Moist Diane @ Japan's Leading Hair Care Brand

"When your hair looks good, it improves your self-confidence".
Agree not?!
So, how should you take care of your hair in a hot and humid environment all year round in Malaysia?
Moist Diane, Japan's leading silicone-free haircare brand, has launched it's new Perfect Beauty series, with total six shampoos and six treatment products to fulfill different needs and requirements of Asian hair.
The new hair product series have combined the wonders of nature and the powers of science, which is the renewal of their signature Argan Oil to address the hair concerns of Asian women have, such as frizzy & coarse hair, damaged, permed, & coloured hair, dry & dull hair, flat hair & sensitive scalp, oil scalp & dry ends, and lastly weak hair prone to breakage.
The wide product range can help to differentiate which hair care needs would meet your specific hair care needs.
Ever since the new Perfect Beauty series first launch in Japan in September 2017, the product range has hit a million bottles in just 10 days!

The new innovative formulation from the Moist Diana's new Perfect Beauty series is not chemically harmful to the hair.
The shampoo products are formulated without sulfate, paraben, silicone, and also it's totally safe for colour-treated hair.
The treatment products are being sulfate, paraben free and also formulated with colour-safe ingredients.
In addition, all the products are enriched with the goodness of ECOCERT certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil and customised with Beauty Keratin in an elegant and pretty pump packaging designed with the brand’s trademark diamond shaped pattern that resembles a luxurious fragrance bottle.

Other than special ingredients of the Beauty Keratin and Organic Moroccan Argan Oil to give healthy and beautiful hair for all Asian ladies, the full range of Moist Diane Perfect Beauty also powered by three types of features, include:
#1 Nano Repair Matrix: helps to detect damaged hair and allows nano-sizes Organic Argan Oil and Beauty Keratin capsules to be absorbed into layers of the hair, repairs and nourishes the hair structure.
#2 Nano Repair EL: an unique ingredient that is activated by heat from the hair dryer. Once it detects the heat, the Nano Repair EL penetrates into the hair shaft to boost hair elasticity, radiance and resilience giving supple hair.
#3 Moist Diane Original Gentle Cleansing Complex: it gently cleanses and rejuvenates the hair without any burden. In addition, it helps to removes impurities and dirt from the hair and at the same time, providing care for the hair with its rich lather.

#1 Extra Smooth and Straight (orange): Cuticle Keratin infuses moisture back into dry and coarse hair, tames frizzy hair and smoothes damaged hair cuticles.
#2 Extra Vital (pink): Vitalizing Keratin nourishes scalp and restores hair strength and vitality.

#3 Extra Damage Repair (black): Amino Keratin provides deep intensive repair to gaps and holes on the hair surface.
#4 Extra Volume and Scalp (red): Volumizing Keratin adds body to flat, limp hair and soothes sensitive scalp.

#5 Extra Moist and Shine (cream): Platinum Keratin helps restore moisture and creates more surface area to reflect light and form a natural "angel ring" glow around the crown.
#6 Extra Fresh and Hydrate (blue): Feather Keratin leaves hair hydrated, light and airy.

Moreover, the Moist Diane Perfect Beauty series had also gone through several tests such as Hair Damage Test, Hair Smoothness Test, Hair Lustre Test, Hair Manageability Test, User Satisfaction Test and Hair Strength & Elasticity Test to ensure all the ingredients give the best results to the users.

President of Mandom Malaysia, Dexter Lee: "We are grateful to be able to launch Moist Diane in Watsons. As we all know, Watsons is rated as Asia’s No. 1 Health and Beauty retailer, we have trusted and valued Watsons support for the brand. When we first launched Moist Diane Argan Oil Shampoo series back in 2015, our distribution in Watsons started at just 180 stores. As of today, we have expanded to more than 2,450 Watsons stores nationwide. I am excited to announce the new series of Moist Diane, the Perfect Beauty range, the renewal of the signature Moroccan Argan Oil series."
Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia, Caryn Loh: "We are pleased to have one of Japan’s most sellable brand in hair care available at Watsons. At Watsons, we constantly pay attention to the needs of our customers and one of the top concerns of our customers are getting the right hair care treatment. With a vast number of brands available to address hair care needs, it is important that our customers can differentiate which hair care brand would meet their specific needs."

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty series are now exclusive available at selected Watsons stores nationwide.
It is available a vast range six shampoos and six treatment products that suits to your hair care needs at RM31.04 for one bottle (450ml).
For more information, you can check out Moist Diane FB page at!

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