What to Eat and Drink in GuangZhou 吃在广州 @ Guangzhou, China

Hey guys! Welcome back to my Guangzhou post!
My last travel post about Guangzhou was in 3 weeks ago, with the recommended place to stay, "Royal Stars Apartment Shamian Branch 珠光星御国际公寓(广州沙面店)".
If you are interested to check out the place I stayed during my trip, you can click HERE to find out more.
As for today's sharing, it will be based on my food hunting in Guangzhou.
Guangzhou is really a place for good food, some Chinese people even say that Eat In Guangzhou 吃在广州 to highlight the place is a food heaven.
For me, Guangzhou is the home of Cantonese cuisine where the tastes of food are much acceptable and decent to people compare to other places in China, like Beijing etc.
I've been to Guangzhou several times, my first visit to Guangzhou was the year 2009, and one thing I'm missing the place is their food!
It's not easy to find what's best to eat in Guangzhou, so I hope my post would give you some ideas where to hunt some good food and drinks if you are traveling to Guangzhou with your family and friends.
So yea! Are you ready? Let's go!

Yin Ji Rice Noodle Rolls 银记肠粉店

We stumbled upon Yin Ji Rice Noodle Rolls 银记肠粉点 while wandering around Shangxiajiu Street.
It stated the business started since 1958, which means it has more than 60 years history now.
The restaurant was crowded during our visit at about 4 in the afternoon, so we thought it must be famous in Guangzhou.
The most famous menu from the restaurant is the rice rolls/cheung fun that wrapped with several types of ingredients.
Other than that, there are also variety of porridge and noodles to choose from their menu.

We ordered the Fresh Prawn Pork Rice Roll鲜虾猪肉肠 @ RMB20 for sharing.
The prawns and pork are very fresh and the outer skin that wrapping over the ingredients are very silky with a certain of elasticity.
I like it's secret recipe soya sauce that poured over the entire rice rolls. #superyummy

Yin Ji Rice Noodle Rolls 银记肠粉点 (上九路店)
Add: No.79, Upper 9th Rd, Chang Di Lu Gou Wu Xiu Xian Jie, Liwan Qu 上九路79号 (近光复路)
Tel: 020-81713013
Opening hours: Daily 630am - 12am

7-Eleven Ready-to-Eat Hot Food

Well, 7-Eleven probably not the first place you would think of when considering your lunch or dinner since there are so many amazing restaurants in Guangzhou.
However, we saw a lot of local people, especially the youngsters like to hang out at the convenient shop, with the ready-to-eat hot food at the counter.

There are more than 10 choices of Odens 关东煮, just pick any 3 for a good deal @ RMB6.60.
You can add some chili sauce to your odens if you want too.

We also bought the Dry Noodle 干捞面 that served with a side of curry fish balls @ RMB9.90.
The noodle was really chewy which I like the most.
I think the food that selling at 7-Eleven are really worth a try if you wanna have some unique food yet without spending a lot of money.

Ren Xin Tian Pin 仁信甜品

This is a very well known dessert shop for their Double Boiled Milk Pudding 双皮奶 in Guangzhou.
Apparently, there are many outlets in different places, and we visited the one located at Beijing Road.

We ordered their Signature Pure Double Boiled Milk Pudding 传统双皮奶 @ RMB15 for a try.
The double boiled milk pudding is very rich and creamy, yet I find it is way too sweet.
I would prefer to have it with a little less sweet if possible.

Ren Xin Tian Pin 仁信甜品
Add: No: 548-552, Hui Fu East Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China 越秀区惠福东路548-552号1楼 (近摩登百货)
Tel: 020-83340909

Double Boiled Coconut Chicken Soup 椰子炖竹丝鸡

Double Boiled Coconut Chicken 椰子炖竹丝鸡 is one of the must try in Guangzhou.
Before I visited Guangzhou, I've seen many blogs about this specially made soup.
You can find it almost everywhere in Guangzhou.
It's a slow cooked coconut shell soup that co prepared with black chicken and some Chinese herbs.
I love it very much with its natural fragrant sweetness! Soooo good!

