I'Milky 沐白小農沐場 @ Kota Laksamana, Melaka

Last week was a busy yet fun week.
Had a food commercial shooting day with a new team on Wednesday, it was really fun, I can't wait to share it with you guys the final production. #hehe
And then went to Melaka for a one day trip with my girls, Cinda and Reiko.
I enjoyed to have a road trip with friends, coz I think road trip is a great way to spend time together doing things you love, chatting, having fun with each other, and creating memories.
It's our first trip together, and I hope we could do that more often in the future. :)
So, we started our journey very early in the morning, and then stopped by at a newly opened bubble tea house to chill a bit before we headed to have lunch.
Well, all of us know that Malaysians are crazy about bubble teas, there are so many names floating everywhere on social media.
Seriously, I always not too sure which shop to go. :p
Well, I'Milky 沐白小沐場 has a little bit different with the other bubble teas in the market.
Why? They mainly use FRESH MILK to prepare their wide range of beverages!

I'Milky 沐白小沐場 is located at Kota Laksamana, a township in the Central Melaka District. 
It's my first time visiting the new area, and I realized the entire street is just like the one at SS15, Subang Jaya, because there are so many bubble teas and Taiwanese tea cafes are popping up right here.
Quite a few powerhouse brands of bubble teas can be found right here, and I'Milky is one of the new bubble baby coming to Melaka town in 1st August 2019!

I'Milky was created in Taiwan since 2017.
The brand has exploded into a global brand with many outlets in other countries such as China, Hong Kong, Macau and even New York.
I'Milky stands out as an important player in the world of bubble tea because they aim to made a more natural and healthier drink to consumers. 

All the ingredients using for the I'Milky beverages are natural, without any artificial ingredients, colours and flavours. 
For instance, they only use:
#1 high quality fresh milk
#2 non-genetically modified soybeans
#3 natural caramel flavour
#4 non-concentrated brown sugar, ginger, longan, grapefruit sources
#5 pure & natural honey

Though the I'Milky house is not very spacious, the place is clean, simple interior design and cozy ambiance.
There are quite a few comfortable seating at the back of the shop, and also a long bar stool sitting at the front entrance there. 

These are the 5 top favourite milk drinks on their I'Milky menu.
We had the Earl Grey Bubble Milk Tea, Matcha Milk, Strawberry Milk, Taro Milk and Brown Sugar Bubble Milk.
Like the other bubble milk teas, you can choose your sugar, ice and temperature levels based on your own preferences.
You can also add extra ingredients like boba, red beans, puddings etc with additional charges to your beverages too. 

Tea lovers can get their fix with the Earl Grey Bubble Fresh Milk Tea 伯爵红茶珍珠鲜奶 @ RM8.90 M) and RM9.90 (L).
It a refreshing drink on the hot days, and also good for digestive relief after an heavy meal since it is made with tea.
Well, I can really taste the milky tea flavour without any kind of other added stuffs.

Matcha Milk 抹茶鲜奶 @ RM10.90 (M), a cold beverage that made with premium-grade Shizouka Matcha Powder and fresh milk.
It's refreshing and has a slightly earthy flavour, but when served iced cold with milk, it really balances everything out!
For matcha lovers out there, don't miss out this Matcha Milk!

Strawberry Milk 草莓鲜奶 @ RM13.90 (M), is a fruity, creamy, subtly sweet cold beverage that made with no artificial colours or flavours.
That pretty pink hue is all made from fresh strawberries puree and fresh dairy product.
Remember to shake up the fresh fruit puree into the fresh milk to get the maximum flavour!

Taro Milk 大甲芋头鲜奶 @ RM13.90 (M), is one of my top favourite drink at I'Milky!
Added a cup of fresh mashed taro to fresh milk, where you can still enjoy the taro granules in every mouth, it's awesome!
The highlight is the sweet and creamy taro is imported fresh from the best taro production area in Taiwan, Dajia District.
Seriously can't get enough of this Taro treat! MUST try!

Brown Sugar Bubble Milk 黑糖波霸鲜奶 @ RM10.90 (M), using natural brown sugar, fresh milk and tapioca pearls to make it.
Not very sweet, and you can really taste the freshness of the milk out from the drink.
Every sip is better than the next!

I'Milky drinks are like milk-like beverages for me because most drinks are loaded with fresh milks.
I enjoyed the mix-and-match combination between the fresh milk and also the different types of ingredients, they are surprisingly good. :)
If you're looking for something other than the classic brown sugar boba, you can head over to
I'Milky for their Matcha, Strawberry or Taro Milk.
My top favourite drink goes to the Taro Milk Tea, I'm gonna give a thumbs up for that!
Be sure to try it, guys!

I'Milky Kota Laksamana 沐白小農
Add: No.6, Jalan KLJ9, Porto Historia,
Taman Kota Laksamana Jaya,
75200 Malacca City, Malaysia
Tel: +606 288 9409
Opening hours: Daily 12pm - 1am
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/IMilkyMalaysia/

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