Milk Peel Cream Mask @ Althea Korea

Milk is one of the healthiest food in the world.
But do you know that milk is not only give our health a boost, but also give beauty benefits to our skin?
There are a lot of extraordinary benefits of milk in our skin regimen, mainly to hydrate and replenish the skin, leaving the skin glowing and radiant.
For instance, you can use milk to take a milk bath, create a purifying mask for smoothen and refreshed skin, use it as a face toner to lighten the skin, soothes sun burned skin, mix it with oats to make an exfoliating scrub, and many others.
Now, who needs milk for their skin? #raiseyourhands
Lately, I've tried a new exfoliate mask that caught my interest which I'm here to share my honest review with you all.
It's the Althea's exclusive beauty product, Milk Peel Cream Mask, that able to give your skin smoothness and clarity everyday, helps to minimize pores and also removes dead skin cells.
Can't wait to know more about it right?! Let's continue to read on and find out more about it! :)

What is Milk Peel Cream Mask?

The Milk Peel Cream Mask is a refreshing peel off mask that gives your skin not only hydration but also a kind of refreshing peeling powers.
It comes in an exfoliator form, from clay to a whipped cream lather that strips away dead skin cells gently in order to give a radiant
ly smooth, healthy skin that's bouncy to the touch.
The product is suitable for:
#1 combination skin types
#2 enlarge pores
#3 rough, sensitive skin that needs gentle exfoliation
#4 dry skin that needs to stay moisturized even after peeling


The Milk Peel Cream Mask contains active ingredients of:
#1 AHA & BHA that help to peel off dead skin cells for smoother complexion
#2 Casein Protein (milk protein extract) to provide moisture and help the skin to stay moisturized and strengthen all day
#3 Kaolin to detoxify and pull out impurities from the pores
In addition, the product is all cruelty-free!


The cream mask is packed in a convenient pump bottle, which features a minimalist look with a white plastic bottle and baby blue cap.
It's design and colour look simple and pure, just like what's inside, definitely suit to the overall look.

Texture & Scent

It has a soft clay-like texture that bubbles into a rich lather when massaged on damp skin to deeply cleanse the pores, and also remove dead skin cells.
It has a very light milky smell, but not strong at all, which definitely feel good when applying it on the skin. 

How to Use?

#1 Dampen the skin a bit and apply an even layer onto the skin
#2 Massage your face till rich lather forms
#3 Leave on for 30-60 seconds before rinse it off with warm water

My Experience

First of all, I like the light milk scent of the mask, which gave me a very pleasant feeling when I applied it on my face. :)
The packaging idea is also very considerate as it is packed in a plastic pump bottle, not only it is easy to bring it to everywhere with me, it also helps me to dispense the right amount of product required. 
I've tried a few similar peel cream mask before, and I would said this is consider a mild one that gives a very light feeling.
I don't have a feeling of tightness on my face at all.  
When I came back from China, my face looked dull and my pores are dirty and clogged.
After using the milk cream peel mask, I realized it helps to repair my skin by removing the dead skin gently, and also gives brighter and smoother skin. 
I'm now using it at least twice a week to ensure my skin is brighter and glow.
Besides, as the product also functions as an exfoliator, it has become one of my SOS beauty product when I have an important date. :)

Where to Buy?

The Milk Peel Cream Mask is selling @ RM36, which available at Althea official website,
You can key in the special code "PBSHIP" to get a limited time FREE SHIPPING if you are interested to try any exclusive products from Althea.
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I shall end my beauty review right here, and will see you soon on my next post soon ya!

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