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Can't believe I'm back from Seoul for 3 months already.
I haven't get enough of Seoul and hoping to revisit again in this year.
If you asked me about Seoul, I will say the place is so good about skincare and cosmetic products they have there.
If you like to shop for beauty products, it would definitely be a beauty heaven for you!
Seriously, there are so many choices and various technologies available in the market and many of them are so advanced and really beneficial to the skin.
When I walked through the Myeongdong street, it can be a little overwhelming to look through each of them and I would said many of them are way too good to ignore.
I specially like to explore their advanced facial tools to use at home because I always believe that a good home care regimen will surely help to get skin glowing, fresh and youthful.
Well, I believe everyone wants to look younger and regain the plump skin of their youth, so today I want to introduce you all one of my recent secret beauty, the CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch all the way from Korea to kick away your eye bags, wrinkles, fine lines etc in order to help you stay younger in just 8 minutes!

What is CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch?

Claigio LED Magic Eye Patch is an optimal skin beauty device to make your skin look clearer and brighter.
It helps to treat darkened areas and blemishes, brighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and regenerate skin.
The eye patch is made from Korea, which has passed all safety regulations for usage, and also the red light therapy (RLT) has tested that it will not cause any damages to skin surface.

If you watched the recent hit k-drama, "Encounter/Boyfriend" that starring by Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum, you surely spotted this the magic eye patch from the drama.
This beauty device appears on episode 7, where Jang Mi-jin, the secretary of Cha Soo-hyun plugs the eye patch onto her phone while messaging with Lee Dae-chan, and also on episode 14 where Lee Dae-chan, Kim Jin-hyuk's friend who opens a restaurant met up with Jang Mi-jin to ask him about the note Jin hyuk's mum wrote to Soo-hyun.

What's included in the box?

The beauty device is packed in an art paper box, and also each components are placed in a smaller plastic board so that it's easier to see when the box is opened. 
Each box comes with a pair of nontoxic silicon gel eye patch which is washable for reuse., LED controller, two power cables for android and iPhone, and also a user guide.

The user guide is very helpful, comes with 4 different languages, include Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese.
Also, the descriptions are very details with all the information you needed to know about the device.

These are the two types of power cables; C typegender is for Andriod users, and 8-pin gender is for iPhone users.

How It Works?

The eye patch uses visible rays, which is the most important natural light for humans.
The visible rays is to increase the production of collagen, which directly relates to the elasticity, firmness and fullness of your skin within the upper dermal layer.
In addition, it also increases the activity of fibroblasts with 20 LED red light bulbs (630-660mm) wave lengths that are most optimized for the skin to treat skin issues such as wrinkles, scars, acne, pigmentation and persistent wounds.

How to Use?

Step #1: Remove makeup and apply basic skin care routine, such as toner, serum and ampules; do not apply moisturizer because it might affect the device to stick on the skin
Step #2: Remove the protective films from the eye patch, adjust the shape of the eye patch to fit your face contour, and place it under your eyes or your laugh lines
Step #3: Connect the device to a mobile phone and press the controller button
Step #4: There is an auto timer function, whereby the LED will automatically power off (standard setting is 8 minutes)
Step#5: Wash the silicon eye patch with clear water and then apply your daily moisturizer
It is suggested to use at least 8-14 minutes one time, and use at least 3 times in a week for an effective result.

My Experience

Keeping skin in good condition can be time-consuming and expensive for all ladies.
So, one of the reasons I like about CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch is the price is pretty reasonable and affordable.
I get to reuse the eye patch for many times, without spending hundreds or thousands for different types of face treatments and masks.
Besides, the device is very user friendly and convenient; just connect it to your phone, without any battery or charging required, then it will automatically connected and be ready for your use. 
It is small and lightweight, which makes it so convenient and easy to carry everywhere without taking up a lot of space in your handbag or purse; you can even just put it inside your pocket..
Some of you might asked if the device has any vibration or will it hurt your skin or make you feeling uncomfortable; to be honest, the answer is not at all.
I don't have any special feeling when putting the eye patch on me, despite some of you might get distracted with the LED light when you place it under your eye areas.
However, one of the cons about the eye patch is I find the silicon is not as sticky as I expected; sometimes it slips off easily.
Anyway, all in all, I think the device is worth to invest for your home care regimen.

Where to Purchase?

CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch is available to purchase at
The device is priced @ RM249.00 and comes with 1 year warranty. 
For those who are interested to get one for yourself, I have good news for you all!
You can now use my discount code "HIPPO30" to get RM30 off plus FREE shipping in Malaysia!
The special discount code is only valid till 28th Feb 2019.
Let's say BYE to wrinkles, blemishes, smile lines, and say HI to skin elasticity and skin regeneration with CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch! 

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