find out the way of getting the Korean beauty secret with glass-skin; a clear, luminous, seemingly transparent skin?!
Let's follow me!

While there have been many Korean beauty brands in the market, AHC stands out as the only skincare brand that was originally developed for high-end aesthetic clinics in South Korea.
With over 20 years of hands-on experience, AHC is a pioneering Korean beauty brand that is renowed for its premium ingredients, advanced cutting-edge technologies and luxurious yet affordable skincare products.
One of the best-selling is the Eye Cream for Face series, Korea's #1 eye cream that even Hollywood celebrities such as Anne Hathaway swear by.

AHC Marketing Manager, Southeast Asia & Australia, Stephanie Ko: "Among all skincare products, eye creams have the highest concentration of the most advanced anti-aging technology. AHC's The Real Eye Cream for Face series was developed with that concept in mind, a highly efficacious yet gentle cream that can be used on both the eyes and face. AHC is the first brand in the market to break category moulds and elevate an eye cream into the realm of total facial care to provide resilience, hydration, brightening and nourishing effects."

AHC The Real Eye Cream for Face (Pure) @ RM118 (60ml), is made from a profound understanding and knowledge of skincare, which provides the joyful experience of awakening your most beautiful self.
According to Global market research firm, Kantar Worldpanel's sales analysis, AHC The Real Eye Cream for Face has achieved top sales out of all Korean eye creams, making AHC The Real Eye Cream for Face series Korea's #1 eye cream.
With 71.11 million cumulative sales from the first season product through the sixth, the mega seller The Eye Cream for Face is AHC's most beloved product; 1 Eye Cream for Face is sold every 2 seconds in Korea!

Besides its award winning Eye Cream for Face series, AHC also introduces a new line of innovative products developed from Korean aesthetic expertise, such as Minimal 10 and Natural Essential mask range.
The Minimal 10 range is a soothing line that contains 10 or less essential natural ingredients to soothe and hydrate even the most sensitive skin.
It is inspired by the potent herbal ingredient Centella Asiatica (Triple Cica), a powerful plant that renowed for its powerful soothing and healing benefits.
The entire range includes:
#1 AHC Minimal 10 Watery Essence @ RM153 (120ml), a 3-in 1 soothing essence can be used as a toner, essence or face mask. It includes US Environmental Working Group 1 ranked ingredients to ensure sensitive skin is perfectly cared for after cleansing, and also 98% Cica extract to calm stressed skin
#2 AHC Minimal 10 Therapy Ampoule Serum @ RM153 (30ml), a highly concentrated soothing face serum that harnesses the power of nine essential ingredients, including 60% Cica extract to revitalize sensitive skin and replenish skin health
#3 AHC Minimal 10 Aid Cream @ RM153 (50ml), a light face cream made with 10 essential natural ingredients to keep skin feeling hydrated and calm. It is formulated with a smart mesh-filtering technique to give hypoallergenic skin hydration and nourishment

AHC Natural Essential Mask @ RM65 (5 sheets in each pack) are soaked with high quality certified pure cotton mark sheets that contain essence made with 93% natural ingredients.
The key ingredient across the collection of these sheet masks is Aqua Ceramide, an unique patented moisturizing ingredient to deliver intense hydration, leaving skin looking radiantly healthy, plump up fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration.
They are available in four variants that address different skin concerns, such as:
#1 Lifting: to help boost skin's elasticity
#2 Nourishing: to help nourish dry and rough skin
#3 Brightening: to help transform dull skin
#4 Calming: to calm stressed and sensitive skin

AHC is now available exclusively at Watsons outlets.
Starting from today till 30th June 2019, you can enjoy RM10 off by using promo code "AHC10" at Watsons online store, https://www.watsons.com.my/search?text=AHC.
Remember to check it out if you are interested to try the skincare products from AHC!

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