EucerinⓇ ProACNE Solution A.I Clearing Treatment @ 14-Day Acne Clear Challenge

Nobody likes acne.
When I was at my mid of 20's, my skin condition was very bad.
It's hard to believe every time I shared my bad skin experiences with my friends as they see my face now looks smooth and clear.
After I came back from Michigan, I had a lot of acne which mostly small on my both left and right chins and also lower cheeks.
It has been my nightmare for a year, and during that time I felt extremely insecure and low self-esteem.
I cry about it, and most of the times I can't even bear to look in the mirror.
I've been to many beauty salons, and also tried so many different skin care products as well, but nothing ended up good.
It was extremely very frustrated.
It took me a year with my effort, time and money, and thank god that it eventually stopped.
I ain't sure how it recovered; yet I aet clean during that time, and also used minimum products on my skin in order not to burden my skin with too many products.
Even though my skin condition is better now #touchwood, my skin actually still very oily and causing many whiteheads and blackheads that sometimes will turn into an acne, especially around the the ear areas.
I first know about EucerinⓇ from my Korean girlfriend, she said EucerinⓇ is one of her favourite skin care product.
Recently, I got to know that EucerinⓇ has launched a new product for acne solution; well, this product indeed not only solve your acne problem, but also helps to improve your whiteheads and blackheads condition.
So, I thought it would be worth while to share it with you guys today. :)

When I had my skin problems that time, I used a lot of acne solution products from many different brands, and most of them left the skin feeling dry and irritated, that's because the products tend to drying out my pimples and inflammation.
This is absolutely my first time knowing that you can actually nourishes your skin while clearing up breakouts in a gentle way with the new approach of the EucerinⓇ ProACNE Solution A.I Clearing Treatment. :)

This Acne-Oil Control is formulated with potent active ingredients which helps to reduce comedonal acne such ablackheads, whiteheads, and small bumps (papules) frequently found on the forehead and chin of those with acne, in only 2 week times without drying out the skin.

The product is developed to soothe irritation for smooth and healthy skin with the special ingredients, such as:
#1 Ten percent Hydroxy Complex - a powerful combination of three peeling agents AHA (glycolic acid), BHA (salicylic acid), and PHA (gluconolactone), that helps renew skin surface, unclog pores, reduce acne that causing bacteria and remove dead skin cells.
#2 Licochalcone A - a highly effective anti-inflammatory to soothe irritations and helps reduce redness
#3 Decpanthenol - derived from vitamin B5, which is a powerful humectant that binds water to the skin, helping to make skin more resilient and less sensitive to environmental triggers.

Most acne-prone skin is influenced by lifestyle, hormonal and hereditory factors, therefore additional cares should be added in to reduce comedones or acne problems.
While using the EucerinⓇ ProACNE Solution A.I Clearing Treatment as part of a complete nighttime skincare regime, users reported improvements from 2 weeks use and even better results at 8 weeks.
The results are based on the test conducted in Thailand with two cells of 80 participants:
95% said that it helps to control the oiliness of the skin.
94% agrees that the products is able to prevent the new blemishes and reduced dark post-acne marks.
80% of them agree that it helps to reduce whiteheads, blackheads, and inflammatory pimples. 

The product comes in a white sleek tube container with 40ml quantity. 
Loving the packaging on my first sight, because it is very handy, light and convenient to be stored or used it during traveling and otherwise.  
Since it is packed in a tube container, it is much hygienic because you only squeeze out a small amount product that you needed and apply it. 
Meaning that the 40ml in the tube can last for quite sometimes. :)

The colour of the cream is yellowish.
The texture is so light for my face and get absorbed very fast.
It doesn't leave any residue upon my application, and I personally think the texture is good for oily skin like me because it doesn't create much burden on the skin.

As you see from the collage above, my skin tone looks smooth and clearer after using the EucerinⓇ ProACNE Solution A.I Clearing Treatment  for 14 days.
I don't feel my skin is dry out at all, indeed it really helps to moisturize my skin, especially my oily skin that needs moisture for balancing.
Ever since I had poor skin condition in few years back, I seldom have acne or pimples pop up on my face #touchwood which probably because the time and effort that I took for that.
It's not easy to notice the differences with the product on the front, but you can see some changes on both sides of my face.
I always have some small bumps appear at both sides of my face, especially near to my ear areas; so after applying the product for 14 days, all kinds of bumps and lumps around that areas have slowly improved.
Besides, I also feel that my skin is less oily compare to before which is good because a non-oily skin is able to keep makeup in place and also reduce visible oil slicks.

So, are you interested to try out this new and improved moisturizer for acne-prone skin from EucerinⓇ? #sayyes
You can now stand a chance to win a Grand prize of EucerinⓇ products worth RM5,000!
Yes! Be the first runner-up prize of EucerinⓇ products worth RM2,000 or 5 luckly winner prize of products worth RM1,000 each!
The EucerinⓇ 14-Day Acne Clear Challenge is very simple!

#Step 1: Snap a picture of your skin on Day one and again on Day 14, after 14 days of usage.
#Step 2: Post your "before and after" photos and share your experience using the product on your Facebook page, and hastag #EucerinProACNE.

The updated packaging of EucerinⓇ ProACNE skincare range includes cleansers, toner, scrub, and daytime moisturizers are now available in the market.
You can have more information about the entire EucerinⓇ ProACNE skincare range at their official website or
For the EucerinⓇ ProACNE Solution A.I Clearing Treatment, you can find it at all pharmacies nationwide at retail price @ RM62 (40ml).
Waits no more! Let's challenge your acne today with EucerinⓇ today!

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