Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserved | Suncheon Open Film Location | Naganeupseong Folk Village @ Suncheon, South Korea

I'm very excited to blog about Suncheon.
Suncheon is my most favourite place of this trip and I'm truly convince this is one of the most beautiful places in South Korea.
Many of you have been asking me about the places in Suncheon after seeing my pictures on my social medias, so yeap, here's the complete post for you all!
SUNCHEON, one of the most well preserved cities in both aspects of nature and culture.
It is a city located in South Jeolla Province, which is in the southeastern corner of Jeollanam-do, about an hour from south-east of Gwangju.
When traveling to South Korea, many travelers like to visit Seoul, Jeju Island, Busan, but in fact, Suncheon is definitely worth a visit too if you visit Korea.
Well, it's hard to describe in words how beautiful the place is, I think you just have to go, see it and feel it yourself.
It just offers a different kind of beauty in Korea, nothing like the busy street in Seoul, Suncheon is natural, quiet and calming.
Anyway, this post is going to be a photo-log, I've no idea how many photos have been taken in Suncheon; nonetheless, I hope you will bear with me and enjoy them. :) #promise


Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserved is the main attraction to visit in Suncheon.
It is the largest colony of reeds in South Korea; whereby the field is fully covered with a bed of thick and tall reeds.
As being a protected saltwater wetland, Suncheon Bay is very unique to the Korean Peninsula and therefore this place is named as a preservation area in light of ecological development and protection.
Suncheonman Bay is home to many plants that thrive in damp conditions, like the common reed and the starwort; not only that but also it is home for the largest number of rare birds, roughly 140 species of birds can be spotted here.

The whole place here is like an image of the entire field swaying in the wind is as dazzling as waves on the sea.
It's so spectacular and picturesque, which just so easy to get all kinds of beautiful shots here.

You will see a huge field of reeds right in front of you when you walk along the pathway.
It's so lucky that I visited here in autumn, because the reeds look so beautiful in brown colour.
But if you come here during summer, the image would be completely green.
I've heard that it's best to travel here in October or November, because these are the good times to visit courtesy the pleasant weather.

As for the admission fees, it is 8,000 won for adults, 6,000 won for teenagers, and 4,000 won for children.
If you are traveling in a group, there would be special deals for the group price, and also the admission ticket to Suncheon Bay Wetland includes Suncheon Bay Garden as well.
We only spent one hour over there (definitely not enough), so we slipped out the garden visiting from our itinerary.

Well, another exciting thing about the Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserved for me is this is one of the shooting place of the K-drama “Temperature of Love".
The drama was starring by Seo Jyun-jin and Yang Se-jong as the main casts.
If you watched the drama, in episode 4, On Jung-sun and Lee Hyun-soo had their first date at Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserved by taking the cruise tour and walking on the 1.2km long reed deck.
We didn't take the cruise tour, but we really walked along the same 1.2km reed deck to get the exact filming spot and do the same posing as the couple inside the drama. #lol

Indeed, Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserved is not only a popular place for the tourists, but also the local people and even the Suncheon residents.
So, I would suggest to visit here in the early morning if you plan to come here, otherwise it would be very crowded to take photos. :)

Sending my love all the way from Suncheon. :)
I hope my pictures tell a good story about Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserved and makes you want to visit there right away. :)
Honestly, it's really so beautiful that you must visit one day!

Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserved
Add: 513-25, Suncheonman-gil, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do
Tel: +82-61-749-6052
Opening hours: 8am - sunset (everyday), closed on Monday
How to get there: from Suncheon Train Station → walk to the right along Palmaro st. about 100m and cross the street → take bus No. 67  → get off Suncheonman


Suncheon Open Film Location is the largest film set in South Korea with approximately 200 houses, villages and also streets that recreating Korean life.
It is located at Jorye-dong, Suncheon, which consists three villages, whereby each representing a different era from the 1950s to the 1970s.
The realistic sets bring the memories of people's youth to the old generations, while younger visitors can learn about Korea's history by visiting this place.
The open film location has been featured about 700 over variety shows such as Running Man; K-dramas of East of Eden, Baking King, Kim Tak-ku; K-movies include Love, Lies, A Werewolf Boy, Gangnam Blue etc. 

The open film location is open to everyone.
It attracts a large number of visitors because the admission fee is very affordable; 3,000 won for adult, 2,000 won for teenager, and only 1,000 won for children.

