That Flower Shop @ Thing to Focus on When Staring a Florist Business

Recently, I'm thinking to pick up a new hobby to enhance myself.
I'm looking for something that can calm my mind and also reduce stress because I like to have some personal space to unwind myself after having all the hectic work schedules.
Besides yoga, I thought of going to pottery, flower arranging or crafting classes.
I pretty much interested in pottery classes as I find that is very unique yet I had never try it before.
Then, my girl friend suggested me to go for a flower arranging classes together with her, because she loves flowers and she is thinking to have her own florist one day after she retired from her full-time job. :)
While searching for some flower arranging class information, I stumbled upon some useful tips of starting up a florist business.
Thought it's good to share it here with you all and also my girl friend who wanted to own a florist in the future. :)

Apparently, a florist Singapore business is not all about having flowers and knowing how to make a neat flower arrangement or hand bouquet.
There is actually more to that.
Being a retail business, you need to focus on many other things to make sure that your flower shop will not go out of business.
Flowers themselves are already hard to get or grow by yourself, so do not lose yourself by focusing too much on growing flowers and then forget about selling and promoting them in the market.

Many entrepreneurs out there are tend to focus on what themselves think is important, but neglected some other important aspects of running a successful business.
So, when opening a flower shop, make sure you do not forget to focus on these three important aspects, such as:
#1 Your customers
For people who appreciate and love flowers as much as you do, do not see them as merely the ones that give you money but ones who share the same interests as you.
Without these people flower shops will never survive.
So, focus on your customers, especially the loyal ones.
Pamper them and give them reasons to keep coming back to your store; for example, you can offer great discounts on your hamper delivery, give them a free florist delivery coupon or even a free fruit basket in their next purchases.

#2 Brand Image
Always make sure your store is portraying what you want to portray to your customers or target markets.
Because the brand name, store design, overall ambiance and even the product displays can say a lot about what kind of florist you are.
If you are a florist online, then make sure your website portrays the same thing because your customers would do their research on you as much as you do your research on them.

#3 Local Businesses
Aside from your competitors, you should also study and even be friend with the local stores that near you.
Especially if you are just starting your businesses, you can learn a lot from these people and it would help you soon especially in expanding the scope and name of your flower shop.

That's all for today's sharing, and I hope you find it useful anyway.
These are just some small little things that you should not forget about it when you are running your own flower shop.
They may seem insignificant but they will help you in the long term and also help your business grow to its full potential.
Well, whatever business you are in, I think the most important thing is never forget the reason why you started your business from the very beginning!

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