DPL Hair Removal @ Wax Candy, Damansara Uptown

Hey ladies!
Chinese New Year is around the corner, are you already well prepared for this coming festival?
I've already done shopping for my new clothes and new shoes, thinking about changing up the colour of my hair as well, but not very sure what colour to go for this time.
Any new hair colour suggestions out there? :)
Other than that, I'm also thinking to have a hair-free skin for the festival since me and my family are planning to have a beach holiday, so I visited Wax Candy with my girl friends during the weekend.
Well, there are plenty of ways to banish body hair, such as threading, shaving, hair removal cream, and many more.
You can get rid of any unwanted hair on your body, from the public to the upper lip to arm hair easily.
I usually remove my hair using hair removal cream as I feel it's more convenient for me.
I can just do it at anytime I feel like I needed to.
Then, my girl friend introduced a new way of removing the hairs, the DPL hair removal, which is the latest technology imported from USA.
I was very curious how the DPL hair removal works, so here's my first time experience that I'm going to share in this post. :)


Wax Candy is a wax bar established in 2016, with 2 outlets located at Taman Desa and Damansara Uptown.
It is a beauty lifestyle salon that aims to made a big effort in promoting healthy and hygiene lifestyle to everyone.
Not only the salon provides a cozy yet friendly environment, they also believe their professional consultants and therapists enable their customers to feel relax and comfortable when they come for their waxing treatments.
As what they stated in their slogan, "waxing is necessity, be bold, be confident and be a lifestyle".

The outlet in Taman Desa has been operated since 3 years ago, and the newly opened outlet in Damansara Outlet was just opened in few months ago.
I visited the outlet at Damansara Uptown on the weekend.
It is located at the second floor of the MKP Lum Mee restaurant, same row as Dal.komm Coffee, right opposite the main entrance of the Starling Mall.
Very easy accessible!

Though the salon is not very big in space, the walls, ceilings, furniture and equipment are all kept very clean and free from dust.

For first time visit, you will need to fill out a detailed consent form that will help inform the staffs of your allergies, product use. medications etc.
Be sure to give accurate answers to these questions as these may affect your skin's sensitivity level and can be harmful.

The room decoration was clean and simple though.
The room light is bright but quite cozy while doing the treatment.
Also, the staffs were very friendly, informative and talkative.
So the whole journey inside the room was very pleasant and comfortable as she kept me well entertained without thinking it too much. :)


So, what is DPL Hair Removal?
DPL is Dynamic Pulsed Light which is the latest technology of combining traditional IPL and a laser power source to achieve a semi-permanent hair reduction.
This method uses the laser light get converted into heat energy to target dark pigments in hair follicles and prevents new hair follicles from growing.
With the new technology, you can expect 70-85% permanent hair reduction.
Some benefits of the DPL treatment, such as:
#1 Treatment is quick: for example, only 25 minutes to perform a treatment on the underarm and Brazilian area
#2 Save more in long-term: you will no longer need to purchase endless razors, shaving cream and no longer need to have monthly waxing appointment
#3 Save your time: add up the weekly self hair removals and monthly waxing appointment, it saves your time.
#4 Eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs: the best option and the only solution to prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs.


While lying down on the bed, the staff greeted me politely.
She first used the antibacterial wipes to wipe the part that I wanted to go for the laser.
I gave my first try to my underarm, so she shaved carefully and also applied a cold gel on my underarm.
I like the cold gel because it gives a nice cooling sensation to my skin.
The staffs told me that I have some pimples on my underarm which probably caused by the hair removal cream that I use as those kind of creams can actually clog the pores and causing the pimples.
Before the laser treatment, I was given a pair of goggles to protect my eyes from the light.
The staff told me that there should be a slight flicked on the skin when she started to roll a cold roller over my skin.
The machine was quick controlled and had several pulses on my skin as it wants to target my hair follicles.
The treatment was very fast, just took about 10 minutes for both underarms.
Before I got changed, the staff used the antibacterial wipes to clean over the area again.
She reminded me do not go for sunburn, take hot bath, shower or sauna, and also do not apply any deodorant for at least 3-5 days because the pores are still open after the laser treatment.
My first reaction after the laser treatment is "my underarm is feeling so "refreshing"!"


Will I do it again in the future? Definitely YES!
Like I said early, the process is very fast which just about 10 minutes for both underarms.
I would said the laser is not painful at all, I only felt slight stings at the point of laser activation, almost like a rubber band snapping against my skin.
Besides, the pulsed light is also safe and not irritating since they have give the goggles for protection.
After the treatment, my skin does not swollen, sores or have any redness; it's just as normal as usual. 
And now, it's been a week after the treatment, I also do not have any side effects, uneasy and uncomfortable feeling on my skin at all.
All in all, comparing to waxing, I would say waxing is more painful than DPL treatment.

In addition, Wax Candy also offers their in-house products for soothing the skin such as Gumme Serum and Gumme Scrubs.
The Gumme Serum can soothing and moisture the skin, while Gumme Scrubs can brighten skin and also prevent ingrown hair as well.
Both products are formulated in Australia, but manufactured in Malaysia with more than 90% natural plants ingredients.

In case you want to know the price for the DPL treatment I done with Wax Candy.
It is RM320 for one section at underarm.  
Well. I think that's all for my first DPL Hair Removal sharing.
Hope you gain some useful information after reading the post.
See you soon on my next post!

Wax Candy
Add: 67M, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603 7722 5277

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