CARiNG Pharmacy Regular Membership Programme Mobile Apps

Keeping physical cards can be troublesome.
Imagine if you have 100 membership cards from different shops and brands, would you carry all these 100 membership cards in your wallet?
It sounds a bit silly to me, because I don't think I want to carry a big wallet or handbag to fit all these cards.
Minimalism is always the coolest lifestyle for me. :)
But if I don't place them in my wallet, I might have forgotten them and won't be able to get the benefits, rewards or even points collection.
Ok then, what can I do?
With the new CARiNG Pharmacy Regular Membership Programme Mobile Apps, I can be a smart shopper while keeping my principle of minimalism. :)
Not only I can save space in my wallet, I can also save money and earn points whenever I shop for my daily care, healthcare and medical needs from CARiNG Pharmacy!

Lately, CARiNG Pharmacy has developed the CARiNG Regular Membership Programme Mobile Apps, together with Capillary Tech to launch a mobile based application that aims to connect, engage and reward the customers within a single solution.
The new programme is set to service their customers both in physical and virtually and also maintaining an effective customer experience management platform.

The new CARiNG Regular Membership Programme apps is more than just a "digital membership card"!
#1 The CARiNG's quarterly newsletters are available to keep users abreast of the latest happenings and not-to-be-missed promotions.
#2 Users are able to access latest news on health and nutrition that curated by the CARiNG team of health experts on it's "Home" screen.
#3 Get the updates and register to attend the CARiNG's regular roadshows, free health screenings, talks and workshops.
#4 Members can earn 1 CARiNG point for every RM1 purchase when you shop in-store or online through mobile apps.
#5 Members can use the earned points and redeem the 5 types of denomination CARiNG's cash vouchers, RM1, RM5, RM10, RM20 and RM50 on the spot via mobile apps.
#6 No more worries about the lost voucher or leaving a voucher to expire because users can check available vouchers and details with the "Voucher" button in the apps
#7 On the birthday month, users are rewarded with a RM5 birthday voucher and also receive 3x birthday points on all their purchases.
#8 You don't have to physically keep your membership card and manage several vouchers at a time as the "Member" button has all your information such as membership number, barcode for scanning and also loyalty points accumulated for redemption.
#9 You can also shop online with the "E-Store" button which directs you to CARiNG Pharmacy's online store where you can beat the crowds and traffic for a peaceful shopping experience in the comforts of home.
#10 CARiNG Pharmacy has over 114 branches nationwide, the apps allows users to locate the nearest CARiNG outlets and save their favourite ones for future reference with the "Location" button.

Everyone loves the Malaysia's leading chain pharmacy's official apps for loyalty and rewards program, same goes to Dynas and Cheryl.
Dynas: "As an advocate for environmental preservation, I like that this apps negates the need of piles of paper for newsletters, promotional flyers, and chunky plastic cards that end up in landfills. Most of all, I love that this apps has an all-in-one application for latest news updates, membership, shopping and management of vouchers."

Cheryl: "I have so many membership cards that I never utilize because I end up keeping them at home, as they end up taking so much space in my bag, collectively. In the end, I think it defeats the purpose of having a membership card as I never manage to collect any points or utilize the member's discounts. In fact, I have stopped joining loyalty programs precisely for this reason. This apps is a fresh breath of air as it addresses the main problem with loyalty cards and even threw in lots of bonuses too!"

With the launch of the loyalty apps, CARiNG Pharmacy is hoping to be able to stay closer with their customers, be able to deliver better services and products and reward them for trusting CARiNG Pharmacy as their healthcare and medical needs.
The new CARiNG Pharmacy Regular Membership Programme Mobile Apps is now available free on App Store for Apple Devices and also Google Play for Android devices.
Upon the first time registration, new users are given a membership for a lifestyle and are rewarded with 200 Welcome Points that they can accumulate and later be used to redeem CARiNG Cash Vouchers.
Wait no more! Be a smart shopper with CARiNG Pharmacy today!
For more information, do check out EverQuest at their FB page EverQuestMarketing too!

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