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Do you guys still remember about the Murad Prebiotic Series that I blogged in April ?
If you would like to know more about the all-new Murad Prebiotic Series, you can check out the post at the link right HERE.
Well, Murad has been one of my favourite skincare brands ever since I started using their products in 2 years ago; my most favourite product is the Murad's City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50 PA ++++, a very soft, yet non-sticky and greasy sunscreen to use daily.
This year, Murad introduces a new invention, Prebiotic Series with three different products to bring multiple benefits to power healthy skin.
And today, I will review the star product from the Prebiotic Series, Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment, so if you want to know my thoughts on the product, just keep scrolling to find out more yea!

Getting a good beauty sleep is so important.
A recent study shows that the key to maintain a youthful looking skin is having sufficient sleep.
Those who struggles less with falling asleep, generally within 1 hour, appear 2.5 years younger than those who do.
By understanding the importance of sleep and its effect on the skin, Murad raises the bar with Night Fix Enzyme Treatment to encourage the skin to repair itself overnight.

What is Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment?

Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment is treatment that repairs skin overnight in order to give you a radiant, healthier-looking skin associated with a good night's sleep.
The treatment is recommended for people who are concerned on lines and wrinkles, dryness and dehydration, dullness and loss of radiance, as well as rough texture.
Since it comes with chronopeptide and tri-enzyme treatment that sync with body's circulation rhythm, supports natural repair for renewed skin vibrancy, it helps to repair your skin overnight to visibly minimize the lines, wrinkles, boost hydration and revive radiance.
Besides, it's Encapsulated aroma technology also prepares the senses for deep, restful sleep for healthier-looking skin in the next morning.


The night treatment basically suitable for normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive skins as it is formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, alcohol, synthetic colours, GMOs, triclosan, soy or soy derivative.
The product is safe and gentle to use with 4 key ingredients:
#1 Patent-pending aroma technology: Functional fragrance that marries the science of sleep with the power of scent to enhance sleep quality
#2 Chronopeptide: An anti-aging peptide, in sync the body's circadian rhythm, supports natural repair for renewed skin vibrancy
#3 Tri-enzyme technology: Three encapsulated enzymes provide potent antioxidant protection and detoxification to reduce visible signs of premature aging, such as loss of elasticity, lines and winkles.
#4 Fragrance notes and benefits: Lemon: purifies and cleanses lift the day's tension to invite happiness and positive energy; violet delicate for soothing and bring comfort to the mind; cedarwood elevates mood to calm the mind, relax and overcome stress


The night treatment comes in classy maroon pump bottle.
I always like this kind of packaging on face moisturizer, lotion, cream and serum because it tends to be more hygienic than jars whereby you're not touching the product itself every time you use it.
The pump bottle is also easier to control the amount of product that wanted to use without wastage. 

Texture & Scent

The texture is a gel-like cream that makes you feel incredibly lightweight, yet hydrates like a rich cream.
It's so smooth that your skin can feel very much moisturized and smooth after application. 
And it smells amazing too!
The scent smells so soothing and calming yet not too heavy which is perfect to apply before heading off to bed. 

How to Use?

There are 2 ways of using the Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment:
#1 For night time (PM) use: After applying moisturizer, massage evenly over face and neck as the last step of your nighttime regimen
#2 For nighttime ritual for better rest and better skin: Place Night Fix Enzyme Treatment on your nightstand or near your bed so you can smooth over skin just before lying down, smooth Night Fix Enzyme Treatment over face, then cup your hands loosely over your nose, take a deep breathe through the nose and down into your belly, counting to three during the process, hold your breathe for 1 second, then release through the mouth, counting again to 3, repeat 3 times

My Experience

I use the Night Fix Enzyme Treatment at night as my last step in my skincare routine.
This is my third week of using the night treatment, thanks to the peptides, I can feel my face is plumper, smoother, and brighter.
I like how the gel-like texture soaked into my skin, I could feel it absorbed very quickly and makes my skin feeling so refreshing.
The texture is also smooth and hydrating, whereby I won't feel a nasty film on my face when I wake up in the next morning.
Besides, I also love the scent so much from the lemon purifies, violet and cedarwood that makes it a luxurious aromatherapy treatment.  
It really feels like a pampering indulgence at the end of a long day.
I love this product, and this surely will be my another favourite skincare product from Murad!

Where to Purchase?

All in all, Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment's main benefit is to enhance sleep quality, support natural repair for renewed skin vibrancy, and also reduce visible signs of premature ageing.
The night treatment is selling @ RM398 (30ml) at
Get yourself ready to upgrade your beauty sleep by slathering on the Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment before you hit the pillow!
You skin will effectively repair itself from day-to-day stress with skin looks refreshed, awakened, more hydrated and well-rested the morning after that!

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