Korea's No.1 Herbal Hair Care, RYO @ Watsons Malaysia

Hair loss is conman in women.
A study research from the American Academy of Dermatology revealed that 40% of women experience visible hair loss by the age of 40 while most women who frequently colour and style their hair complain about damaged hair.
Hair loss and hair thinning are prevalent among Asian women due to environmental changes, hectic lifestyle coupled with poor living habits.
I've been suffering from hair loss and hair thinning problems in recent years.
It worries me a lot though people said it's something that completely normal for female.
Yet, it would still be great to find some solutions to help reduce or control the hair loss, right?!

Ryo, the leading brand in South Korea and also a multi-award winning shampoo brand has been launched exclusively at Watsons nationwide.
Using "Yin" and "Yang" as the basis of Ryo's treatment formulation, the "Yin" is represented by Ryo (inner nature) which is the scalp while "Yang" is represented by Yul (surface) which is the hair.
Ryo believes that achieving a harmonious balance between the "Yul-Ryo" is important in achieving healthy lustrous hair but any hair issues must first be addressed from the Ryo which is the scalp.
Therefore, Ryp's treatment remains focused on the scalp and has been the first hair care brand in the market that treats the scalp apart from the hair.

According to Kantar Worldpanel, a global expert in shopper's behaviour, Ryo currently boasts a record holder of No. 1 market share in the herbal shampoo category for 9 consecutive years from June 2009 to June 2018.
Ryo's product efficacy from the usage of oriental medicinal ingredients as well as natural plant ingredients in its formulation.
For example, they use Ginseng as core ingredient for Hair loss Care while utilize Jeju Camellia flowers for Damage Hair and Dandruff Relief hair care lines, and then use mint as its core ingredient for Scalp Deep Cleansing.

Country Manager of Amorepacific Malaysia, Margaret China:" A woman's hair is a crowning glory to her identity and the hair enhances her personality. Ryo's hair care philosophy is to restore hair balance with a dedicated treatment range on hair scalp. Over the decades, Ryo's hair care is differentiated from the rest of global hair care by its niche produces; offering herbal and medicinal remedies for hair loss to women worldwide."
Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia, Caryn Loh:" Ryo has a proven track record of helping many troubled women in restoring hair vitality and combat hair loss with its latest hair prevention technology and oriental ingredients. Our partnership with Ryo comes in a timely manner to mitigate various female hair problems. There is a demand for women who are looking for affordable hair loss solution with value-added ingredients in the product. A leading shampoo brand that is within reach across Watsons stores nationwide and online store, Ryo will soon become a popular choice of scalp and hair care shampoo among Malaysian women."

Ryo is available in four variants, include:
#1 Hair loss care (dark purple)
#2 Damage hair line (red)
#3 Scalp deep cleansing line (green)
#4 Dandruff relief line (blue)

Ryo Hair Loss Care Line

Ryo's Hair Loss Care has maintained its position as the leader in the Korean Herbal Shampoo market since 2007 till 2018.
It has been registered under Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) as a cosmeuceutical product to prevent hair loss.
The Ryo's Hair Loss Care is an effective treatment for scalp with the helps from:
#1 GinsenEX produces highly concentrated ginsenocide
#2 Advanced patented extraction technology that preserves the full benefits of ginseng
#3 Careful selection of ginseng with the highest level of saponins
#4 Herbal Complex formulation with the combination of other natural ingredients such as green tea, licorice and ginger
#5 It is free from animal ingredients, synthetic colourants, mineral oil, Triethanolamine and Polyyacrylamide
In order to prove the result, they have also conducted a separate clinical test by Dermapro, with the final result, 65% of the 22 subjects reported reduction in hair fall after 24 weeks of trial.

The Hair Loss Care range is available in:
#1 Hair Loss Care Shampoo for oily scalp @ RM56 (400ml)
#2 Hair Loss Care Shampoo for normal to dry scalp @ RM56 (400ml)
#3 Hair Loss Care Treatment @ RM36 (200ml)

Ryo Damage Care Line

Ryo's Damage Hair Line uses 100% fermented Camellia Oil from the pristine island of Jeju.
Camellia Oil helps to treat split ends, and when it blends with Omija and Pomegranate, the formulation works in root strengthening and nourishing as well as moisturizing and improving hair elasticity.

The whole range comes in a shampoo, conditioner and treatment product:
#1 Damage Care Shampoo for nourishing extremely damaged hair and hair roots @ RM48 (400ml)
#2 Damage Care Conditioner for coating the extremely damaged hair @ RM48 (400ml)
#3 Damage Care Treatment for providing nourishment to extremely damaged hair and roots @ RM28 (200ml)

Ryo Scalp Deep Cleansing Line

Ryo's Scalp Deep Cleansing Line refreshes the scalp and helps remove excess sebum from the scalp with fermented mint.
With the addition of Pine Needles, the Scalp Deep Cleansing Line purifies and conditions the scalp further and also the Fermented Bean Brother coats the surface of the hair.
Both shampoo and conditioner retail @ RM48 each (400ml).

Ryo Dandruff Relief Care Line

Ryo's Dandruff Relief Care Line is a good solution for itchy scalp with dandruff as well as hair and scalp problem.
With the ingredients of fermented Camellia Oi, Bamboo Sap and Chestnut Shell, it helps to moisturize and soothing the scalp, as well as relieves the scalp from itchiness and dryness.
It also gives the hair a shiny coat with the additional benefit from Black Pine Oil.
The whole range also comes with a shampoo and conditioner @ RM48 each (400ml).

Ryo's comprehensive hair care range is available in Watsons nationwide.
You can get the full range at the nearest Watsons stores or shop at online store.
For more latest updates and promotional offerings, do stay tuned at Ryo Malaysia FB https://www.facebook.com/RyohairMY/ or IG https://www.instagram.com/ryohairmy/.

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