Ronda & Seville Day Trip @ Spain

After visited Córdoba & Málaga, we finally visiting the last 2 cities, Ronda and Seville in Spain before we left to Portugal.
We stayed at both Ronda and Seville for less than 24 hours, but you know what, I've already quick to fall in love into them when I stepped into the towns.
It's just like the love at first sight. :)
Ronda is a village in the Spanish province of Málaga, where we took about 2 hours plus to drive from Costa del Sol Málaga, while Seville is the capital of southern Spain's Andalusia region, which was about 2 hours drive from Ronda.
I find both of them are one of the most's picturesque cities, with the Ronda's Puente Nuevo that sets on the Andalusian mountain highland and the Plaza de España that holds the most spectacular spaces in Seville.
Both of them make me feels like in a different world.
I really have so much to share about my wonderful times at both cities, and hope you all can stay with me on another long post for today. :)


When we arrived at Ronda, we first visited one of the Spain's oldest bullrings, The Plaza de Toros (Bullring of the Royal Cavalry of Ronda), located at the Ronda town area.
This impressive historic building was built in 1779, with a large arena and also two levels of seats.
There is no actual fights to watch at the building, only the famous bullfights will take place like once a year at here, so this building mostly like a museum to showcase the sport.

Well, I'm not really a fan of the bullring, but it still so excited to see it in real life, especially if you've watched any movies or dramas that regarding bullrings.
Still such an impressive sight...:)

Don't forget to get a picture with the bullring statue at the main entrance before you leave the building. :)

Then we moved on to the EI Tajo Gorge located in the heart of Ronda.
The new bridge is something that I wasn't expecting so much.
When I first saw the whole scenery right in front of me, my jaw was dropping!
It's really so impressive, which I think that's the reason why this place makes it one of southern Spain's most famous attractions.

The new bridge was completed in 1793, after 40 years in construction, and also after the loss of the lives of 50 workers constructing.
The construction spans the 328-feet deep, which mainly built to link the newer part of town with the old Moorish quarter in Ronda.
It's really amazing how they built it at such a high mountain place. 

I got a bit of dizzy when looking down at the depth of the gorge, yet the view is so so beautiful.
I was amazed by the views from every angle; a good view of the canyon over a small river, and also a great view of the surrounding area with the buildings clinging to the cliffs.
It's really like a magical place, which I think it makes Ronda truly a beautiful and unique town.
Definitely a must visit!

Plaza de España is also located in the downtown area of Ronda, which is just right opposite Ronda's New Bridge, very convenient location.
As it is Ronda's main square, you will see the place is busy, packed and crowded.

This plaza has a lot to offer, such as cafes, restaurants, bars, boutiques, souvenier shops etc, which is a very vivid nice place to wander around.
I really wish to have extra times to sit at a nice coffee shop, treat myself a good coffee, and enjoy the vibes right there.

Vegan cork bags collection is a great souvenier to bring back home.
The bags are made with natural cork, and they come in many different styles such as tote bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, cross body bags, wallets etc.
We found this Mira-Mira boutique right at the Plaza de España, where they offer a full range of bags.
However, I find the pricing at the shop are quite expensive compare to the street vendors at some other tourist places, like in Portugal.

After that, we walked to the EI Tajo Canyon, another side that offers a spectacular view over the countryside.
This area gets to see a lot of greenery in the canyon, and also a nice view with the houses, castles hanging over the canyon.

We were lucky to have a beautiful chilling weather that allowed us to walk around and take pictures comfortably.
All these beautiful views in Ronda are really the unforgettable memories to bring back home.

We left Ronda after a day tour in Ronda, and then arrived in Seville late in the evening. 
When we arrived in Seville, we had our dinner and then watched the must-watch Flamenco Show, that integrates singing, dancing and music, mainly from the sound of the guitar.
Watching a live flamenco show in Spain is highly recommended experience where you can't get at other places because here it gives the best atmosphere to enjoy the authentic performance.

Thanks Ronda for the great memories.
I wish I could stay a little bit longer because you are so interesting and really have so much to offer. to see, to explore, to enjoy and to have fun.
I still can't get enough of the breathtaking and stunning views over the Ronda's new bridge and I think this is really one of the most spectacular bridges to visit in Spain.


