Guess Pringles Chips’ Mystery Flavour to Win RM20,000 Cash Prize @ Pringles Malaysia

I love potato chips because they are so delicious.
Do you feel so?
I'm always so addicted to potato chips, especially I like to munch it while watching Netflix, rushing for a blog post or doing some random stuff.
When it comes to snacking, what's your favourite brands?
My favourite brand is Pringles, a firm favourite at parties and gatherings galore.
Pringles has known around the world for its unique saddle-shaped, stackable chips, and the brand exists to bring out everyone’s playful side.
Whether you’re craving for a snack with a kick, or something tangy and spicy, each well-seasoned Pringles chip is a crispy delight, and never greasy on the fingers or in the mouth.
And starting from this month, Pringles is releasing a new mystery flavour that leaves you guessing what it is, and to make it even more exciting, you could follow the clues and win RM20,000 cash prize if you guess the mystery flavour correctly!
One lucky winner will bring home a cash prize worth RM20,000, that's really so excited!

When we are in the supermarket, Pringles are always there at the snack section with many different flavours and choices.
Just to let you know that, Pringles currently have eight flavours in their lineup, including classic favourites like Original and Sour Cream & Onion, as well as other tantalizing combinations such as Cheesy Cheese, Hot & Spicy and more.
Beside, they also have other limited-time or seasonal flavours that Malaysians can look forward to throughout the year.
And starting 1st March 2020, Pringles is rolling out the highly-anticipated Mystery Flavour to create even more fun and cheekiness while snacking, which is what Pringles is all about!
Now, you’ll be able to engage in a guessing game with friends and family, and even get rewarded for “solving” the flavour correctly.
Even if you don’t get it right, the fun is in being with your favourite people and having a good time together while trying to guess the flavour!

For the first time in Malaysia, Pringles brings snack lovers a brand-new Mystery Flavour!
The new Pringles Mystery Flavour is only available for a limited time only, starting from 1st March until 30th April 2020.
It will be available at major retail stores as well as e-commerce sites across the nation.

The brand-new Pringles Mystery Flavour comes in a white packaging, with a big "Mystery Flavour" words and also a big question mark at the front.
The stackable Pringles chips that fit inside look the same as the other Pringles chips, yet this new Mystery Flavour is specially-created to challenge Malaysian Pringles fans’ taste buds.

Here's your chance to enter the “Guess the Mystery Flavour” challenge, and walk away RM20,000 cash prize, starting from 1st March till 30th April 2020!
Step #1: BUY any 2 cans of Pringles chips (remember to save your proof of purchase!)
Step #2: Login to Pringles Malaysia website at
Step #3: GUESS the Mystery Flavour & tell us your favorite mystery in not more than 25 words
Step #4: Be in to WIN RM20,000 cash prize!

To tap in on the fun of the Mystery Flavour challenge, Pringles Malaysia will release one (1) clue every two (2) weeks on its Facebook page.
There will be a total of four (4) clues to collect, so don’t miss out on these tips to help you “solve” the flavour correctly!

On the packaging, it is written "Find your 1st clue in the word search here", so I tried to look on the whole packaging with the magnifying glass and I found a word of "cheese" and "basil".
I also tasted the chips inside the white can, eaten almost half of the can by myself just to guess the flavour lol, I find it tastes like carbonara spaghetti.
The mystery flavour is a spaghetti, maybe?! :)

So now, go grab your Pringles Mystery Flavour chips today and join the “Guess the Flavour” challenge to be in the running to become the winner of RM20,000 cash!
For more information about Pringles Chips’ Mystery Flavour contest, please visit or follow Pringles Malaysia on Facebook at

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