Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Glow & Lip Gloss

Hey pretties!
I'm back with a new beauty review for your girls!
Have you ever heard of Glamfox before?
Glamfox represent Glamorous Fox, which is a famous brand from Korea since 2002.
The brand features 100% Korean-made lipsticks that not only give you healthy lips, moisturize your lips, but also an attractive packaging for you to carry it to everywhere with you.
The brand uphold to the "Golden Triangle" concept, which means they only use safe and efficient materials, exclusive technology of research and development, and also at a more reasonable price.
Since Glamfox offers quality products at affordable prices, that's why the brand is very popular among the teenagers in Korea, with more than 380 points of sale in Korea.
Sounds cool, isn't?!
Continue to read on to find out what so good about Glamfox and also how interesting their lipsticks are! :)

Glamfox's signature products include Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Glow, which helps to moisturize dry lips by forming a thick protective layer on the lips, and also their new series of Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Gloss, which is a soft yet provide a vivid glossy tint on your lips.
Both lip glow and lip gloss are really a great collection to add into your everyday makeup routine.


Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Glow is a lipstick contains 24K gold powder in order to give a crystal clear shine without any glitter look to your lips.
One of the highlight of the lipstick is they added a real flower into the lipstick which gives a fancy and romantic sensation.
Also, the lip glow is said that the colour will change due to personal skin temperature, so it may appear to be different shades on different people due to their natural lips and skin pigmentation.

Did you see a small purple flower floating at the center of the lipstick?
That's the real flower that they added in.
Since the lipstick is made of real flowers, so when using with petals exposed, it is recommended to use a brush because you may feel the rough dry flower.
Apparently, the product comes with 6 different shades and different flowers added, such as:
#1 GL01 Green, Moonlight Flower
#2 GL02 yellow, Honey Flower)\
#3 GL03 pink, Peach Flower
#4 GL04 red, Rose Flower
#5 GL05 blue, Emerald Flower
#6 GL06 purple, Witch Flower
I've got myself shade GL06 that comes with witch flower, which has a bit of light purple shade on the lipstick and also a purplish pink flower inside.

All 6 different shades have the same formula and ingredients, which mainly use flower extracts, such as Chamomile, Hibiscus, Karen Dulla, Damask Rise, Daisy, Magnolia, Lily, Lilium, and Lavender.
Besides, it also has a very pleasant fruity scent when I put it on my lips.
Indeed, that "fruity" smell makes me want to eat it when it's on my lips. #lol


When I first saw the packaging, I was like "Wow! It's so beautiful and classic!
It comes with a colourful flowers box and also a rose gold reflective casing.
The product is light which only weighted 3.3g, so it is very convenient for me to carry it anywhere I want and use at any convenient time.
Though the lip glow looks transparent from the outside (indeed it has a bit of purplish pink colour when you see it close-up), but my lips appears a pinkish tone once I applied it.
I also like how the product gives the instant hydration, without any sticky feeling on my lips.
The texture of this lip glow is great, very smooth, not drying and wears very well even though I've had my coffee with my girl friend. :)


Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Glow is a new series product that just launched in 2018.
The lip gloss also contains a real flowers and 99.9% 24k real gold powder within the lip gloss.
The product features the superb colour, long lasting, and moisturizing effect, that not only gives you a glossy lips, but also radiant sheen for plump and kissable lips!
The product has similar function as the lip glow, as the colours will appear differently depending on individual's body temperature and pH levels.
There are few ways to apply the lip gloss; for instance:
#1 Full makeup: apply the lip gloss on the full shape of your lips
#2 Two tone makeup: apply a thin layer all over the lips, then apply a second layer on the center of the lips, and then blend together well.
#3 Gradation makeup: apply concealer on the outer portion of the lip, then add the gloss to the center of the lips.

The lip gloss comes with five different shades and different real flowers, include:
#1 GS01, Moonlight Flower
#2 GS02 Honey Flower
#3 GS03, Peach Flower
#4 GS04 Rose Flower
#5 GS05 Witch Flower
I've got mine with shade GS04, with the pink rose flower inside.
It has a natural pink shade when I first applied it; but if you like stronger shade, you can apply more than one layer to strengthen the shade.

It's main ingredient contains Volufiline, a famous French parent ingredient, which to create a plumping effect.
Other than than, the lip gloss also contains Chamomile, Daisy, Magnolia, Lily, Hoedanghwa for moisturizing; Hibiscus and Damak Rose for plump lips; Colendula and Lavender for revitalized lips.
The lip gloss also has a very nice fruity scent which gives your lips a touch of delicate.


It is a very moisturizing lip gloss to moisturize the lips.
My lips get hydrated and fuller immediately upon my first application.
The texture is very light to wear, and the colour also stayed on very well whereby I do not need to apply again and again after I had my food and coffee.
The texture is not very heavy or thick, it's just nice with a little bit gloss when applied it on my lips.
Besides, I also find the colour is very natural, matching most of my outfits very well.
It just gives my lips a bit of hint of colour without looking too sharp in overall.


Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Glow & Lip Gloss are perfect for own use and also makes it a great gift ideas since the products created so unique and beautiful.
If you are interested to purchase Glamfox, you can purchase them at Watsons and Aeon nationwide.
Currently, the Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Glow is selling @ RM 83.96 and Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Gloss is selling @ RM 92.45.
Do check it out at for more information. :)

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