Clinelle @ Let’s celebrate 15 years of Happy & Healthy Skin!

My great honour to celebrate this special day with Clinelle!
Thanks for having me! :)
2019 marks another milestone for Clinelle, being in the skincare industry for 15 years and successfully launched more than 70 skus regionally.
Over the years, Clinelle believes true beauty comes from a happy face, and healthy skin.
The brand has received numerous prestigious beauty awards, putting the brand as one of the most established skincare experts in the industry.
Today, Clinelle is turning 15 this year, let’s celebrate together!

Clinelle is derived from two words: clinical and elle, meaning light.
The name sums up the brand's vision to deliver professional-quality skincare, made with the finest clinically-tested ingredients that promised optimal and radiant skin health.
Since Clinelle is launched in 2004, the brand has been committed to develop products without the 1600 known harmful ingredients that may cause skin irritation, premature aging and deterioration of skin health.
Essentially, it is the brand promise to formulate and manufacture products using the latest technology from reputable manufacturing facilities abroad such as USA, France, Korea and Switzerland.
Clinelle R&D team also ensures that all products deliver proven efficacies and prominent results via RX3 Actions, ie. Repair, Refine and Reshield to achieve the desired-long term results.
Currently, Clinelle is proud to have the products distributed in Malaysia and also in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong, up to a total of more than 2,000 retail stores regionally.

Clinelle claimed 100% No Harmful Ingredients and using natural key ingredients in their skincare.
Happy & Healthy Skin with 7 No’s!
#1 No Artificial Fragrance, contains allergen that may cause irritation to skin
#2 No Artificial Colouring, increases the risk of skin sensitivity and clog pores
#3 No Comedogenic Ingredients, clog pores and cause acne
#4 No Mineral Oil, causes acne
#5 No SD Alcohol, strips of skin’s natural moisture and causes dryness
#6 No Lanolin, causes irritation and allergy reaction to skin
#7 No Paraben, may link to health risks
All products are dermatologically tested and safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.

In this special celebration with Clinelle, the brand is going to reward the customers with irresistible goodies in the limited-edition beauty sets, available in Watsons, Guardian, Aeon Wellness, Caring and other selected pharmacies!
For instance,
#1 Boost your Moisture (RM75.38), PureSwiss Hydracalm Serum & Ionic Face Massager
#2 Bloom your Radiance (RM84.81), WhitenUp Brightening Serum & 3D Facial Roller
#3 Sparkle your Eyes (RM95.94), Caviar Gold Eye Serum & Ionic Eye Massager
#4 Embrace your youth (RM113.11), Age Revive Lifting Youth Essence & V-Face Contour Bar
#5 Capture your youth (RM113.11), Age Revive Lifting Cream & Lifting Massage Wand

In addition, the brand has also kicked start its very own combi van, Clinelle Beauty Ranger to 15 locations in Klang Valley, to bring fun to its consumers.
Apart from getting free goodies and great discounts on site, Clinelle gives free skin analysis to customers at the roadshows too!
Look out for our mini Combivan, The Clinelle Beauty Ranger at the following places and reward yourselves with more surprises!

Catch the Clinelle combi van!
11 August 2019 Sunday, 1pm - 9pm, Sunway Pyramid
12 August 2019 Monday, 1pm - 9pm, Aeon Bukit Tinggi
13 August 2019 Tuesday, 11am - 6pm, Jaya 33 & 630pm - 730pm, SS2 Street
14 August 2019 Wednesday, 11am - 2pm, Media Prima Office & 3pm - 7pm, Puchong IOI
15 August 2019 Thursday, 1pm - 4pm, Subang Airport & 5pm - 9pm, Sri Petaling Street
16 August 2019 Friday, 1pm - 9pm, Bandar Utama
17 August 2019 Saturday, 1pm - 9pm, My Town KL
18 August 2019 Sunday, 1pm - 9pm, Aeon Kepong
19 August 2019 Monday, 11am - 3pm, Brickfields Asia College & 4pm - 7pm, Menara TM
20 August 2019 Sunday, 1pm - 430pm, Leisure Mall, 5pm - 9pm, Central i-city Shah Alama

Once again, Happy Birthday to Clinelle!
Clinelle is available at Watsons, Guardian, Aeon Wellness or Supermarket, Caring & Selected independent pharmacies nationwide.
For latest news and events, do check out Clinelle FB page at

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