The streets of Suncheon in the 1950s have been perfectly recreated, featuring a major theater, Jeil Brewery, and the fire station.

Then, followed by the sets in the 60s and 70s film, with view scenes from Seoul's history, such as daldongne (residential towns for poor families in uphill areas of Seoul) and shopping streets from the city's outskirts.

Here's one of the filming spot under the rickety bridge, from the K-movie "A Werewolf Boy" starring by Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-young.

The K-movie, "Gangnam Blues" by Lee Min-ho and Kim Rae-won was partly shot here too.
This is one of the Korean life in the 70s, and the movie was shot here when Kim Jong-dae and Baek Yong-ki were still peasants before becoming gangsters. 

Well, the popular K-variety show "Running Man", episode 116 was also filmed right in front of the major theater too!

From the slum town on the hill, to the photo studio, movie theater, barber shop, carpenter shop, tailor shop, pubs and restaurants, it is really fun to look at these places that were featured in the Korean's dramas, movies and variety shows.
If you watched a lot of K-fans, you will surely appreciate this place; but if you are not a hallyu fans, visiting Open Film Location can make you imagine how Korea was back in the 50s, 60s and 70s centuries.

Suncheon Open Film Location
Add: 24, Biryegol-gil, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do
Tel: +82-1577-2013 
Opening hours: 9am - 5pm everyday
How to get therefrom Seoul Central Bus Terminal → take an intercity bus to Suncheon → take bus No. 77, 99 or 777 → get off at Suncheon Drama Set bus stop → walk about 10 minutes by following the sign of the open film location


Naganeupseong Folk Village is located in Jeollanam-do Province.
The village contains a town castle that is over 18,000 Pyeong (1 pyeong = 3.3 sq m) in size.
The castle area has been very well preserved, whereby there are about 100 families still reside from east to south and west of the castle.
You can observe the daily dwellings indigenous to the south provincial area such as kitchen area, the clay rooms, and Korean-style verandas.
Besides, there are also 9 houses designated as important cultural resources, and numerous straw-roof houses too.

It was a quiet rural village, yet the houses of the residents are really exceptionally well-preserved, with the real existence of the era.
There are still people doing works inside and outside from their houses, and also people hung their laundry out to dry, and even see old people were playing instrument in front of their courtyard.

Admission fees at the folk village is also very affordable; with 4,000 won for adults, 2,500 for teenagers, and 1,500 won for children.
For group purchasing, the fees would be slightly cheaper too.

It's highly recommend to climb up to the castle itself to view the whole town from the top level.
The view is spectacular with the mountain and the whole village.
You will be amazed!

I've heard from the lady at the entrance said that Naganeupseong Folk Village is also one of the filming location of the recent K-drama, "Mr. Sunshine" by Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-ri.
I'm not very sure which scene was taken at here; but if you know about it, do comment below and let me know okay! :)

This is my another highly recommend place to visit in Suncheon.
I think it's not easy to find the same traditional rural style living that are still used it today at any elsewhere.
The village itself is very beautiful and I really think it's totally worth your time to visit and wander around at here.

Naganeupseong Folk Village
Add: 30, Chungmin-gil, Nagan-myeon, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do
Opening hours: 9am - 5pm (Dec - Jan), 9am - 6pm (Feb - April), 830am - 630pm (May to Oct)
How to get there: from Suncheon Bus Terminal → cross Suncheon 3 (sam)-gill street → walk along Palmaro st. to the bus stop → take bus no.16, 61, 63 or 68 to Naganeupseong Folk VillageWebsite:

I think that's all about Suncheon.
I'm soooo happy that my blog could actually bring you along with me, to see, to feel everything that I experienced in Suncheon.
And, thanks for spending your time reading such a long travel post from me.
I hope you enjoy reading it.
Lastly, I would said Suncheon is definitely worth a visit, with it's lively mountainous terrain, a refreshing and chilled break from the busy life in Seoul.
For sure, you will enjoy it like I do!
I'm really hoping I can visit Suncheon again in the future!

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Anonymous said...

I was at Nagan folk village last August when they were filming. The only scene I know that was filmed there is episode 24 at 45 minutes when the guy walks over the wall. But when I was there there were a lot of people dressed like servants in those brown outfits and they don't appear in that scene so there are probably more scenes filmed at Nagan folk village.