Sichuan Cuisine, Doujiao 斗椒

For some people, they would go for Cantonese food in Guangzhou; but for myself, I think Sichuan Cuisine is always the one that have me drooling. :)
There are plenty of Sichuan Cuisine everywhere, sometimes I really wonder why are there so many Sichuan restaurants there.
We randomly picked Doujiao 斗椒 at a shopping mall, and surprisingly they served very nice, delicious and authentic Sichuan food on the table. :)

Pickled Mustard Leaf Fish 老坛酸菜鲈鱼 @ RMB88 is my most favourite when it comes to Sichuan food. 
The fish slices are cooked to perfection with very good and smooth texture.
Also, the spicy and sour broth goes so well with steamed white rice!

You will definitely hook on this Spicy Sichuan Chicken 香脆味辣子鸡 @ RMB58 if you are a spicy food fan.
I remembered when I traveled with my Holland business partner in few years ago, he always ordered this dish when we visited any Sichuan restaurants. 
He said this is the best dish to have with a glass of cold beer. :)
Well, no doubt that the combination of crispy chicken and fresh fragrant spices are really mouthwatering deliciousness!

Mala Skewers 麻辣串串

Recently, Mala Skewers 麻辣串串 is very famous, not only in China, but also in Malaysia and Singapore. 
I really enjoy eating mala because I'm a huge fans of spicy food. #lol
Loving this idea of grabbing cup, picking the skewers you want, and letting the servers to help dipping the skewers into a spicy sauce. 
A cup like this with 7 different skewers only cost @ RMB10!
There are many choices of the skewers such as broccoli, fried bean curds, seaweeds,  chicken feet, lotus root, thin slice meats etc.
No kidding, this is a must try! 

Tan Lao Chicken Hot Pot 芳村榕树头叹佬鸡

I was introduced to this Tan Lao Chicken Hot Pot 芳村榕树头叹佬鸡 restaurant by my Malaysian friend, Danny who stays in Guangzhou for several years.
He said it's one of the famous and must try if you visit Guangzhou, and he always found a long queue for this restaurant whenever he come over.
Indeed, we waited for about 20 minutes to get a table for 4 of us.
Well, if you checked it on the Internet, it is said that this is the No.1 restaurant in Guangzhou, with at least 6 branches in the city alone.

We ordered the Prawns and Abalone Hot Pot 鲍鱼鸡煲 @ RMB348 for 4 pax sharing.
The serving is so huge, that includes 6 pieces of big prawns, and 6 pieces of abalones, and lots of chili chicken meat underneath.
There are two ways to enjoy the hot pot meal; first finish up the dried and chili chicken meat, and then start to steamboat using the remaining gravy with soup added.

There are variety of ingredients to add into the gravy/broth such as vegetables, but I would recommend you to add the maggie noodles as I think this is the best to eat with the spicy gravy. :)

Tan Lao Chicken Hot Pot 芳村榕树头叹佬鸡 (体育西点)
Add: N0. 86, Ti Yu Xi Heng Road Dian, 体育西横街86号
Tel: 020 34513360
Opening hours: Daily 11am - 10pm

HeyTea 喜茶

HeyTea 喜茶 is so famous all over in China.
I've seen their beverages floating everywhere on my social medias before I visited Guangzhou.
Really can't wait to try it out during my trip!
The place is so busy, and the waited to order for our three beverages was about 30 minutes.

Yea! I finally got my HeyTea!
I can't remember the name of the beverage I ordered for that day, but since HeyTea is famous with their tea series, I tried out their tea series, which combining salt cheese with fresh tea in a cup.
The beverages price range is ranging from RMB20 - RMB29, depends which flavours you would like to purchase.
What do I think about it? I think the fragrance of the tea itself is very refreshing. :)

Maxim's Cake 美心西饼

I think some of you might know about Maxim's Cake 美心西饼 if you been to Hong Kong before.
It's a very well know cake shop in Hong Kong, with it's bread, cakes, moon cakes, bakeries, pastries etc.
Though I've been to Hong Kong many times, but honestly I never tried their bakeries before.

I was looking for some desserts to bring back to our apartment at night.
I stumbled upon this Napoleon Cake with Pork Floss 黄金拿破仑蛋糕 @ RMN23 at one of the Maxim's cake shop nearby the apartment we stayed.
It's a light and soft chiffon cake with cream layered in between and topped with a spread of meat floss.
It really tastes sooooo good!

