ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack @ Watsons Malaysia

I love using sleeping mask.
It becomes one of my skincare routine to fortify my skin.
I think the main reason that I like to use sleeping mask is because it is very convenient, whereby I can have it to perform its reparative functions while I'm having my beauty sleep and then wake up with a soft and hydrate skin.
I normally use sleeping mask twice a week but sometimes I use it more frequently, especially when I got back home late at night and wanted to cut down my skincare routine steps without applying too many products.
So, the fastest and the most efficient way to make sure my skin is well-rested and look more radiant and hydrated is to apply sleeping mask.
Sometimes, I really think sleeping mask is a kind of my skin saviour. :)
This month, I got to introduce a new sleeping mask all the way from Korea, which is the ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack.
It's not my first time using the skincare products from ID-AZ;, I've used their Dermastic Premium Sheet Masks before and done a personal review for that at HERE.
I've been using this new sleeping pack for about 2 weeks, and here's everything you need to know about the ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack.

What is ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack?

Just a bit information about ID Pla Cosmetics, from ID Health Care Group.
Based on their 18 years experiences on seeing a large number of people who are dissatisfied with their facial shape and skin, ID Pla Cosmetics is the first who developed to treat patient's sensitive skin after facial surgery and treatments.
ID Pla Cosmetics is specialized in Health & Beauty from Facial Surgery to provide after-care functional facial contouring products which are non-invasive.

ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack is a functional cosmetics product line that aids in finding your beauty contour.
It's a gentle sleeping mask that dramatically lifts and firms skin overnight for a youthful appearance upon waking.
With proprietary ingredients and patented formulations, Face Fit helps in slimming, tighten, smoothing and lifting the facial line through its product.


The sleeping pack is formulated with Wild Tam and Turmeric extracts to brighten and nourish.
Also, White Mulberry and Marigold extracts are to refine and soothing skin texture.
With these main ingredients, skin will look brighter, tighter and ultra-calm.
In addition, the sleeping pack is also free of parabens, synthetic dyes & fragrances, as well as mineral oils.


The packaging with this face mask is classic, which has a black outer box and silver transparent bottle inside.
It feels very luxurious and has a great weight to it.
I love the little details such as the mirrored cap with the ID.AZ logo embossed on both sides.
The bottle comes in 30ml size which is going to last you a while, at least I think for more than a month if you apply it twice a week.
Unfortunately, the sleeping pack does not come with spatula, so I use my own plastic spatula as I prefer to apply the face cream using spatula instead of using my fingers; more hygiene. :)

Texture & Scent

The cream texture is thick, yet it doesn't make your skin feeling too heavy or burden.
Though you will feel a little bit oily and sticky once applied it on your skin, that greasy sensation goes away right after you spread it all over the skin.
As for the smell, it doesn't have any fancy smell, yet it does smell just like clean fresh cream.

When blended the sleeping pack into my face, it looks almost completely transparent.

How to Use?

#1 After using serums, essences and ampoules, then apply a dime-sized amount of sleeping mask
#2 This sleeping mask can be replaced with your daily moisturizer
#3 Warm between the fingertips and apply in painterly motions from chin to cheek to aid in the lifting effect
#4 Lastly, pat all over the face until everything absorbed

My Experience

Overall, I think the product is worth investing in as your skin do benefit for such a lovely price tag.
I use this sleeping pack for my night routine at least twice a week to replace my daily moisturizer since it is stated as sleeping mask, so I thought it would be more practical to apply it at only night time.
However, I think there wouldn't be a problem if you want to use it as your morning moisturizer cream since the texture is not oily and sticky.
The next morning after a night with the sleeping pack, I can feel my skin is much moisturizer, hydrated and smoother.
In terms of the tightening and lifting, I still cannot see visible changes after 2 weeks application, probably I have to continue use it and apply it more frequently to see an obvious result.
Anyway, I would suggest to apply the sleeping pack in an upward direction, with a little bit of massage so that it helps to bring the lifting effect to your face.

Where to Buy?

All in all, the sleeping pack is to:
#1 Lifting: promotes slimming with filming function
#2 Lifting: helps with smoothing of wrinkles by enhancing elastic formation and helps maintain it
#3 SDC (sodium Deoxycholate): helps with smoothing and tightening the face and breaking the fat in skin
ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack is now available at Watsons Malaysia outlets
Normal price for the sleeping pack is @ RM199 (30ml), but you can get it @ RM169.15 only through Watsons Online as they are now doing promotion for this product.
Do check it out, my ladies! :)

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