PSK Makeup Remover Cream & PSK Skin Purifier Pore Clarifying Balance Cream

To be honest, it's my first time knowing the brand PSK.
I took sometimes to study this brand and look for more information about their brand story and also their products since I'm always interested to get to know more the new beauty products in the market.
PSK, a clinically proven cosmetics and skin cares brand from Taiwan.
Under the philosophy "Natural Beauty", the beauty team at PSK focuses on using various natural extracts instead of high-concentration essences and ingredients in all their products to take care for the skin. 
They believe that the power of nature will provide the best result as well as real beauty to their customers.
One of the signature product from PSK is the Deep Sea Source Extraction Intensive Hydra Cream which has already sold at least 10,000 bottles and it's the most highly recommended hydra cream that recommended by the Taiwanese beauty bloggers. 
Oh! Hydra Cream, I'm eyeing on it now! :p

PSK has a wide range of products which include skincare, makeup and face masks.
They also categorized their product ranges into different sections.
And for this post, I'm going to do a product review of the PSK Makeup Remover Cream and PSK Skin Purifier Pore Clarifying Balance Cream from their skincare range.

Makeup removing is very important, because it's the first step to take care of our skin.
It's because most of us wearing makeup more than 10 hours a day, with the dust and dirt from the environment, it will cause your skin looking dull, rough and aging too.
Indeed, even if you are not wearing any makeup on that day, a makeup remover is still a must on your daily skincare routine due to the environmental pollutants. 
So, a good makeup remover is one of the effective way to bring a healthy skin effectively to you.
The second generation of the PSK Makeup Remover Cream @ RM130 (80ml) is an unique light weight makeup remover that transformed from balm to oil  and then to melt away every trace of eye and face makeup.
It's an all-in-one remover cleansing cream , and also with the emulsify easy soft texture that do not cause any irritation to your face and even eye areas. 

The cleansing cream contains in a 80ml bottle.
The whole packaging design is very clean with just white and a little bit of pink colours, which makes it so adorable and cute.
And for the bottle itself, it actually comes in a plastic bottle though it looks like frosted glass.
It's good to have a protective lid and a spatula provided on top of the cream.
I always appreciate this kind of packaging because it is much hygienic, and also easy for me to place the spatula back after I use it.
Besides, with the provided spatula, it keeps your fingers clean when you scoop the cleansing cream out from the bottle. 

When I opened the lid on the product, I was very surprise about it. 
As the product stated makeup remover cream on it's label, I was actually expecting the texture should be in cream type. 
Well, it's not a gel, nor a milk type, it's a solid balm form.
The smell isn't very strong, but with some floral scent that I'm quite keen on it.
Feel so comfortable to have that sweet smell while cleansing my face.

The balm is in transparent aka white colour.
The texture is very soft texture which can scoop up easily with the spatula. 
Practically, the product is not only for face cleansing purpose with the ingredients of rose hips seed oil and olive oil, it also has the additional ingredients of shea butter, rose essential oil and Vitamin E for calming, repairing, moisture and anti-aging purpose.

For face makeup:
Step #1: Scoop a generous amount with spatula
Step #2: Use fingertips with light circular to massage balm over dry face.
Step #3: Rinse well with warm water or you can also remove with a tissue or cleansing cloth that has been soaked in warm water.
For eye and lip makeup, leave on for an additional minute and then wipe off with a warm, damp wash cloth or with a cotton pad.
You only need one small scoop for the entire face and you can also apply a bit of water to the balm so that it turns into a milky foam which easier to wipe all the balm away.

My thoughts:
If this is your first time using cleansing balm, you might not get used to the way of using it, and also the overall texture compare to your regular cleansing liquid, wipe or facial milk cleansers are somehow different. 
But I think once you try it, you will like it!
It's not my first time using such cleansing balm, but honestly I find this product is much better to the other one I used before in terms of it's texture and also effectiveness.
The solid form is very smooth and very fast it transforms into a melting texture.
It really helps to remove dirt and oil without overly drying out my skin, and I think the best part is it works both face and around the eye areas too.
The gentleness of the formula, plus it's romantic rosy scent really make it a go-to for melting away even the stubborn make up such as waterproof eyeliners and mascaras without leaving any residue.
You really don't have to use a lot of it so I think a standard bottle of 80ml can sustain for quite sometimes.

To constitute a protective film of the skin, it's very important to keep a well balance of the surface skin cells, moisture and oil.
If your skin do not have a good balancing all of these 3 factors, your skin will start to appear oily, dry, rough, large pores, dull and even sensitive skin conditions and other skin problems. 
So, in general, oil-water balance is the fundamental solutions for most of skin's problems. 
PSK Skin Purifier Pore Clarifying Balance Cream @ RM140 (30ml), from the skin purifier range, is one of the best sellers from PSK.
It is a light and cool cream that suitable for a hot and humid weather like in Malaysia.
It uses special Hydrogel Conversion Technology which not only replenishes water molecules but also creates special membrane that preserves skin moisture level.

The product contains 30ml in a green bottle with a cover lid and a spatula for comfortable to use. 
The reason why this product is so magical is because of their key ingredient of Ceramide.
Ceramide contains a special technology that helps to solve your skin problems such as dehydrated skin, treating large pores, rough or dull skin tone, and sensitive skin.
The main function of this product is to enhance with oil control effect which effectively reaches oil-water balance.
It is suitable and perfect for dry, sensitive and aging skin.

The texture is non-sticking yet refreshing that will soothe and moisturize skin, even during the hot summer time. 
The product turns immediately into water modules after applying, and leave a a cool and very comfortable feeling on your skin.
It is recommend for daily use, every morning and evening as your last step in your daily skincare rountine (after toner, serum/essence and emulsion).
Apply a proper amount of the cream and on the face, massage gently and wait until complete absorption. 

My thoughts:
Without any doubt, I'm very satisfy with this product!
Every morning, I replace it as my facial moisturizer and I can feel the differences on my oily skin.
Having an oily skin during the day can be very frustrating because the makeup will not stay long, and also you always need a tissue paper to absorb the excess oil from times to times. #arghhh
After using this product for about 2 weeks, I can really see how this product helps to control the oil effectively while giving my skin enough water and hydration in the hot weather.
My oily skin has controlled and my makeup looked fresh during the day time.
Besides, I personally enjoy the cream texture a lot.
It is not sticky and also won't create burden to your face; it more like a cooling jelly texture which able to spread and bring fresh cool feeling to you. 
I mainly use this product in the morning time, though it suggests to use twice a day, but I think I would prefer a richer moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated and fresh in an air-conditioned room. 

All the PSK beauty products can be purchased through their FB page at PSK Skincare & Makeup.
They do have some trial pack and starter pack for the first trial which is PSK Makeup Remover Cream @ RM10 (5g) with free facial cotton & spatula, and also PSK intensive set for normal/dry, and oily/combination skin @ RM60/set, which includes toner (10ml), serum (8ml) and  PSK Skin Purifier Pore Clarifying Balance Cream (5g).
In general, I think both products are good and totally wonderful for my skin.
Though it's my first time using these products, and I wasn't very sure if I like them at the first time, but I think they both are good and beyond my expectations after I tried and tested them. #greatjob

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