I had a very good day in Seville; the weather was so nice to walk, and the city is just so beautiful or I should said it's so romantic. :)
We first visited the Plaza de España in Seville.
There are so many squares or plazas in Spain and most of them named the same as Plaza de España for the locals. :)
Anyway, the Plaza de España is the main square situated inside Maria Luisa Park in Seville, which built in 1928, almost 100 years ago, for the Ibero-America Exposition of 1929 that held in the Andalusian capital.

The square was built in the style of Renaissance Revival and Moorish Revival architectures, whereby the buildings and architectures at here are mainly made and covered with colourful concretes, mosaics, stones, bricks etc to give a glorious hue.
Beside, the complex is also surrounded by a moat, that visitors can actually hire boats to row around and to enjoy the view. 

The main highlight at the main square is the building is surrounding with 48 small pavilions and benches for a seat. 
Each mini pavilions indicated a province of Spain, which showing a brief history of the city, and also a map showing its location within Spain.
The pavilions and seats are all decorated with bright colours, painted ceramic tiles which added an extra uniqueness to the architectures. 


The main Square indeed is so big to explore around.
It's an absolutely stunning public park to take pictures, scroll around, get in touched with some local street vendors with cheap souveniers.
I enjoyed all things at here, every corners are just nice to take pictures. :)

Lucky enough to get a picture right in front of the main entrance.

We did a lot of walking in Seville.
After leaving the Plaza de España, we slowly walked to a nice little park and met the Christopher Columbus Monument which located over a circular fountain.
It's a structure to celebrate the explorer Christopher Columbus, and the monument describes the past glory of Spain.

The Seville Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Seville.
It is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, third biggest church in the world, and was recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.
Not only that, the church also is the burial site of Spanish kings and queens as well as the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. 

There is an inner courtyard before entering to the main cathedral.
The courtyard is filled with orange tree.
Yea, it's my first time seeing orange trees. :)

The cathedral appears large on the outside, but also inside.
It has a total area covers 11,520 square meters. 
Well, it's hard to tell how big the cathedral is from the pictures, but it's really huge.
We spent almost two hours plus, nearly three hours inside, no joke, but of course that also include the times we stopped for taking pictures.  

Inside the cathedral is dark, and the nave of the cathedral is long.
I somehow feel myself very small when standing in the middle of them.

There are so many spectacular churches and cathedrals in Europe, and every time when I visited their churches or cathedrals, I'm always very impressed with their grand and majestic of their iconic structures and architectures.
Though I'm not a Christian, a trip inside and around the churches are always an enthralling experience for me.
Same like the Seville Cathedral, there are so much histories about it, and do remember to rent an audio guide if you do not hired a tour guide with you. 

Besides that, one of the highlight at the Seville Cathedral is the tomb of Christopher Columbus, which carried by four allegorical figures representing the four kingdoms of Spain during Columbus's life, Castille, Aragon, Navara, and Leon.
This corner is the most impressive and surreal one.

We also climbed up to the tower at the top to fully enjoy the view of Seville.
There are total 35 stairs to walk, but the breathtaking architectures and beautiful scenery are worth all the climb!

I think the views at here are the best among the other places in Spain that I visited.

Some panoramic view of Seville.

Can't really compare the Seville Cathedral with the other churches in Spain itself or in the entire Europe because everyone has their own beauties, charms and characteristics.
But I still think Seville Cathedral is worth a visit if you come over to Seville, it's just such a beautiful building in every respect. 

For lunch in Seville, we had the 5J Iberico Pork.
If you are a meat lover, you must try this distinct flavour, and you will know you are onto something special from the first bite.
The pork chop is delighted tenderness, which full of rich-goodness taken from the black pigs in their forest habitat.

Before bidding goodbye to Seville, we had a bit of time to wander around the city.
Seville is one of the towns in Spain that full of mixture cultures as you can see it from most of its architecture.
The city itself is not so big, but definitely its really one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.
I absolutely love this city and it's already been listed down as one of my favourite places in Spain after Ronda, Cuenca, and Valencia.  

Last but not least, thanks for your time reading my long post in Ronda and Seville.
I really hope you enjoyed this post and hope it gives you some idea how Ronda and Seville looks like if you are traveling there for the first time.
Meanwhile, you can also read my other blog posts about other cities in Spain, by clicking the label "Spain" on the right. 
Till then, my travel post in Portugal is coming soon! xoxo

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