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Hello guys!
How's everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing good and stay safe.
As for myself, I was not doing so well in February.
Due to the Covid-19, I've been self-quarantined at home for 14 days after I came back from my CNY trip in Hong Kong.
Then, after the 14 days self-quarantined, I again locked up myself at home for another week because I have eyes infection due to the tear duct system that I mentioned before.
So basically, in the month of February, I didn't go out often, just couched at home and killed my times by watching dramas, writing blogs, and also do online shopping. #hehe
I'm now really an online shopping addict, because I even buy my groceries online too. :)
We should feel lucky and thanks for such a wonderful network!
So, do you still remember about the OctaPLUS that I blogged in January?
It's a new online platform that gather all the best deals and discounts around the internet and put them in one place, so that you can rest assure to get the best deals for your online shopping.
Now, whenever I wanted to shop online, I will check with OctaPLUS before hand, so that I won't miss the chance to collect the cashback.

Browsing through the merchandises on the list at OctaPLUS, where you can find so many popular merchandises such as Uniqlo, Lazada, Shopee, JD, Nike, Cotton On, Zalora, Adidas etc.
So happy to see one of my favourite clothing brands, Cotton On is on the list, and it's offering up to 3% cashback for all their items.
Even though the online store on OctaPLUS does not offer the complete products like on their official website, there are still many fashion clothing and accessories for women, men and kids.
And here, I wanna share the top 5 products that I've bought from the brand.

I always love white T-shirt because I find a humble white T-shirt can go a long way, no matter what's the occasaion, the weather, or your personal style, it will be a nice piece for you to mix and match for your any events.
This 90 S Tshirt Nightie is giving 42% off, where you can get RM40 instead of RM69, plus the extra 3% cashback from OctaPLUS.

Loving this kind of ruffle short sleeves playsuit, especially with V-neckline to make you look slim and stunning.
It's such a nice one piece to put on and you'are ready to go!
And this colour makes me smile too. :)

Oh! I'm loving that canyon rose colour on the cardigan!
Not only getting 53% off from the original price at RM129, but also getting additional 3% cashback from OctaPLUS too!

That's a lovely Satin Kimino dress with cute prints and colours.
The satin material is so nice to wear it as a comfort home wear, and also can be wear casually outside too.
The dress is now doing a big sales at OctaPLUS, RM40 instead of RM69, plus there is an extra 3% cashback to save in your account too!

I've lost count of the sneakers I have in my shoe wardrobe.
But this Ally Low Rise with the leopard prints is looking so cool and stylish!
Definitely will look perfect with any denim outfits and summer dresses too!

Basically, the sales items that show on OctaPLUS have the same prices as shown on the Cotton On official website, just that you will be getting additional 3% cashback on your purchases, and these cashbacks can be cashed out once you reach a minimum amount in you account.
The 3% cashback is for all the new and existing customers, and to ensure you get your cashback successfully, you must first log in OctaPLUS on your PC to make purchases, make purchases on Cotton On website with mobile browser and use only promo codes featured on OctaPLUS.

Do you know that Sephora has just opened their biggest store in Malaysia at Fahrenheit88 Mall?!
OctaPLUS also has the online Sephora store that offering up to 6.5% cashback for the new customers and 1.5% for the existing customers.
So, here's a good tips for you all!
Check out the products you want to buy from the Sephora stores, and you can purchase them online through OctaPLUS.
Earn the percentage cashback, where you can use the extra earned cash for your next purchase. :)

Also for all the mothers and mothers-to-be, no matter if you are new or existing customers, you can shop at to earn up to 5.5% cashback for all their items.

Before I end the post, I would also want to share my first ever wish tree item with you all. 
It's an interesting feature at OctaPLUS, which allows you to get the items you want at up to 50% off its normal price.
You can check out my previous post at HERE to know more about the wish tree and how you can use your OctaSEEDS to get the items at a cheap price.
Oh ya! I also realized that OctaPLUS has increased quite a lot of items for this month on the wish tree page too!

OctaPLUS is available to download at App Store and Play Store.
Don't forget to use my referral code "F24QAC8L" for joining OctaPLUS, so that I can earn RM3 bonus cashback, 600 reward points and 1 OctaSeed, and at the same time you will also earn a minimum of RM20 cashback for your shopping too.
For more information about OctaPLUS, do check out their FAQ section on their official website
Last but not least, enjoy your shopping at OctaPLUS!

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