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Guangzhou travel blog update again!
Oh! It's been more than a month since I last updated my Guangzhou trip!
Sorry guys if I kept you waiting on the post, I was really busy in July with a lot of posting schedules, and my works are quite busy recently too.
Well, I think my July was pretty much fulfilling with many fun activities..
I'm hoping and looking for a better month in August!
Yeap! To kick start my August, I'm going to do a short post regarding the places I visited in Guangzhou.
I hope this post will give you some ideas about how Guangzhou looks like, how the busy city makes you feel like, or what you can expect when you are traveling to Guangzhou.
Without further ado, let's start it now!

Beijing Road Walking Street 北京路

Beijing Road Walking Street 北京路, is one of the most prosperous pedestrian streets in Guangzhou that has history of more than 1000 years.
It is located in the city center of Guangzhou, and that's why every time I visited Guangzhou, I will definitely come here for a short walk to look for delicious local food, shopping for various kinds of clothes, experience local Chinese culture, enjoy old city's charm etc.

The whole street is full of local food stalls, Chinese cuisines, international restaurants, unique cafes, fast-food chains like KFC and McDonald's and many more.
It's really one of the best place for food hunting. :)

Besides, in the middle of the long street, there is also a gallery that showcase a thousand-year old land and also an ancient building.
Everything are covered by transparent glass yet visitors still can have a clear view of them.

Beijing Road is a must-go for travelers!

Yong Qing Fang 永庆坊

Yong Qing Fang 永庆坊, is located in the center of Guangzhou old town.
This place has developed as a cultural street for the locals as well as tourists because it's been a historical place that carries a lot of precious memories of many Guangzhou people.

I got to know about Yong Qing Fang through a Malaysian friend who stayed here for almost 5 years.
He suggested to visit this place as he said this is one of the landmark of Guangzhou that worth to spend some times to discover.
The arcade building is one of the unique culture symbols in Guangzhou to explore, and also the unique and beautiful architectural styles at here.
Moreover, it's also very nice to see the remaining essence of the original surface like the exposed red brick walls, thick concrete, wood etc.

Here, you can also visit the Former Residence of Bruce Lee 李小龙故居.
Inside the compound, there are Bruce Lee's holographs and records of practicing martial arts, the posters and magazines of Lee's serial movies, his memorial bronze status in front of the entrance, family stories that will give you a full picture of how Lee was shaped into the man he became.

At Yong Qing Fang, you'll also find a lot of new Instagram spots bursting full of colour and characters to take beautiful pictures.
It's really such an interesting place to explore in the busy city.

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street 上下九路

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street 上下九路 is my most favourite place to shop!
It is a colourful and lively shopping street that full of many shops and restaurants.
You almost can buy everything along the street at very reasonable prices, and also get an unique dining experience at here.
For me, I like to shop for clothing and fashion accessories because they are so cheap and also there are so many choices out there.
The street is long, so it's better to have plenty of time to spend here if you visit Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street.
I usually come here in the late evening like 5pm, because I think that's the best time for having a good dinner while doing my crazy shopping! #hehe

Canton Tower (Guangzhou Tower) 广州塔

YES! I finally made it to the Canton Tower (Guangzhou Tower) 广州塔.
I seriously can't remember how many times I've been to Guangzhou due to my previous job, but this is really my first time seeing this Guangzhou Tower right in front of me! #awesomefeel
So excited about greeting this beautiful tower and really lost count at how many pictures I took.
Canton Tower is the landmark of Guangzhou, that situated at the South Bank of the Pearl River.
The tower is the highest TV tower in China and also the third highest in the world.
People in China also named it as 小蛮腰 because the design was inspired by the bones of the female hip joint through the designer.
Trust me! It's beautiful! :)

Zhujiang New Town 珠江新城

One night after having dinner at the Tan Lao Chicken Hot Pot 芳村榕树头叹佬鸡, we came to Zhujiang New Town 珠江新城 for a night view of Guangzhou.
Oh btw, if you are interested to know about my food hunting story in Guangzhou, you can check out the post at HERE ya.
Zhujiang New Town, also Guangzhou's newly built central business district (CBD) is situated at north of the Pearl River and east of the Old City.
Compare to those historical places I visited like Yong Qing Fang, Shamian Island, this place is so much different in an overall view; the buildings and architectures right here are present and modern.
One of the reasons that must visit here is to see the sparking lights of the Canton Tower, it's really so beautiful and amazing!

Shamian Island 沙面岛

Shamian Island 沙面岛 is an island surrounded by water channels and a pearl river arm.
If you read my previous post about the apartment I stayed in Guangzhou, you shall know that the apartment is located about 10-20 minutes walk from Shamian Island.
If you are interested to know about the accommodation in Guangzhou, you can check out my previous post at HERE.
I like Shamian Island a lot, because this part of town really has a very different atmosphere from the rest of the city.

The buildings, architectures and houses here are still reserved and maintained from its original construction, with a mixture of English/French colonial and Chinese/Cantonese style.
It's really a very nice island to wander around, lots to see and explore, and also a very nice place to take beautiful pictures. :)

There are so many greens at the surrounding areas that makes you feel warm and refresh.

People who visited Shamian Island will surely pay a cuppa visit at the Starbucks because it's one of the unique cafes to go in Guangzhou.
The Starbucks is built in a large old colonial character building that offers a nice experience to enjoy a cup of coffee.
The cafe is always crowded either indoor or outdoor, so sometimes it can be quite difficult to find seats.
But anyway, this unique Starbucks is one of the to-do list if I come to Guangzhou!

That's all about I wanted to share about Guangzhou.
Hope you like my sharing, and do share it out if you have friends or families are visiting Guangzhou.
I will see you on my next post soon yea!
Have a great day, peeps!

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