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Before I start my post, I have a question that I would like to share with you all today.
What are the most important item that you willing to spend on when you are ready to move into a new home or renovated house?
A leather sofa?
A big wardrobe?
A bed frame?
A dining set? Or???
For myself, I 'm more willingly to spend on a quality mattress for my bedroom.
A good mattress plays an important role in our daily life.
A quality mattress guarantee a quality sleep that helps our body generate good cells to produce a quality life.
Without any doubt, a good night sleep on a comfortable mattress helps to rejuvenate our energy for the usage on the next day.
Recently, my 2 years old mattress which we bought on our marriage day broken down.
Very obviously one side of the mattress is moving down to another side, symmetric of the mattress was off the hook.
This caused my back to feel pain and I encounter discomfort in my sleep which really affect my daily routine.
Due to this, I realize having a good mattress is an important issue to consider as it really affect the life quality.
A good mattress is not only an important item but an essential item to ensure a quality life forward.
Before that, I never realize the necessity to seek for a good one but now I know.

Sonno Mattress started it's business in Malaysia since November 2017, with a company mission to make everyone's life better.
They believe a great life begins with the perfect night's sleep, since hours of luxurious, uninterrupted rest give you the energy you need to get through busy days.
The reason they named themselves as "Sonno" is because the product is designed in Italy and the brand name means for "Sleep" in Italian.

Sonno sells high-quality mattresses with affordable prices through online.
They do not have a physical store like the other retailers in the market, but only provides the product information on their official website at, then deliver the mattress to your door step after you place your order online.
Nevertheless, there is a Sonno Room Campaign at the Common Ground, Workplace KL, for the Common Ground members to try the mattress.

No worries if you don't feel good about the mattress after you purchase it because Sonno offers 100% money-back guarantee.
You can have 100 nights home trial after you received the mattress from Sonno.
If you are not happy about it and the mattress is still in good condition without any damages, just write back to Sonno and they will send their man to take back the mattress with no charges.

The mattresses are made of three layers, include:
#1 First layer - Natural Latex: an open-cell hypoallergenic and breathability latex that able to provide all the comfort and flexibility you need for a bed.
#2 Second layer - Memory Foam: is an excellent choice for pressure relief and keep you cool.
It's also one of the most important comfort layer that used as an excellent support for your body such as spine alignment, body pains and aches.
#3 Third layer - Support Foam: a foam that must be durable and firm in order to support the weight for both mattress and foundation.
This not only offers the overall comfortability, but also gives enough support to the entire body and enhance the airflow.

With Sonno mattress, you will get the unparalleled support of a firm mattress with the sumptuous comfort of a medium-firm pillow top.
The combination of five-star layers and materials allow the mattress to both contour and support your entire body.
The mattress does not sink like the other spring mattresses in the market, because it doesn't have any unhealthy pocketed springs, whereby it performs in a more bouncy type that follows your body shape and movement.
Furthermore, the mattress is also designed to be used one way up, so no flipping is required.

On the other hand, there is an ultra-soft removable premium cover on top of the mattress.
The cover is incredibly soft with a kind of breathable material; that's why you will have a feeling of comfort, stretch and flexibility when you sleep on it.
For your convenience, the cover is easily removable for cleaning; whereby you can just unzip the mattress cover from the side, either hand wash it or put it into the washing machine with your other laundries.

The box is designed with handle cutouts to make it easier to lift up and also carry around.
And, the mattress is being compressed, and vacuum packed without any other extra packing materials.
Some people might worry if they will get the refunded mattress from the other customers.
Don't you worry! The mattress cannot re-vacuum pack as it required special machine to compress it.

As mentioned earlier, Sonno Mattress does not have a complicated old-fashioned process or delivery like the old times.
All you need to do is buy from online conveniently, and then they will ship door-to-door for you from their warehouse.
They promise to deliver the mattress to you within 3-5 days, and only available in West Malaysia at this time period.
They are expanding to new locations and other countries like Singapore soon, whereby you may get their latest updates on their FB page.

Sonno Mattress provides 10 years warranty and comes in three different sizes, include:
#1 Single 190 x 90 x 23cm (20kg) @ RM1,699
#2 Queen 190 x 150 x 23cm (32kg) @ RM2,499
#3 King 190 x 180 x 23cm (38kg) @ RM2,999
With such a premium quality mattress, the prices considered a good deal as this is because Sonno has cut out the necessary costs such as middleman's commissions and retailer's markups.
The products will deliver right from the factory to your home sweet home. :)

You can get RM150 off on any Sonno Mattresses by entering the code "Sonnohippo"!
Code expires on 31st August 2018!
Now, let Sonno Mattress take away your sleepless night, sleeping problems and gives you a bed that makes you feel relaxed, safe and utterly at ease.
Sleep better, Live better!
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