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Hey guys!
Have you ever thought about the important role your feet play in your daily life?
Many of us tend to focus merely on the face, and ignore the feet is really important as well.
Our feet are the foundation of our body, which allow us to touch the ground no matter if we are standing, walking or running.
We only born to have one pair of feet, so whether you like it or not, you still cannot change it.
Therefore, it is important to protect your foundation and keep your feet healthy.
Last Saturday, I paid a short visit to Sunfeet International Rehab Centre.
It's my first time having my feet checking at such a professional foot health centre, and I was very impressed with the valuable knowledge given about the feet and also the process of checking each foot through their examination.
To be frank, if you have any feet problems or knee pains, please do not ignore it.
Continue to read on this post to find out more about the Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre and how they can help on your feet problems.

Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre is a one stop foot health centre that provides affordable and effective Orthotic & Prosthetic solutions to you.
Their specialists and professionals are there to understand your body's movement and structure, and then use their unique biomechanical assessment system to help and diagnose causes of the lower limb and biomechanical problems.
They offer different kinds of therapy and treatments to solve your problems, for instance sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy, holistic approach to eliminating pain, fixing issues and ultimately improving well-being.
At Sunfeet, the patients are getting the right treatment to treat the causes, not just the symptoms.

It's such a great honour to meet Dato Dr Edmund Lee, the renowned Orthotic Expert at Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre.
He is the third-generations of the orthotics and prosthetic, after his father Mr. Lee Joo Wee who established an orthotics and prosthetic rehabilitation centre to help patients with musculoskeletel conditions and physical impairment, and his grandfather Mr. Lee Yin who was the founder and director of Lee Prosthetic and Orthotic Center which was a reputable history of establishment since 1978.
Sunfeet's vision is to be the leading orthotics and prosthetic rehabilitation center in Malaysia by having advance genuine cares and knowledge to help out more people.

Upon my visit, I checked out the wall of achievement with various degree and certificate programs that achieved successfully by the centre as well as Dato Dr Edmund Lee.

What is your foot type?
Do you have a normal, pronated, severe flat or high arch foot?
Understand what your foot type is essential because that's the way to make good choices when buying new shoes, and also treating foot pains if you have any.

At Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre, you can get a FREE Biomechanical Foot Evaluation to identify the exact feet alignment issues of you.
Through that basic check, you will know about your feet problems, then get the advice from professional to correct it with the right methods.

I have done my Biomechanical Foot Evaluation during my first visit.
Yet, I was very unhappy to find about my unbalanced feet condition, which causing the painful corns and calluses at the bottom of my feet.

I've been suffering from the corns and calluses on the bottom of my both feet for many years.
I tried many ways to cure it; I seek advice from the skin specialist, apply different types of corn/callus remover liquid, corn remover pads and plasters, but all these didn't help me to get rid of it.
Though it is not dangerous, but it is so irritating and painful whenever I put pressure on my feet, especially when I dance.

Glad to seek for Dato Dr Edmund Lee advice that I do not need to go for any surgery as he said my problem will not be cured completely even the surgery has done.
The only thing to make me feel comfortable and better is to get a shoe insole to improve the fit as well as support my foot to keep me moving.
Well, it's good to know that there is a solution ready to treat my pains.

Moreover, there are many types of footwear such as sport shoes, lady sandals, office shoes etc are available at the shelf.
You can also get your custom-made shoes in order to get a perfect fit comfortably.

Make sure you find a good pair of shoes with correct fit to support your feet.
The best timing of the day to shop for shoes is in the afternoon because this helps you to try on shoes more accurately and effectively, and also allows you to get a perfect pair of shoes for yourself.
Generally, adults should have about 1 finger space allowance between the back of the shoes and for kids should allow at least 2 finger space allowances.
For high heels lover, remember to do more stretching and exercise on your feet.

According to Dato Dr Edmund Lee, many Malaysians out there have foot problem but they don't realize it, and many of them tend to neglect the problems due to their busy and hectic daily schedule.
The common way for them to cure the foot pain is go for foot massage but this is not a long term solution if the foot issues are causing due to the alignment problems.
Indeed, many foot issues are causing due to the alignment problems, which not only causing knee and foot pains, but also will affect back pains as well.
If you have alignment issues, you can use shoe insole and arthotic shoes to solve it.

In addition, Dato Dr Edmund Lee also gave a brief explanation of the process on how they make the 3D Prescription Orthotic Insoles to their patients.
Firstly, check on your overall feet condition by measuring how much degree has fallen on the alignment as well your knee position and knee pronation.

Then, lye down to check on the feet position such as your rare foot, main foot and back foot and also do a bit of muscles stretching and massaging so that the bones are in the right position.


After that, make a cast for the feet and leave it for about 5-10 minutes.

The shoe insole is finally finished!

These are the final products of the 3D Prescription Orthotic Insoles in different colours and patterns.
Hey! Some insoles look really stylo!

Before leaving Sunfeet, I also took a walk around the clinic room and gym room.

One again, thanks to Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre and also Dato Dr Edmund Lee for the professional advices and knowledge on the feet issues.
Peeps, if you have any feet or knee problems, you should not ignore it because they are always your best companion to walk with you in your life time.
I'm sure you wouldn't want to suffer the pains everyday.

Lastly, I hope what I have shared will be of benefit to some of you.
If you are looking for the custom made orthotics insole or any healthy shoes from Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre, here's the promo code "LoveSunfeet3939" that you can apply to get additional 10% off from your order!
I will see you on my next post soon!

Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre
Block C, 18 Jalan 19/1
Seksyen 19,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Waze: Sunfeet International
Tel: 6013 528 3939

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