Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser @ Althea Korea

What's the most important step in your daily skin care regimen?
In my opinion, a good facial cleansing is the most important step of the beauty routine.
Imagine if you put the daily best sunscreen, serum or ampules and moisturizer without cleansed your skin properly, would the skin care products be effective and beneficial to your skin?!
To be honest, I think a proper cleansing is the key to a clear complexion and also allow the skin care products to absorb more effectively.
An improper facial cleansing could leave your skin looking tired, dull and even more prone to breakouts.
When it comes to what type of cleanser you should use, there are various of options available including wipes, gels, oils, creams and balms.
And for today, I would like to introduce you a new cleansing product, Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser all the way from Korea.
A serum cleanser? Is that a face serum or a facial cleanser? :)
Let's check this out and also my personal review about it!

What is Pore Purifying Serum Cleansing?

Althea's Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser is a beauty superhero to cleanse your face thoroughly by wiping away your makeup and any residing grime leftover from the day.
The face cleanser is a dual moisturize cell system which combines water and oil in overlapping layers that help remove makeup, dirt and oil residue gently yet effectively.
It contains all sort of good components for the skin, for instance:
#1 It has a pH level 5.5 - 6.5 to soothes the skin
#2 Helps to deep cleanses the skin by melting away makeup residue gently without causing any irritations
#3 It is a serum-like formula that envelopes the skin and keeps it hydrated from deep within
#4 It uses the pure mint extract for tighten tired, enlarged pores and gently removed dead cells
Best of all, it is designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


The serum cleansing contains three main powerful ingredients, such as:
#1 Mint leaf extract: for cooling down the skin and soothing irritations
#2 Jojoba seed oil: for deeply moisturizing to avoid dryness yet without feeling too heavy
#3 Tea tree leaf extract: contains antibacterial properties to purify the skin


The packaging of the facial cleanser is completely plastic-free.
It comes with a transparent plastic bottle and combined with a white cap.
I always prefer this kind of packaging as it is more hygiene as in a beauty product, and also very convenient to bring it everywhere without worrying too much about the leakage issue.

Texture & Scent

I would said the texture has a cleansing oil formula, but the oil formula is very light, not too heavy.
It's a gentle type cleanser, yet it helps to get all the day's grit, grime ad makeup off instantly without pressing my skin too much or over-scrubbing my skin.
The good thing about the serum cleanser is it has a vert nice refreshing smell that allows you to stay relax while cleansing your face.

Just rub very gently on your skin with the serum cleanser, and all your make up will be taken off.

How to use?

There are two ways of using the Althea's Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser, either to remove makeup or cleanse the skin:
To remove makeup:
Step #1: Pour an adequate amount of the product onto your palm
Step #2: Massage the product all over your skin in circular motions to remove dirt and makeup
Step #3: Rinse off with water
Step #4: Continue with second cleanser to remove any residue completely.

To cleanse the skin:
Step #1: Apply to damp skin with a small amount.
Step #2: Massage gently in circular motions around entire face for about 5-10 seconds
Step #3: Rinse off with water and pat dry

My Experience

I have light makeup on my daily routine.
So in overall, this serum cleanser helped to take off my makeup on my face very well, even with the water-proof mascara and eyeliner.
I do not need to scrub or rub my face to cleanse my face thoroughly, just a gentle massaging all over my face is enough to melt everything off.
And one of the highlight about the cleanser is it doesn't drying my skin at all but help to preserve the skin's natural hydration.
My face is feeling so fresh and light after that.
Besides that, double cleansing is always a must for me especially in the evening, when I'm wearing makeup; so after using the Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser from Althea, I also use my daily facial cleanser to make sure I have a deep cleanse into the pores to remove impurities from all day long.
Anyway, I would said this Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser is really a decent facial cleanser that worth a try!

Where to Purchase?

The Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser is recommended for:
#1 Skin that is sensitive to oil-based products
#2 Sensitive skin that needs a mild cleanser
#3 Quick and effective cleansing solution
#4 Those who need moisturizing cleanser for their daily beauty regime
It is priced @ RM33 for a 150ml bottle and is available at Althea's official website at https://my.althea.kr/pore-purifying-serum-cleanser.
I'm very happy with the product and it works well for my makeup remover routine. 
I hope it works well for you too!

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I heard a lot about Althea and planning to try some of their products. Maybe I should start with this one.