Cantonese Dim Sum 港式点心

Guangzhou has many restaurants that offer authentic Cantonese Dim Sum.
I actually wanted to go Tao Tao Ju 陶陶居 for dim sum, but we visited two outlets and both were under renovation. #sodissapointed
At the end, we gave up and just went to a random one for a dim sum feast.
You may go to Tao Tao Ju if you are looking for authentic Cantonese dim sum as my friends told me that this restaurant is indeed very famous with quite a few branches in Guangzhou. 

Xiang Qun Restaurant 向群饭店

I was introduced by a local friend, Jenny about this Xiang Qun Restaurant 向群饭店.
Jenny said this restaurant is very famous for the locals, because it's being honoured by Michelin Stars, a top international culinary awards.
We went there during dinner time at about 7pm, the crowd was super busy and so we waited for about 30-45 minutes to get a table.

We ordered 3 dishes for two person sharing and it's really way too much!

Stir Fried Rice Noodle Rolls 酿炸面卷肠粉 RMB30 is a must order to try!
The rice noodle rolls were made it so thin, so soft and so elastic; and the ingredients "Zha Leong" which is the dried dough sticks are so crispy and so filing! 

I don't really recommend the Roasted Pork Ribs 鬼财烧排骨 @ RMB68 as I find the meat texture is not enough tender and soft, and it's also a little bit dry to chew.
For such a price, I think you probably can order another two dishes that are more worth.

The serving of the Shredded Chicken 没骨气手撕鸡 @ RMB43 is quite small, yet it taste so great till I couldn't stop myself eating.
It has a powerful punch of flavour and the chicken meat is so juicy and tender.
This is a very classical Chinese chicken dish from the restaurant, do try it!

Xiang Qun Restaurant 向群饭店
Add: No. 853-857, Longjin Dong Lu, Liwan District 荔湾区龙津东路853-857号(近光复北路)
Tel: 020-81885146
Opening hours: Mon - Sun 1130am- 230pm, 530pm - 12am

Ling Ji 凌记

Ling Ji 凌记 located right next to Xiang Qun Restaurant.
We saw many people come here for the Cantonese rice noodles while waiting for our seats.
We thought it must worth a try, and so we came here after our dinner.

We were so full after the dinner, so we didn't try their rice noodles.
But I asked my friend and she said this shop is not only famous with the rice noodles, but also carrot cakes, fried fish skin, and also their jelly cakes.
I wanted to try their mango jelly cakes but it was out of order on that night, so we just tried out their Coconut Jelly Cake Flavour 椰子冻糕 @ RMB11.
Really like how to jelly cake taste so smooth and delicate, and the coconut taste is not very sweet with just a right amount.

Ling Ji 凌记 
Add: opposite the Renwei Temple, Pantang Road, Liwan District 荔湾区泮塘路仁威庙对面
Tel: +0086 13610164802
Opening hours: Daily 9am - 11pm

Kaiji Tian Pin 开记甜品店

Slightly further down a few more shops on the same road as Xiang Qun Restaurant, there is one dessert shop, Kaiji Tian Pin 开记甜品店 that only sell desserts.
The shop produces a range of hot, cold and frozen desserts, till I can't decide what to choose. 
The menu at the shop is not cheap, ranging from RMB15 - RMB50, but I think it worth a visit if you are looking for authentic Cantonese desserts.

At the end, I picked the mango @ RMB50 since the weather was so hot on that day.
One thing I like about the eateries in Guangzhou is their serving portions.
Though the prices are slightly expensive, the serving size is usually bigger with great amounts of ingredients inside.#thumbsup

Kaiji Tian Pin 开记甜品店 
Add: No. 865, Longjin Road, Zhong Shan Qi Ba Lu, Liwan Q广州市荔湾区龙津东路865号
Tel: +86 20 8187 4669
Opening hours: Daily 9am - 12am

Wow! Can't believe I've shared more than 10 eateries in Guangzhou in this post!
Ahhh! I'm really missing the food in Guangzhou so much after writing this post!
Can't wait for my next visit again in the future to try out more and more food in the city.
So yea, that's all the travel story I'm sharing for today, hope you enjoy reading it!
My next post will be the places to visit in Guangzhou, so please stay tuned ya!
Love you all! #muacks

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