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What's more important than having a good sleep?
Having the right mattress is one thing to help you sleep better at night, but not to forget that having the right bed pillows are also playing an important role in giving you a good sleep.
I learnt from my mum; a right pillow is not only comforting, it also helps in supporting the intricate structures of your head, neck, shoulders, hips and spine.
When getting a right pillow, it helps to prevent your discomforts such as back and neck pain, as well as shoulder, hip and other forms of joint pain.
So today, I'm here to share my recent purchase with GETHA, a world leading manufacturing of natural latex foam mattresses and bending products in Malaysia since 1969.
The brand owns a 50 years of manufacturing experience and has been fifth-time winner of World Branding Awards, from 2015 to 2020.
Two weeks ago, I've purchased two pillows from their classic pillow collection; GETHA Windy Latex Pillow & GETHA Windy 360 Latex Pillow, and hoping my personal review will give you some useful information about GETHA products and also help you to choose the right pillows for you and your family.
So, let's start it off with the GETHA Windy Latex Pillow!

About GETHA Windy Latex Pillow

The GETHA windy Latex Pillow @ RM259.00 (RRP RM339.00) features stretchable knitted fabric for moisture control.
It is made with the contemporary air ventilation design revolutionised air flow, allowing dynamic air movement inside and out during your sleep.
The through air space does not easily trap dust, yet ensuring a healthy sleep environment.

It's a soft-density pillow that can be easily shaped and effortless adjusted throughout the night.

The size of the GETHA Windy Latex Pillow is L65 x W38 x H15(cm)
It is recommended for all age group, back sleeper, or whoever prefer soft feeling pillows for their personal comfort and support.

About GETHA Windy 360 Latex Pillow

The GETHA Windy 360 Pillow @ RM305.10 (RRP RM339.00) is an upgraded version of the GETHA Windy Latex Pillow.
It is also one of GETHA's best selling pillows under its classic pillow series.
Overall, they both GETHA Windy Latex Pillow & Windy 360 Latex Pillow show the same supportive and plush, whereby it also uses unique thru-air construction design which ensures full air circulation for a fresh and refreshing night's sleep while providing ultimate support and comfort for the head and neck.
The only difference between them is the GETHA Windy 360 Pillow has a dual density option, which means it comes with two different densities; one side with a soft feeling and one side with a firm feeling to offer a versatility to your sleep journey.

From here, you can see the differences between soft and firm where you can adjust the pillow that perfectly suit your physique and sleeping position.
You can see from the pictures showing the pillow is soft enough to sink in (left), and on the other hand, the pillow is firm enough to keep from sinking in too deeply (right).

The pillow size is L65 x W37 x H15 (cm).
It 's an ideal pillow with two different densities for sleep sensitive individual, health conscious sleeper, and also good to use as a weekend pillow.

Common Features For Both 

Anyway, both GETHA Windy Latex Pillow and Windy 360 Latex Pillow have some common features as well as characteristics.
For instance, they are all made with 100% Natural Latex whereby they provide long lasting comfort and support for years.
The pillow are flexible and bendable as the shapes will not be flatten so easily, and do not need to fluff yet still retain its shape for years of lasting support.

Besides, the memory foams also offer a great pressure relief as it contours to the shape of your head, neck, shoulder, keeping your spine aligned so you can rest comfortably.
The support softens pressure points and can dramatically reduce sleep disturbance.

The GETHA products are manufactured to exacting standards.
With regard to the environmental and ecologically friendly, the pillows are specially designed, moulded, tapped directly from earth's natural resources, which is the rubber tree.
It is non-toxic, naturally hypoallergenic, and perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers.
Apart from that, GETHA products are all tested and approved against harmful substances in accordance to European ECO requirements.

The pillows contain hundreds of holes to create a natural ventilation system with air reservoir units in order to provide a continuous flow of fresh air.
This gives you a comfortable and refreshing dream as it make sure your body heat and moisture will be dissipated while you are sleeping.

The pillows has natural antimicrobial properties that resist dust mites and other allergens, as well as being fungal resistant.
It also has pre-washed during manufacturing process to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene.

My Experiences

For many years, I was committed to a soft, fluffy down pillow.
However, I started to switch from a soft to a firm pillow for my bedtime ever since I have had pain in my neck and shoulders since probably 5-6 years ago.
Most of the pillows in the market are available in either soft, medium or firm, and that's the reason why I purchased GETHA Windy 360 Latex Pillow for myself.
I really appreciate the double-wave design that allows me to adjust which sides I want and change to suits to my situation accordingly.
The firm side settled to a nice hardness that not only have my head rest comfortably on it, at the same time my neck feels supported and I feel refreshed waking up in the next morning.
While as for the soft side; it is softer than the GETHA Windy Latex Pillow but still firm enough for me compare to the other brands I used before.
It still provides soft and supportive for my head and neck, which makes for a much more comfortable sleeping experience.
On the other hand, I got the GETHA Windy Latex Pillow for Lik as he always prefer a light pillow with little soft and fluffy.
The softness of the pillow provides great comfort as when you lay your head on it, it doesn't sinking too much like the old pillows we used before.
This new pillow from GETHA stuffed enough to keep your neck supported, and allows your shoulder to keep close on the bed without being compressed.
It's soft enough to be very comfortable.
We both love the pillows too much, all thanks to GETHA for giving us a good night's sleep. :)

Where to Purchase?

I purchased my GETHA products through their GETHA online store at
GETHA offers free shipping, and the delivery takes about 5-6 days to arrive my home; it's so convenient and quick though.
Btw, you can also make a visit to GETHA stores at different outlets nationwide, do check out their available stores list at
So, that's all about my sharing for today, hope you enjoy this piece of sharing. :)
Good night everyonezzz!

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