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Hey pretties!
Time for some beauty gossip? :)
Today, I'm gonna share a completely brand new skin care products from Althea Korea.
Do you still remember the Petal Velvet Powder that I posted in August last year?
That was the first own line product from Althea.
And this year, Althea Korea has made it their entry into the skin care field, they are launching a new range of skin care products to save your skin!
The new skin care range contains 3 products with nourishing natural ingredients and easy execution; from contour cleanser, to primer water and fixer cream.
The new products aim to break down and simplify the K-beauty routine for the urban woman.
Woohoo! Are you excited cause I'm excited! :)
Yea! Shall we check on the Althea's Bare Essentials now?

After a long day at work, all you want to do is go back home and be a lazy girl.
However, taking care of your skin is one most important thing to do no matter how tired or busy you are because face is to give you confidence; so a complicated skincare step probably may not be your favourite, but simplify skin care routine will surely give what you really needs.
Althea's Bare Essentials has built a basic skincare routine that works for your busy and lazy lifestyle, because you only need to follow the 3 simple products which infused with nourishing and hydrating ingredients from nature to keep your skin at its most optimal and comfortable state.

Step #1: Contour Cleanser @ RM23 (150g) to detox for V shape.
It is a rich and foaming cleanser that helps to remove impurities and also improve blood circulation to create a V-shaped look for your face.
The cleanser also contains micro capsules to gentle exfoliate dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed too.

Recommended to use:
Contour Cleanser suggests to use as your day care as well as night care.
In the morning, the strong cooling effect will create a slim skin line and wash away impurities.
At night, it has an intensive detox treatment that makes a smooth and clean skin layer as if it's been exfoliated.
Apart from that, if you want an intensive treatment for your blackheads, pores, dead cells, and sebum, you can also use the cleanser one more time as a facial mask after cleansing, by applying on concerning areas, and then gently massage for approximately 30 seconds.

Contour Cleanser's ingredients:
#1 Ice Plant from South Africa: it provides a cooling effect and refreshment that helps sooth, and hydrate sensitive skin, and also calms redness.
#2 Lemon Verbena from South America: not only it has a nice scent, it also helps to purify the toxic energy inside the skin, and completes smooth and clear skin layer as if it's been exfoliated. Also, this ingredient helps soften and smoothen skin, calm and reduced acne, and ease puffiness and swelling.

When it comes to facial washes, most of them are packed in a swivel tube packaging, so does the Contour Cleanser.
For me, this is always the best packaging whenever I purchase the facial cleanser because it's much more hygiene and it's easy to control the amount you wanted to use.

How to use?
Squeeze out a small amount and lather onto the dry face, massage in circular motions, then rinse off with water.
When you first squeeze it out, it is in a cream form, and you just need to add a little water and it lathers up.
I always prefer to spend a bit more time to really lather up my face wash in my hands before it goes onto my face because sometimes this kind of cream-to-foam transformation can be too dry, harsh or irritate the skin.

My thoughts:
This facial cleanser is kind enough to give me a comfort feeling.
I love it! The creamy texture, aroma and my skin feels squeaky clean after use.
The cleanser contains small grainy beads that can gently remove dead skin cells, as well as cleaning my skin with oil, dirt and make up.
I think the contour cleanser is value for money since it works in two ways which allows you to both cleanse and exfoliate your skin at the same time.
It saves us both time and money, right?

Step #2 Primer Water @ RM43 (200ml) to prepare for silky skin.
Primer Water is a 2-in-1 combination step of toner and primer to provide a smooth, hydrating and ever so slightly balm-like.
It penetrates into the layers of the skin to plump them up, prepping the skin and making it a smooth canvas for products to come.

Recommended to use:
The primer water is a special care that can be used after morning and night cleansing during the toner or essence stage.
It works either with just one drop or two drops for bright silky finish.
The first drop touch provides fresh vitality, and if you want a more intensive treatment with the primer water, use second drop for even smoother velvety-soft skin texture.

Primer Water's ingredients:
#1 Snow lotus from remote areas of Asia: it is known to have brightening energy, fixing dark spots on the skin and superior anti-aging effects. It also smoothens and brightens the skin while evening out its texture to enhance its natural smoothness and radiance.
#2 Patented "dewdrop" formulation: a special technology that can revitalize the skin and provides immediate, effective moisture. The clear dewdrops claimed to soften the skin and improve suppleness by gently filling the gaps between pores and the skin.

The Primer Water comes in a 200ml round bottle with a silver cap.
Under the cap, there is a small hole to dispense the liquid.
When you open the bottle, the product has an attractive flowery scent which is pleasant.

How to use?
Pour out a small amount and apply evenly onto the face, gently patting in for better absorption.
The thing that makes the toner so special is their texture, which has a silky, velvety, not quite creamy feeling.
This type of texture surely associate your skin with comfort and hydration touch.

My thoughts:
I super love the nice smell of the primer water and really can't get over it!
My face is feeling balanced, refreshed and hydrated after using the toner.
The formula has an exceptionally lightweight texture that feels weightless on my skin, and at the same time I'm getting enough moisture restoring benefits.
The texture is slightly thicker than the other toners I used before, but it surely doesn't make my skin feeling sticky.

Step #3: Fixer Cream @ RM50 (50g) to fix moisture.
Fixer Cream is a powerful moisturizing properties that packed into a little jar to provide the skin with hydration up to 24 hours for a fresh, revitalized complexion.
It is recommended to use as the last step after the Contour Cleanser and Primer Water for best results.

Recommended to use:
It suggest to use in the daytime and nighttime to have better effects.
The first cover touch is to deliver full moisturizing to your face, and help your exhausted skin transform into smooth and healthy skin, staying hydrated up to 24 hours.
The second cover touch is the intense care, which boosts skin's elasticity and improves firmness of skin layer.

Fixer Cream's ingredients:
#1 Trehalose: a powerful humectant that retains moisture on the skin. It's re-hydrating and water binding properties reinforces the moisturizing effect in order to deliver long-lasting moistness.
#2 Baobab Tree from Africa: packed with antioxidants and Vitamin, which promotes collagen formation which helps to give radiant, glowing skin as well as preventing wrinkles.
#3 Wild Green Tea: the most powerful ingredient to fight against age spots, wrinkles, and sun damage. It also acts as an astringent which shrink pores and also helps to reduce the production of sebum in your face.
#4 Lavender: a powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, sedative, calming and anti-depressive properties.

How to use?
Apply evenly onto the face and gently pat in till absorbed.
The creams is very lightweight feels so soft on the skin.
It absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling smooth, supple and hydrated all day long. 

My thoughts:
Since I have a combination skin type, I always prefer to use the face cream with hydration but not with a sticky formulation especially during day time.
Otherwise, my face will become too oily and my makeup will not sit on my face for long.
What I like about this cream is the non-sticky texture and how it keeps my skin moisture for all day long.
Also, I really enjoyed massage the cream into the skin as the pleasant aroma becomes stronger which gives a very good feeling after that.

After using the Althea's Bare Essentials for 2 weeks, I'm happy with the overall result.
Even though it's hard to see big changes on my face, but I can see the products do help me to keep my skin hydrated and healthier everytime after I used the whole range.
I think it's worth to invest in your skin with these 3 products at a total cost of RM116!
What's more?! Althea is giving out an additional 10% off with a free special edition mirror if you purchase now!
You can purchase the entire set from Althea official website, and don't forget that Althea also provides international shipping includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and USA.
They also offer free shipping if you purchase a total RM150 and above.
So now? Head over to and experience the exclusive Bare Essentials by yourself!

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