Where to Cafe-Hopping in Seoul? @ South Korea

When I travel, or wherever I travel, other than visiting the attraction places, have the local cuisines and foods, I always like to seek out a cafe.
During my recent trip in South Korea, I've visited some unique cafes in Seoul.
I received some of your messages asking me about cafe-hopping places in Korea, so I guess here's the post for you all!
There are many reasons why I like to cafe-hop while on a holiday, and one of the main reasons is because I like to have a space to relax, gather thoughts and also to drink their coffees.
I'm not a coffee expert, but in fact I need at least one cup a day.
I usually like my coffee with a strong coffee taste so that I can taste an excellent coffee flavour.
Well after all, I guess I just want to find an excuse to chill. #lol


The first cafe that I would like to introduce is the Joyang Bangik Cafe.
This is really one of the unique cafe I had never visited before.
I was very impressed with everything about this cafe, and really highly recommend you to go if you are traveling to South Korea. 
I think I could really stay there for the whole day; bring a book, do some reading while enjoying a cup of good coffee, and of course lots of Insta-worthy spots around to take fantastic pictures to my Instagram feeds too!

Joyang Bangik Cafe is located at Ganghwa, Incheon.
The place has been established since 1933 as an old textile factory.
It's really been here for a long time, and they only refurbed the place into a beautiful cafe in July 2018.
So, it's really a new cafe in Korea, that's why not many information are available on the Internet. 

The cafe complex is divided into few different sections; from a textile factory, to an indoor seating cafe plus an outdoor cafe areas. 
You will see an old factory where you entered from the main entrance, with numerous machinery and tools under a building that almost entirely built with wood.
It's very interesting to walk around, especially to see the machines, tools and furniture that left over since 86 years ago.
This can be one of the interesting attraction place to visit in Incheon as I think the unique cafe concept is not easy to find elsewhere.

These are some photos I taken outside the building.
Look so industrial, right?!

After walking through the first building, you're welcome into the cafe on your right with a big glass and steel front door.
Before heading to the main building, you can order your beverages at the counter.
There is a range of beverages and desserts to choose, such as coffees, teas, juices and also cakes, yet no main course will be served at here.

This is the main cafe inside the complex.
The cafe is so huge, which consists of numerous seating options.
You can take a seat at the long benches in the center, or just hang out at the individual seating areas around the big area.
You can also head outside to find your preferable seats, with seats for two or seats for four.
There is also some seating located upstairs if you are looking for some private spaces from the crowd.

I like to enjoy my coffee at the long bench in the center.
Look so cool yea. :)

It's so amazing how they placed different things and objects together at one place.
You will find antique toys, like carousel horses, teddy bears, and also very old school posters from the past.

Though Joyang Bangik Cafe is not located in the heart of Seoul city, I think it's worth taking a day off to Ganghwa Island, where the cafe located at.
Ganghwa Island is the fifth largest island in Korea, which is about an hour west of Seoul and lies beside Incheon.
You can check out my previous blog to find out things to do in Ganghwa and Incheon at HERE.

Joyang Bangik Cafe
Add: 589-23 Sinmun-ri, Ganghwa-eup, Kanghwa, Incheon, South Korea


The second cafe that I visited in Seoul is the Tea Therapy Cafe, located at Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu.
The reason I would like to introduce this cafe is because it gives me a fun and interesting experience during my visit.
The cafe offers not only home-brewed teas and healthy tricks, but also gives you a healing experience that unlike any other cafes can offer.

The first outlet has been established since 2008 at Sinsa-dong, followed by the second outlet at Anguk-dong in 2010. 
The owner of the Tea Therapy Cafe is a certified oriental medicine doctor; therefore all the tea menus are specially created based on their personal brews, and also mainly focus on the ingredients, flavours and aroma that draw from traditional herbs.

The cafe provides a very nice relaxing atmosphere that allows visitors to enjoy a tasty cup of tea but also get to rejuvenate by meditating, consulting with a professional dietitian, learning to blend their own flavourable tea and more.
Besides, you can also purchase their tea packs that are available on the wooden racks and bring back home with you.

There are various teas are available at here.
One of the most popular teas at the cafe is the Weigh Loss Blend, which combines the zingy scent of dried tangerine peel with the toasty notes of buckwheat, and also the Stress-Free Blend that imparts the refreshing scent of mint.
However, you can select your tea set based on a simple "Yes or No" flow chart in order to choose the right tea that fit to your health condition.

I got my aromatic tea set that are mainly for releasing stress.
The tea set comes with a regular pot of hot tea, and also some healthy snacks on the side.

While enjoying your cup of tea, visitors can also use the foot baths that available inside the cafe.
Yes, a foot bath inside a cafe!
Sounds very interesting isn't it?! :)

Apparently, there are 4 basins where you can soak your feet in either with hot or cold water.
You can choose to add a medicinal mixture to your foot bath, either relaxing or warming for additional charges at 5,000 won (about RM19).

I really enjoyed my moment at such peaceful cafe.
It's a good place to relief your feet after hours of walking the streets in Seoul. :)

Tea Therapy Cafe is such a hidden gem in Seoul.
Though the pricing is not very cheap, about 13,500 won (about RM49) for a tea set; but if you're a tea lover, this is definitely a must go for you to experience it in your life.

Tea Therapy Cafe + Clinic + School
Add: 16, Eonju-ro 173-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82 2 518 7506 7
Opening hours: Mon - Sat 10am - 11pm
Website: http://teatherapy.com/


When traveling to Korea, I love to hang out at their local coffee chains such as Ediya Coffee, Paris Baguette, Caffe Bene, Coffeesmith, and also A Twosome Place.
One of my recent favourite now is the Hollys Cafe, the largest coffee chain in Korea.
It's my first time visiting Hollys Cafe at Songdo Central Park in Incheon, and I already fall in love with it's own rich and unique coffee flavour.

Songdo Central Park in Incheon is a public park in the Songdo district of Incheon.
It's a nice park to just relax and chill while enjoying the scenery and architecture.
I came here during night time, and totally admired the night view, with the lights and fresh air.
Having a cup of coffee right here feeling so much different than in the Seoul city.
If you are traveling to Korea, I would recommend you to try out their coffee chains at anywhere because they really do offer good coffee!

Hollys Cafe 
Add: 180, Techno park-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
Tel: 032 831 0337
Opening hours: Daily 10am till 1am
Website: http://www.hollys.co.kr/

That's all I wanted to share for this post.
I hope you enjoy reading it, and do recommend me more Instagram-worthy cafes in Seoul if you come across any.
Comment below and I would love to note it down for my next trip to Korea. :)

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